10 Fast growing businesses in Nigeria

10 Fast growing Businesses in Nigeria 

We are now in a technology era where many things are now been done with technology. With the latest technological advancement, many jobs and businesses are now fading away. Jobs like post office messenger, phone booth, and many jobs too numerous to mention are no longer relevant.


That is why this article will help you make the right selection in choosing the right job for yourself. Here in this post is the list of the 10 Fast growing businesses in Nigeria at the moment.

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The best thing you can do for yourself is to choose a more relevant job that can even be relevant in the next five years to come. This post will help you achieve this.


  Fast Growing Businesses in Nigeria 

If you are looking for a job or business that will help you stay relevant in years to come, then this post is for you.

Below is the list of the fast Growing businesses in Nigeria.


1. Real Estate

Many of the top richest men in Nigeria make most of their money through real estate. Real estate is one of the fast growing businesses in Nigeria at the moment. The rate by which the business is trending and making wealth for people who indulge in it is alarming.

Fast growing businesses in Nigeria
Fast growing businesses in Nigeria


Real estate involves the building and selling of lands and other landed property to individuals for a profits. Let’s assume you spent 200 million naira in building an estate, you can sell it out for 260 to 300 million raking in an extra 60 to 100 million.


50 per cent of the top richest men in Nigeria generate most of their money from real estate, so you see that the business is the new oil well ln Nigeria.


Before venturing into this business you must have the right knowledge about it. That means you are good with leasing, selling, and flipping property. The business is capital intensive, meaning you need lots of capital to start the business.


Real estate is one of the Fast growing business in Nigeria  in Nigeria real estate won’t even stop existing even in 40 years to come. So giving it a try won’t be a bad idea but you will have to work as an agent or better still make an apprenticeship with a well-established firm this will help you gain lots of ideas, money and experience.  Lastly, you will need a good networking system, that is the right connection to meet good clients.



2. Hotel Business

Another thriving business in Nigeria at the moment is the hospitality businesses, hotels and motels. The hotel business is very lucrative in Nigeria. The fact remains that there is money in the hospitality business making it one of the fast-growing businesses in Nigeria.

Fast growing businesses in Nigeria
Fast growing businesses in Nigeria


Ask yourself how much you think most hotels make in a day, with some having their cheapest rooms priced at N12,000 to N15000. For one room and in some cases the rooms are not even classy.


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Having a hotel in town, especially in a strategic position is very lucrative as you will see lots of people trooping in and out. Countries like Dubai make a lot of money from their hotel businesses.


3. Website Designing

The time will come when every business in Nigeria will own a website, as many people have now seen the need of having an online presence for their work.


According to statistics over 1 million blog posts are created every day and more than 1000 blogs are created daily. That shows there is a future in the business, so if you can learn how to create and design a website. Then in no time, you will start getting jobs from people, you can even freelance as a graphic designer and be making cool cash.


4. Poultry business

Another fast-growing business in Nigeria is the poultry business. This business involves rearing birds, many billionaires and millionaire has made lots of money from this business. The likes of Olam and Dangote group of the company invested enough in this business when they noticed Nigerian high consumption rates for birds.

Once you are a poultry farmer you make money from two sources or more, you can sell their eggs when they lay eggs. Imagine if you can sell up to 20 crates of eggs every week that’s a cool source of making money.

Fast growing businesses in Nigeria
Fast growing businesses in Nigeria


When I say poultry farming is one of the fastest growing businesses in Nigeria, with lots of families now preferring eating chicken over goat or cow meats. That means you can sell up to 5 to 6 chickens per day if you are living in a developed environment.


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5. Catfish farming

Something that started as a hobby, as means of rearing small fishes to be eaten by family has now been commercialised into one of the best fast growing businesses in Nigeria.


Many people now crave for catfish, which now makes the rearing of catfish in Nigeria so lucrative. You can see the impact of the catfish business on our economy from the way many Nigerians are going into it.

Fast growing businesses in Nigeria
Fast growing businesses in Nigeria


Starting a catfish business is not hard as you can start one with less than N100,000.


6. Betting shop 

This is another fast growing business in Nigeria, considering the way boys are trooping in and out of the betting shop. Many people now consider sports betting as a means of moving out of poverty.  Just as many people are playing and winning millions from sports bettings, others are playing regularly to win theirs.


Starting this business is a sure way to make money, as many people are willing to play with their last card to win big. That’s the reason the betting business is one of the fast growing businesses in Nigeria.


To start you can register with either Betking or Betnaija, and it’s quite easy and cheap to start.


7. Bottle / Sachet water production

We now preferred bottled or satched water to any other form of water, more reason we call the sachet pure water. These products are in high demand which is why it’s one of the fastest growing businesses in Nigeria.


These products are high in demand making it one of the fast growing businesses in Nigeria at the moment. It required a huge Capitals to start, but that was worth it as the products are in demand all year round


8. Sales of phones and accessories

You can start selling phones and accessories as a means of earning a living. Selling phones and their accessories is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. Since everybody is looking out for the best phones and accessories making the phone business one of the fast growing businesses in Nigeria.


Fast growing businesses in Nigeria
Fast growing businesses in Nigeria


9. Wine Business

With the way, occasions are being done daily, there are every change that wine will be used, making it one of the fast growing businesses in Nigeria at the moment.


You can open a small shop where you can sell wines of different quality, foreign, Best and other cheap wines. Many people will buy to keep at home or for a friend.


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10 Bakery / Supermarket

Supermarket and bakery are one of the fast growing businesses in Nigeria, as you may decide to start in a small scale or in large scale this depends on your budget.


Bakery is a great way to make money if you know how to bake. You can start a provision business with as low as N100,000 and be sure of making profit



This post answered your question on the fast growing Businesses in Nigeria, and his to go about starting them. If you have the capitals you can start any of the above-mentioned businesses and make your cool money.

Large capital is not what always guarantees yiur success in business, locations and the right audiences should be your main goal.

Thanks for reading, I share it with your friends and family. If you have any questions or suggestions do use the comment box.






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