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Cheap phones in Nigeria in 2024

Cheap phones for you

Cheap phones in Nigeria in 2024

Do you wish to change your old phone to  a new one, then here is your chance to take note of this cheap phones listed here in this post.

Getting a good android phone now is not an easy task, as it requires you to spend lots of money. Also in some cases after spending such huge amount of money you still end up buying the wrong phone. That’s why we have taken it upon ourself to write this detailed post on the cheapest android phone you can buy.

Due to the issue of high dollar price, the  price of some electronics are soaring up on a daily basis. Phones are not left out, as the price of some phones last year are not the same this year.

The price of phones has changed, a few years ago you could get a good quality phone with the sum of ₦20,000 . But now even with ₦40,000 you will still not get a good phones. That is why this write up will help you get the best phone at a cheap rate.

Cheap phones for you
Cheap phones for you

To get your own android phone, read through our lists of cheap phones for you.

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Key Takeaway

We all wants a good phone with good quality, so you see the difference in prices of this phones is what determines the quality. You can’t get the same experience you get from a ₦20,000 phones from another ₦100,000 phone.

A ₦100,000 phone will be much better than a ₦20,000 phone, but you don’t need to break your bank to get a new android phone. There are some phone between ₦40,000 and ₦60,000 that can function effectively for anything. That’s what this post is all about, showing you some of the best cheap phones in Nigeria.

Your old parents and your younger ones may not need high sophisticated android phones. You should get a low budget android phones for them, something they can use to make calls, chat on social media and even play music.

This post covers the best cheap android phones you can get, also note that this android phones can perform some of the task some high end phones can perform. Let’s get to work as we display to you the best cheap phones in Nigeria for you.

Cheap Android phones for you in 2024

Do you wish to get a new android phone but you are not financially stable to get a high tech smartphone. Then you are at the right spot as this is a run down of cheap phones for you .

Some of these phone are below ₦50,000 so you should take your time to go through this post and select the best brand that suit your style.

Let’s start the Top 8 cheap phones countdown,

1. Nokia C1    ( second edition)

price = ₦44,700

The first phone on our list of cheap phones is the Nokia C1 second edition. We all are familiar with the old java C1 , that is if you are old enough in the early 2000s.

The Nokia C1 is a great quality phone from the popular phone brand Nokia. The Nokia C1 is made for individual who choose quality over features.

Cheap phones for you
Cheap phones for you

Though the Nokia C1 second edition is of great quality, it fail in some aspects like the 5.45 screen size, 1GB ram and 16GB rom. The Nokia C1 is built on the Android 11 go edition.

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Another set back, is the battery capacity which is 2,500 mAh, this capacity can’t even last someone like me a whole day. That’s the main reason why you need a power bank to help power up the phone.

Price of Nokia C1 in Nigeria

Currently, the price of Nokia C1 is around ₦45,000 to ₦50,000. The changes in prices will depends on your location.

Key features of Nokia C1

  • Display size: 5.45 inches
  • Operating system: Android 11 go edition
  • Memory: 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM
  • Camera: 5MP selfie+5MP rear camera
  • Battery: 2,500mAh


  • Very affordable
  • Android 11 go edition
  • Strong
  • Good camera


  • Low memory
  • Low screen size
  • No fingerprints
  • No 4GLT

2. Itel A58 Pro 

price = ₦48,600

One of the most advanced itel phone available in this 2024, is the Itel A58, it is built to stand out from the previous itel products.

Cheap phones for you
Cheap phones for you

This phone comes in two variants the normal A58 and the A58 pro, the pro version comes with an upgrade to the ordinary A58. Some of its features include ; 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM, 4000mAh battery capacity and an android 11 go edition version.

Key features

The Itel A58 comes with a large 6.6 inches screen sizes while running on Android 11 go edition version. An upgrade in the ram from the previous version. The itel A58 comes with a 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM.

The 4000mAh battery capacity can last you the whole day of active screen. So you should go for it. The 5MP rear and 5MP selfie camera are just okay for you to take nice pics.

For  high security the Itel A58 is built with a rear fingerprints sensor for easy unlocking.

Price of itel A58 pro

The latest price of itel A58 pro is around ₦48,000 to ₦50,000. You can get it at any phone shop near you or better still visit Jumia online shop.

3. Itel P38

price = ₦49,500

Another cheap phone you can buy this year is the highly praised itel P38, which is on every lips. The most reason why many people rush for this phone is the large battery capacity.

The itel P38 comes with an inbuilt 5000mAh battery capacity. The Screen and memory are not left out , built with a large screen to help you watch movie with it.

Cheap phones for you
Cheap phones for you

Not only that, the Itel P38 gives you everything you need in a phone at an affordable price. Let’s check out the basic features.


Key features

The Itel P38 comes with a 6.6 inches screen sizes and a 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM. The P38 8MP AI dual selfie + 5MP rear camera is enough for all your clean shots.

Having a 5000mAh battery capacity You have nothing to worry about running out of battery. Itel P38 also has an android 11 version, making it a top notch phone. For your security, itel P38 is built with a rear fingerprints sensor to help your privacy.

Price of itel P38 in Nigeria

If you currently want to buy the Itel P38 then you should budget around ₦49,000 to ₦51,000. That price will depend on the area you are staying, I Will advise you check some online stores lie jumia and Konga.

4. Oppo A3S

Another cheap phones I can gladly recommend to someone is the oppo A3S, Oppo A3S is a good quality phone from a new popular brand Oppo.

Though they are new in the Nigerian market they still brings stiff competition to old companies like Nokia, tecno and even itel.

Oppo A3S is a smartphone that you can’t avoid buying, the phone comes with all the best features you need at an affordable price.

Cheap phones for you
Cheap phones for you

Having a great body design and a good battery capacity, the Oppo A3S is an ideal phone for all smartphone lovers.

Key features

The Oppo A3S has a 6.2 inches HD display size, an android 8.1 Oreo operating system. Another important features of this smartphone is the large memory the 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM are all an added advantage for you.

The battery capacity is another important features that will thrill you into purchasing the smartphone, having a 4320mAh battery capacity and a finger prints sensor for added security.

Oppo A3S price in Nigeria 

The price of the Oppo A3S will change depending on your location. But the actual price online is between ₦48,000 to ₦52,000. You can get it online from Jumia, or better try Konga.

5. Umidigi C1

Another cheap phones I will recommend to my readers is the highly anticipated umidigi C1. The umidigi C1 is a great phone that posses all the features you will need in a smartphone.

Cheap phones for you
Cheap phones for you

Tagged beyond dream, the umidigi C1 is a great phone with lots of amazing features such as, larges screen, large battery capacity, big memory and even a fingerprint sensor.

Key features

The umidigi C1 has a 6.52 inches display screen and a 2GB RAM +32GB ROM. If you want an upgraded version Android phone, then this is where the umidigi C1 comes to play with an android 12 version (Go edition).

Another key features of the umidigi C1 is the added rear fingerprints sensor for easy unlocking and for your privacy.

Price of umidigi C1

The price of umidigi C1 is around ₦49,000 to ₦53,000. The difference in price depends on your location, to save some money and time you should make an order from Jumia.

6. Vivo Y71

Vivo Y71 is another cheap and Affordable phones you can be this early 2024, this is another phone you should switch your attention to. With a good body designs and nice features, the Vivo y71 is another great feature phone for you.

Having a good memory, good battery capacity and even a large screen size are some features that make the Vivo y71 a cheap phones you can get.

Cheap phones for you
Cheap phones for you

Though it may not have a fingerprint sensor, it still has some interesting features for a cool price.

Key features

The Vivo y71 has some of the best features for a phone of its make, some of these features includes; 5.99 inches display screen, android 8.1 version and even a 2GB RAM and 32GB RAM for your files.

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Do you wish to buy a new android phones but don’t have the right funds to spare, then the above listed phones are some of the best cheap phones you can buy.

These phones may not be as sophisticated as other high end devices, but they also possess some of the basic features some other phones has.

Cheap phones for you
Cheap phones for you

If you are looking for a cheap phones to buy, then this post has highlighted some of the cheaps phones for you. All you have to do is to make your selection.

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