Airtel night plan code for 25 Naira

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Airtel night plan code for 25 Naira

Are you looking for a cheap data plan to surf the net with, download stuff and even chat with friends? Then the Airtel 25 naira night plan is the best cheap data plan for you. Here in this post is the Airtel night plan code for 25 Naira.


The Airtel night plan is one of the cheapest data plans available on the Airtel data plans. This plan gives you a real night data plan at a discounted rate, this plan is to be used from 11 am to 5 am. It’s fast and cheap to activate, what then are you waiting for, dial *412# on your phone and choose 1 of the option that displayed on your screen. That is the 250mb worth 25 naira and Its valid for 6 hours between 11 pm to 5 am.

With just 25 naira you can get a whopping 250MB worth of data on the Airtel night plan. The 250MB will be valid from 11 pm to 5 am, so failure to use it before 5 am. The data will now be void as it has expired and can’t be used again.

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How to activate Airtel night plan code for 25 Naira

As an Airtel  user to enjoy the night data plan, you must be on the Airtel Smart trybe. If you are not migrated to the Airtel Smart Trybe you can do so by dialling *411# and selecting the first option which is the 250 MB data plan.

Airtel night plan code for 25 Naira
Airtel night plan code for 25 Naira


Congratulations, you have successfully migrated to the Airtel SmartTrybe plan, then you can now buy the 250MB for as low as N25. To activate the night plan follow the steps below;


  • Make sure you have at least 25 Naira worth of airtime on your Airtel line.
  • Dial the Airtel night plan code *412#
  • Select the third option which is a night plan
  • Choose the first option which is the 250MB data plan

You can buy this data plan for a total of 5 times, that is N125 and a total of 1.25GB.


How to check your Airtel night plan data balance 

While you are using your night plan it’s good you keep an eye on your data balance so that you exhaust it.


To keep note of your data balance, you need to know these ussd codes and always use them whenever you want to check your data balance. If you have subscribed to the Airtel night plan code for 25 Naira, then you need to check your data balance with this step.


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  • Dial *141# on your mobile phone dialer to access your Airtel night plan code for a 25 Naira data balance.
  • Wait for a message containing your data balance and validation period contained in the message.

Now you can check your data balance using the above method.


Airtel night plan code for 25 Naira
Airtel night plan code for 25 Naira

Airtel Night plan Code for 50 Naira

Not only do Airtel offer a whopping 250MB for 25 naira but they also offer a 1.5GB for as low as N50. So we are not only going to discuss the Airtel night plan code for 25 Naira. But we will also tell you about their 1.5GB for N50 data option.


How to activate the Airtel Night plan code for N50

The Airtel N50 night plan option is a higher data plan when compared with the previously listed 250MB for 25 Naira. With 50 Naira you can get a 1.5GB worth of data plan also valid for 6 hours that is between 11 pm to 5 am.


Like I said earlier this plan allows you access to the web to browse and download between the period of 11 pm to 5 am. The best part is that it’s valid at night only, and can be activated once per night. That means you can’t activate again if you have already activated for the night.

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Just like the 250MB, to activate this plan, dial *412# on your phone dialer and select the number 2 option which is the 1.5GB data plan option.


That was simple wasn’t it, you can now activate the night plan if you want to browse or chat at night.

Airtel night plan code for 25 Naira
Airtel night plan code for 25 Naira



The Airtel night plan code for 25 Naira is *412#, you can activate it if you have heavy files or movies you want to download. But make sure you are awake to make use of the data if not it will be void if it stays unused till 5 am.

Thanks for reading, do share with your friends and families. If you have any questions or suggestions kindly use the comment box below.


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