6 Best Waptrick Games Download for Nokia 206

6 Best Waptrick Games Download for Nokia 206

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Welcome to our post were we share the ultimate guide on how to download waptrick games for all devices. Whether you are an avid gamer or you are looking for what to entertain yourself with. This post on the best waptrick games download is a sure guide to help you.

There are many sites and online platform that you can use in downloading your favourite videos, games and music. And one of such online platform is waptrick.com.

Waptrick is a very interesting site, that helps you to download some of your favourite videos, games, apps and even music for free.

Many people does not know how to use and operate this website. For those that wants to know more about this waptrick site, here in this post is a detailed guide on how to download the best waptrick games for Nokia 206 users.

There are some people who still use the java Nokia 206, this post is specifically made for them to help them know the best waptrick games to download on the Nokia 206.

Waptrick games for all Nokia 206 users
Waptrick games for all Nokia 206 users

If you are interested this post will help you know how best to download waptrick games and to become a great gamer.

Like I said earlier waptrick site is an online site that offers lots of services and one of such services is downloading games on your mobile phone. Now let’s keep the ball rolling.

What device can I use to download games on waptrick

Waptrick is available on every devices, both Android, java and even on tablets and laptop. Many people finds it challenging to download waptrick games on their phones.

However, you can download some of these favourite games on any phone of your choice. But first of all you will have to lookout for the compatibility of the phones and how it will show on your phone screen.

This guide covers every details on how to download waptrick games on your Nokia 206 phone.

Nokia 206 is a robust, sleek and stylish device that you can use. The java phone was released on 2012, since then it has been delivering even up till this moment.

Waptrick games for Nokia 206
Waptrick games for Nokia 206

With a 2.4 inches, 17.8 cm2 (~31.1% screen-to-body ratio) screen size and a 240 x 320 pixels, 4:3 ratio (~167 ppi density) body resolution. This have device is ideal for playing some of your favourite waptrick games.


This is the Best Waptrick Games Download for Nokia 206

For all Nokia 206 users there are some waptrick games for you to download on your Nokia phone. And some of them are listed in this post.

If you are like me, who always look out for the best latest games to download. Then this post covers all the details on how to download the best waptrick games for Nokia 206.

Below are some of the best waptrick games you can download on your Nokia 206 phone, without stress.

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Here we want to give you the best waptrick hame download for Nokia 206. We will not only stop there but we will also help you learn how to download them.

  • Prince of Persia
  • Real football 2018
  • Mission impossible 111
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • God of war
  • Amazing spider man

All of these games are available for you to download on your Nokia 206 from waptrick.


1. Prince Of Persia Classic

Prince of Persia is one of the best download games on Waptrick and it could still be one of the Best Waptrick Games Downloads for Nokia 206. With a new developed features the Prince of Persia is one of the most entertaining action-packed games available on Waptrick.

The game is classy and it’s regarded as one of the best waptrick download for Nokia 206.

Best Waptrick Games Download for Nokia 206
Best Waptrick Games Download for Nokia 206


The new graphics and beautiful lightening effects will make the game more entertaining to play. As the prince of Persia in the famous castle of ancient Persia, your goal is to use all your special moves to kill all enemies that attack your Castle.


2. Real Football 2018

This is one of my favourite games while growing up, maybe because I love football. Real Football 2018 brings lots of fun to players, as it has different modes such as instant play, cup tournament, league, penalty and legends. The Real Football 2018 contains all the features of the 2017 version and also includes some good features.

Waptrick games for all Nokia 206 users
Waptrick games for all Nokia 206 users


The main goal of the game is to win your opponents if you are playing the quick play. If you are playing for the tournament you will need to win the cup at the end of the tournament.


Playing the real football 2018 with your Asha 200 makes it more interesting cause with 320×240 screen resolution you can get a better view. As the player looks bigger and better, this gives you more support while playing the game.

You can compete with other team in the game using your favourite team. Not only that you can also expand your stadium, upgrade your players and even change their jersey.


3. Mission Impossible 111

If you are looking for the Best Waptrick Games Download for Nokia 206, then you can’t afford to miss Mission Impossible. This is an action-packed game developed also for Asha 200. Just like the Hollywood movie, this game featured legendary actor Tom Cruise known as Ethan Hunt in the game.

Waptrick games for Nokia 206
Waptrick games for Nokia 206

The game is an action game that requires you to use lots of firearms ranging from your primary rifle and other heavy weapons. You are also expected to hack some doors to open them. Levels get harder as you progress, so remember to always improve your skills after every level.

Mission Impossible 111 is one of the best mission intended game you can play on your Nokia 206.


4. Assassin’s Creed

Another Best Waptrick Games Download for Nokia 206 is Assassin’s Creed, which is an action-adventurous game. You will have to take instructions from your old master to win the game and progress to the next level.

Playing this highly praised Assasin creed as a child is one of the honours you might not forget in a hurry.


Waptrick games for Nokia 206
Waptrick games for Nokia 206

Your role as Altair is to complete the Third Crusade by assassinating eight men (both Saracens and Crusaders). Playing this game can be fun.

This game is rated one of the best Waptrick Games Download for Nokia 206, cause it’s an action/adventure game that will keep you on the edge of your sit.


5. God of War

This is one of the Best Downloads for the Nokia 206 that is action-packed. If you haven’t played this game you are missing a lot, Waptrick games download as it is fun. the


The God of War is a highly noted action film that involves the use of weapons and magical spells. After Kratos was wrongly accused and exiled from Mount Olympus, by Zeus. As a player you are Kratos, you will need to fight your way back to Mount Olympus.


6. Amazing SpiderMan

Just like the Hollywood movies of the real Spiderman who helps secure his country against crimes and external attacks. You also need to become the amazing Spiderman in the game to fight against crimes. You will need to fight your way through 10 different levels, including Central Park, the Port District, The Museum District and more to free the city of New York.

Waptrick games for all Nokia 206 users
Waptrick games for all Nokia 206 users

How to download on Waptrick

Many sites can be too frustrating to download stuffs from, downloading movies, music or any other files from a wrong site may corrupt your phone. So there is a need to always download your files from a trusted site.

I can say Waptrick is my favourite site to download my stuff from using a java phone. So I advise you try to get your files from them too.

Waptrick games for Nokia 206
Waptrick games for Nokia 206

Also, some site may require you to sign up or even pay monthly before you can download there. But that is the opposite of Waptrick.


Waptrick is a free website, to download music and other files.

To download using their platform you should follow the steps below.

  • Dial Waptrick.com on your chrome browser or any of your default browser
  • You will find your self in this pag

Best Waptrick Games Download for Nokia 206

  • Select the files your wants to download
  • If you choose music you will also land on the music category
  • This post is about Games, so if you want to download games choose the game option and you will land here.

Benefits of downloading games on waptrick

There are many benefits you will enjoy while downloading games on waptrick and some of such benefits are;

  • Waptrick is easy to download and install
  • It’s free to download games, videos and music.
  • There are vast selection of games for you to choose from.

These are the benefits of downloading waptrick games on your phone.


With the Nokia 206, you can still enjoy some of the latest action-packed games. Some java phones can’t play some of this games but with the Nokia 206, you can play all these games listed above.


These are the Best Waptrick Games Download for Nokia 206if , so you have a Nokia 206 Java phone, you can download the above games and entertain yourself.


Thanks for reading, do share with your friends and loved ones. If you have any questions or suggestions kindly use the comment box below.



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