How to recharge your mtn line 2023

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How to recharge your MTN line 2023

You are probably looking for the best easy way how to recharge your mtn line 2023, that’s why you are on this page. We will show you the basic ways to top up your mtn line without stress. To recharge your Mtn line, you just have to dial *555* pin #.

You need to know how to recharge your Mtn line 2023 that is why you are on this page, we won’t disappoint you. We have taken time to carefully compile the list of the various method of recharging your mtn line. Just keep on reading to know the latest method of recharging your Mtn line.

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Mtn is the leading telecommunications company in Nigeria, with 4 out of every 10 Android phone users using the network. Mtn is the most widely used network in Nigeria which is why they are always working to improve the quality of their services.

If you are in Nigeria you must have heard about the mtn network provider, their internet speed is superb and their data plans are always juicy. So as an Mtn subscriber, you have nothing to lose, with their fast and reliable internet speed, and also cheap call rates.

When it comes to recharging our Mtn line, we are more conversant with the popular *555* followed by the pin. But in this context, you will know the other method of recharging your Mtn line.

As a subscriber, you can now top up your Mtn line with ease with these simple steps that will be listed below.

How to recharge your Mtn line 2023

There is nothing constant except change itself, the Mtn network has been working to update and upgrade its services to meet its customer’s demands. This has caused them to create another method of Recharging your Mtn line.

How to recharge your mtn line
How to recharge your mtn line 2023

Wow, you made it to this point, that shows you want to know the new upgraded and updated method of recharging your Mtn line. We have compiled a list of how to recharge your Mtn line 2023with a few clicks from your phone.

Below are the various method of recharging your Mtn line.

1. Mtn paper recharge

This is one of the simplest and most common methods If recharging your Mtn line. All you have to do is to get your Mtn card from a card vendor, and then recharge it using some Mtn recharge codes.

The most common code is *555* pin and the # then you will have to press the send button to recharge your line. You will get a confirmation message notifying you of your successful recharge.

For example, after getting the card from your Mtn card vendor, you dial *555*1233557890123446#, then send. You will notify of your recharge instantly with the amount and bonuses available via SMS.

How to recharge your mtn line
How to recharge your mtn line 2023
Using the new recharge codes

The MTN new recharge codes are simple to use, it is for the N500 and N1000 recharge.

To use the new MTN recharge code, all you have to do is get your N500 or N1000 worry of airtime from your retailer and make sure the pin is made up of 10 digits.

To recharge dial *3551* followed by the 10 digits number, you will also get a notification to signal you that your recharge was successful.

How to recharge with MTN 4 times bonuses

This is one of the most amazing airtime offers, you get 4× of your recharge by using this Mtn code *888*.

You probably didn’t know about this, but you get 4 times off your recharge by using these simple codes.

Get an MTN card from your vendor and recharge it using this awful code *888* pin # and then send. You will get four times your recharge, N100 will get you N400, N200 will get you N800 and so on.

How to recharge your mtn line
How to recharge your mtn line 2023

How to load mtn recharge card directly for data

If you are not only looking out for how to recharge your MTN line 2023, here is how you can recharge your mtn card directly for data.

Mtn has a lot of appropriate and affordable records plans ranging from daily, weekly and monthly plans. All mtn records plans are provided to swimsuit your budget, no count how a great deal you have there’s an information diagram for you.
So if you load an mtn recharge card on your mtn sim or you already have airtime and you choose to subscribe for the design of a record just dial *131#
Once you dial it, a menu-based pop-up will show on your screen, and you’ll be prompted to pick an alternative from the menu below.

Data Plans

Social Bundle

Balance Check

Roaming and Int’l Offers

Extra time/Byte

Gift Data

Video Packs

Hot Deals

Of course in this case you’re to pick 1 (Data Plans) which is why we are here, Select 1 and press OK. Once you select that, any other choice will be displayed for you to choose below.


You now know How to recharge your MTN line if not. You can read how by clicking the link above.

With mtn, there is a recharge plan for everyone you can get your Mtn recharge plan here.



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