5 Products of technology in Nigeria

5 Products of technology in Nigeria

5 Products of technology in Nigeria 

The impact of technology in our lives cannot be over-emphasized,  as it has helped us in many different ways.

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The Top products of technology are the ones that have helped make our lives easier and more comfortable. They have affected the way we live and will also do more in the future.

The impact of the top products of technology has helped transform how we interact, how we do business and even how our daily activities is been carried out.

These products have changed how people communicate and receive information.

Nowadays, we can get whatever information we need just by tapping a few buttons on our smartphones, even this post you are reading.

Technology has become an integral part of us and it has given us some advantages. We can get any information or buy stuff online even without leaving our homes.

That’s why we have taken the time to compile this list of top products of technology in Nigeria.

As we all know, that technology has greatly impacted our nation in every sector. So we have written this post to enable you to know how technology has helped us.

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4 Importance of technology in Nigeria

Before we talk about the products of technology in Nigeria, let, ‘s first, check the importance of technology in our country Nigeria.

Below are the importance of technology to our nation.

There are many benefits of technology to our daily life, but we will just be looking at 4 importance of technology in various sectors in our country.

1. Education: 

Technology has the most effects on education as it helped in restructuring and stabilising our academic system.

With the use of the internet, students can now get information to any questions in just some minutes.

Also, there are many learning aids for students to use in classrooms for their school work.

2. Healthcare facilities

This is another sector that has been affected by the products of technology. Modern equipment and even machines are been used to treat and cure patients.

One of the importance of technology to the health sector is the production of machinery for the treatment of various sicknesses.

3. Transportation

The transport system has undergone some transformation, from the use of horses and Carmel to the use of modern means such as cars, ships, and through the air by the use of aeroplanes.

5 Products of technology in Nigeria
5 Products of technology in Nigeria

technological advancements allow shipping companies to provide better customer service

The use of electric cars and self-driving cars has allowed people and goods to get to their destinations faster and more comfortably.

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4. Economy

Technology advancement has helped, creating many more job opportunities in the country.  Also helped in producing many sharp.

Technology has helped in creating new services and industries in the country.

Technology has helped in boosting our economy by providing jobs opportunities to many Nigerian citizens

What are the products of technology and their uses

Products of technology are objects produced by people through technical means to help assist us in our daily activities.

Many years of scientific research have given birth to many reliable devices.

1. In Transportation 

5 Products of technology in Nigeria
5 Products of technology in Nigeria
  • Electric Train;  used to transport people and heavy goods from one country to another. It’s fast and convenient travelling with.
  • Car; is used to transport people and light goods from one place to another.
  • Ship; this means of transportation is through the sea and it’s used to carry heavy containers
  • Aeroplane; this is the fastest means of transporting perishable goods and people. Though the price may be high it’s worth every dime.
  • Tractor; this is heavy machinery used by big construction companies, for grading and demolishing buildings.

In health sector

This is one of the major places where technology plays an important role.

5 Products of technology in Nigeria
5 Products of technology in Nigeria
  • Sterilizer; as the issue of HIV/AIDS and other deadly diseases are on the rise, so there is a need for a sterilizer. This helps to sterilise every used hospital equipment.
  • Stethoscope; this was designed to help monitor the heartbeat of patients.
  • X-ray machines; this machine is used to take pictures of our inner body. An x-ray machine enables us to know the inner structure of the body.
  • EKG/ECG Machine; this machine is used to measure the electrical activities of the heart over some time
  • Biochemistry Analyser; this machine is used to measure the level of chemicals in a biological process
5 Products of technology in Nigeria
5 Products of technology in Nigeria

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Nigerian education has greatly increased as a result of modern technology.

5 Products of technology in Nigeria
5 Products of technology in Nigeria
  • Projector; the projector is used in teaching students in a large class. A projector is mostly used to enlarge pictures from our computer
  • Internet; the Internet has helped in many ways, we can now search for our assignments and projects from the Internet. The Internet now allows us to sub the web.
  • Online platforms; through the help of technology, we can now have an online classes from our different homes.
  • Laptop; some schools now use a laptop in teaching their students, this mode of learning is exciting and good.

In Economy

  • Job opportunities; technology has helped in creating many job opportunities in various sectors.
  • Resources are been stored in the bank for safety unlike in the olden days.
  • Business boom, technology has helped the economy in various business platforms.
5 Products of technology in Nigeria
5 Products of technology in Nigeria


Many products of technology have been making life easier and they will continue to impact our life. So you can take look at the various technical devices that have been helping out live.

If you have any questions about this post, you can go ahead and use the comment box. If you find this interesting please share.




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