How to check your data balance on all network

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There’s a need to always check your data balance to enable you know the time of expiration. Having problem on checking your data balance on your phone, this content will help you know the codes for checking your network data balance.

There are many apps draining our data, so there is a need to always check our data balance regularly inorder to monitor our data consumption rate. This will help you keep a close eye on your data balance  to avoid being wasteful.

There are many reasons why we should check our data balance, which one of it is to know the current day it will expire. How to check data balance on your phone is very simple,and is one of the basic thing any Android user must learn to do without involving third party.

To check your current data usage on your android phone

  1. Go to settings
  2. Connection
  3. DATA usage

The screen shows the amount of data you have used so far and the amount left, it also enable you which apps are consuming your data this will help you take some measures to minimise their usage.

You should make it a habit to always know your current data balance as you surf the net,this will prevent you from been wasteful. Below are the codes for checking your  data balance on all network.

How to check Airtel data balance 

Airtel one of Nigerian leading telecommunications provider have many data offer For it’s Airtel subscriber’s. There is always a data plan for everyone, even if you are students who needs data on a daily basis for your assignment,project or a business personnel for your business, Airtel got you covered. To purchase  data on Airtel just dial *141# and choose from the list the one that suits you.

Follow this steps if you want to check your Airtel data balance,dial this codes. Remember Airtel gives bonus data almost every time you recharge ,so this codes will show you your bonus data balance and your actual data balance and it’s expiry date.

To check your Airtel data balance just dial *140#, Airtel will send you your data balance via sms.

Additionally,Airtel gives you a data bonuses when you recharge your line. However, you may not be able to check your bonus data balance using the above code. To check your Airtel bonus data balance dial *224#, you will get a popup notification showing your Airtel bonus data balance. That was very easy, we will show you other methods of checking your Airtel data balance.

How to check Airtel data balance
How to check Airtel data balance

Airtel app

You can also check your data balance using the Airtel care app,it is a free customer service app that allows you quick access to your account balance, data balance subscription,and special offers. This app is available for both android users and Apple device users. This app reguire you have data so you need cellular connections to make use of it.

How to check 9mobile data balance 

9mobile previously known as Etisalat is one of the leading telecommunications provider in Nigeria. 9mobile offers daily data plan to it’s esteemed customers at an affordable price. Checking your data balance on 9mobile is now more easier than before. There are many ways to check your data balance on 9mobile which will be discussed below.

9mobile ussd code method

Wants to check your current data balance on 9mobile line using the ussd method is much easier. The ussd code for checking your 9mobile data balance is*228#. After which you will be notify via sms, showing your current data balance and it’s expiry date.

Codes to check your 9mobile data balance
Codes to check your 9mobile data balance

How to check your 9mobile account balance 

Getting information on your 9mobile airtime account balance have been simplified with the use of ussd codes. To check your airtime balance on 9mobile just dial *232# from your 9mobile line.

Once you dial this code your airtime balance will be displayed on your phone.

How to check your MTN data balance 

This is a simple guide on how to check your MTN data balance. Before we go into detail on how to check your MTN data balance, you need to know that MTN data plans comes in different forms. Depending on your budget  and nreds,you can subscribe to the plan that best suits you. There are many methods of checking MTN data balance which includes.

Ussd code methods 

This is one of the simplest methods to check your MTN data balance. Dial *131*4# to check your current data balance and it’s expiry date.

Codes to check your MTN data balance
Codes to check your MTN data balance

You can also check your data balance via e-mail message or through a phone call to MTN customer care who will easily assist you.

MTN data balance can be checked by texting 2 to 131 and instantly your data balance will be sent to you via message.

MTN mobile app

To check your data balance on MTN mobile app is simple. Go to Google or Apple play store and download the MTN mobile app. Install it, registering your mobile phone number. Just like other network provider in Nigeria you will see you will see your data balance at the top of your mobile app dashboard.

How to check your Glo data balance 

As a Glo subscriber you get access to different data packages that makes surfing the net easier.


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