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Airtel Money Malawi: Send money online to Malawi in 2024

Airtel money Malawi: How to use it

Airtel Money Malawi: Send money online to Malawi in 2024

Do you wish to send money from one undeveloped country to another, then you are good to go with Airtel money. Airtel Money Malawi allows you send and receive money in Malawi.

Airtel money has helped a lot of undeveloped countries have easy access to transfer money.

The main reason why the Airtel Money Malawi was created to help people in undeveloped countries like Malawi experience simplify banking services.

Are you in one of these undeveloped countries,then you should use our recommended safe and secure Airtel money Malawi which offers a fast and secure banking to people of Malawi.

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In this post we will cover every details on what the Airtel Money Malawi is and how it’s used, their charges and how to top up your Airtel mobile. You will also learn a lot more in this post. So just keep reading, as you will discover the benefits of using the Airtel money Malawi which is quick, easy and reliable.

Airtel money Malawi: How it works
Airtel money Malawi: How it works

What is Airtel money Malawi

Before we kick into the main purpose of this post, let’s take this time to bring to your knowledge what Airtel money is.

We all know or must have heard of Airtel telecommunications with headquarters in India, with over 450 million users in over 19 countries. That is the reason behind the creation of Airtel money to help underdeveloped countries access to easy means of sending and receiving money.

As we all  know Malawi is not left out among the underdeveloped countries, and Airtel been the major operator in Malawi with over 72 percents market shares.

Inorder to reciprocate the trust Airtel has been offering a cheap data and call plans as well as a means of making mobile money transfer, which is possible with the Airtel Money Malawi.

Is Airtel available in Malawi

Like I have said earlier, Airtel is the major operator in Malawi with an estimated 72 percents market shares. So you see Malawi is predominantly dominated by Airtel network.

Which countries is Airtel money available

Airtel Money is available on almost every countries, since they are a mobile means of transferring money from one place to another. They are mostly found in some underdeveloped countries that doesn’t have readily access to transfer money.

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Some of the countries you can have access to Airtel money are Malawi, South Africa, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya. They are used to make international transfer to other countries.

Airtel money Malawi: How it works
Airtel money Malawi: How it works

What is the limit of Airtel money in Malawi

Just like every other money transferring app, Airtel money has some daily limit for all Malawi users. Airtel money allows you to make a or time transfer of MWK 200,000 per transaction. That is together with the MWK 400,000 per day.


Airtel Malawi : How to send mobile money in Malawi

If you live in Malawi or your family members lived there you will probably be familiar with the Airtel Money. Since it’s a smart and fast ways of making transfer to in and outside Malawi, that’s is the main reason why it’s widely used in Malawi.

When sending out funds from Malawi to either South Africa, that is like exchanging the Malawi kwacha to the South African Rand. To do this you will need a third party service.

Third party service like Worldremit or Western Union allows you to send money from Malawi to South Africa, with ease.

1. WorldRemit 

Without mincing words it worth saying that WorldRemit is the best means of transferring money from someone in Malawi to other countries using the Airtel money .

To get started you will have to sign up to one of these platforms, it’s easy quick and free and you can make your transfer from Kwacha to the rand at an affordable interest rate

2. Banks

If you have a bank account in South Africa, it’s best you convert foreign currency to rands and deposit it to somebody’s account in South Africa.

Is Airtel money available in Nigeria 

Many people are confuse on whether Airtel money is available in Nigeria, just like we have Airtel money Malawi is there also Airtel money available in Nigeria.

Airtel money Malawi: How to use it
Airtel money Malawi: How it works

Yes, Airtel money is available in Nigeria, though it’s not always used. Central bank of Nigeria has issued a licence that allows Airtel customers use their mobile number as an electric wallet.

This wallets can be funded and used in making payments of goods and services. Dial *903# to activate.

How do I know my Airtel Money Malawi number

Yes, if you don’t know your Airtel number, you can do so by using the simple ussd code. To view your number simply dial *135*8#.

Also know the Airtel awuf airtime code

Can I borrow money on Airtel money

Yes, Airtel money gives you access to quick loans to help you complete your transaction whenever you are low on funds. There are some requirements you will need to meet before you can be eligible. For more information read here on Airtel mobile money.



Airtel money Malawi allows you to make transfer to underdeveloped countries, all thanks to Airtel. This Airtel money was launched in Malawi on 2012 to help them get easy, fast and reliable access to money transfer.

Airtel money Malawi: How to use it
Airtel money Malawi: How it works

If you are in Malawi you can make transfer someone outside your country with the Airtel Money.

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