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How to recharge MTN card in 2024

How to recharge MTN card in 2024

TO recharge your MTN card is quite simple, straightforward but needs some bit of carefulness and alertness. That’s why you need to follow these simple guide on how to recharge your MTN line. If you are interested, this post covers the step by step guide on how to recharge MTN card.

Not long ago, MTN introduced a new Code for recharging your line, this new code takes effects since last year. That means the previous *555*pin#, which we all know is no longer valid.

There is a different codes for recharging for some MTN card denominations. The ussd codes used in loading for ₦100 and ₦200 is different from that used in recharging for ₦500 and ₦1,000.

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So if you are seeking for the new ussd code to help you recharge your MTN line, then we got you covered. With this post you will know every details on how to recharge MTN line without stress.

You can now use the new codes to recharge your MTN line, before we go into details let’s first of all discuss what an MTN card is all about.

What is MTN card

MTN card which is popularly known as MTN recharge card or voucher card, is a prepaid card or voucher used to top up credit or airtime on your MTN mobile phone.

You can get this card from authorised vendors, retailers and mobile operators officials.

How to load MTN card
How to load MTN card

The MTN airtime always comes with a 16-digits numbers that must be recharged into your MTN line.

Once you recharge your MTN line with an MTN card, you can start making calls, sending text messages and even using your data. Also the MTN cards are made in different denominations to suit you. Starting from ₦100 to ₦1,000.

MTN new recharge code 2024

All the network provider in Nigeria changed their recharge ussd code and MTN was not excluded.

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The old pin is no longer relevant, instead of using *555*pin# you should use the new pin *311*pin#. To recharge MTN card, you will have to use the new code *311*pin#.

That is dialing the ussd code followed by the recharge pin before sending it. It should be in this format

How to recharge my MTN line

If you have an MTN recharge card , then here is a guide on how to recharge it.

To recharge your MTN like simply dial *311*pin#, then press the send button.

That is in this format *311*111122223334444#, then press the send button and your line will be recharged automatically. That’s the new code to recharge MTN line

How to load MTN card
How to load MTN card

Always lookout for confirmation message suggesting that the airtime recharge was successful.

How to recharge MTN card for bonus

For MTN customers who makes lots of call, then this is your chance to get 8 times of your recharge. With the new ussd code you will enjoy a whopping 8* of the amount you recharge.

To get eight times your recharge, you will have to use the *222*pin# to recharge your line.

That’s simple just dial *222* the airtime 16 digit pin# then tab the send option.

Using this code you will get

  • ₦800 for just ₦100
  • ₦1,600 for just ₦200
  • ₦4,000 for just ₦500

And so on, you will be rewarded with 8 times your recharge.

Note,  this plan can only be used to make calls,you can’t send it neither can you use it to buy data plan.

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How to load MTN card

Recharging your MTN line is simple and straightforward, all you have to do is to get an MTN recharge card or voucher. On your phone dialler dial the new code followed by the airtime pin and the send.

That is dial *311″recharge pin#, that is a simple way of recharging your MTN line.

How to load MTN card
How to load MTN card

To recharge your MTN line, just follow the steps listed here;

  • Purchase a MTN card
  • On your phone dialler dial*311* airtime pin# then send it.
  • For example: dial *311*1234567890123455#, then press the send button.

How to recharge my ₦500 MTN  Card

Recharging your ₦500 MTN card is different from other lower denominations. There is a different codes you will use in recharging the ₦500 and ₦1,000 cards, this codes are different from the ones used in recharging ₦200 and ₦100.

Instead of using the *311*pin#, you should use the new pin for ₦500 MTN card which is *3551* pin # then send.

It’s almost the same way as to when recharging your ₦100 MTN card, the only difference is that you will have to input the *3551* code before the pin followed by a # key.

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Step by step guide on how to load MTN card

Loading your MTN line is no big deal, here is a complete guide on how to load your MTN card.

  • The first step is for you to purchase an MTN card from any of their approved vendor. You can buy any denominations that you fee like.
  • Dial the recharge code using these simple ussd codes. Dial *311* pin on The MTN voucher then #, press the send button. That’s for lower denominations.
  • For ₦500 and ₦1,000 simply dial *3551* pin #, then send it. Make sure you enter the correct code, to avoid getting your line blocked.
  • Wait for confirmation message, this should last for at most 2 minutes. Once you recharge your MTN line always for the confirmation message confirming your account has been credited.
  • Some times due to poor network you may not see the confirmation message. Don’t panic, you can use their ussd codes to check your account balance.
  • To check your MTN account balance simply use their new improved ussd codes. Dial *310# on your phone, instantly your account balance and even your data balance will be sent to your messages.

That’s was simple wasn’t it, you can actually do it in your own.


Loading your MTN line is a very simple, straightforward process that actually involves some simple steps.

Once you follow the steps listed above you can easily load your MTN card inorder to enjoy calls, texting and even browsing the net.

How to load MTN card
How to load MTN card

You can also check your MTN account balance

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions kindly use the comment box below.

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