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9Mobile data plans and prices in 2024

9mobile data plans for you

9Mobile data plans and prices 

If you want the best 9mobile data plans to subscribe to, then you are at the right place. 9mobile offers some of the best and most effective data plans to all their customers. You can take advantage of this data package available on 9mobile.

This post covers every detail you need to know about the latest data plans on 9Mobile and how to subscribe to them.

9mobile offers one of the best data plans for all mobile phone users, so if you are looking for the most cost-effective data plans, then this post will help you know the 9mobile data plans and prices.

Since the takeover 9mobike has proved to be one of the best network providers in Nigeria with amazing calls and data plans. Due to the cost of buying data plans in Nigeria, 9mobile has come up with some of the cheapest and most cost-effective data plans for all its customers.

9Mobile provides you with lots of amazing data plans to choose from, no matter your data demand. This post will enable you to know the best 9Mobile data plans and their subscription codes.

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About 9mobile

9mobile is one of the leading network providers in Nigeria. Since they started operations in 2008, they have been winning the hearts of their customers with some of the amazing features that other providers couldn’t guarantee.

With 9mobile you have access to fast and reliable internet connection and calls to all local and international countries. So what are you waiting for go get your 9Mobile sim card so you can enjoy this offer.

9mobile data plans and their activation codes
9mobile data plans and their activation codes

9Mobile has lots of packages for all their customers for calls and internet use. So if you want to benefit from this cheap 9Mobile data plan, then let’s take you down the lane.

9Mobile data plans

When we talk of cheap data plans, what comes to your mind, “9Mobile” I know that’s what comes to your mind. 9Mobile offers one of the best data plans money can buy at a cheap and affordable rate.

Their cheap data plans can be used on every device you wish to use them on, like, phone Android, Apple iPhone and even on small Java phones.

Laptops are not left out as you can also use the data on your laptops either by connecting through a hotspot or inserting it into your modem.

What you will enjoy on 9Mobile data plans

Subscribing to the 9mobile data plans comes with lots of benefits, some of which will be discussed here. Once you subscribe to the 9Mobile data plans you will get most of these benefits:

  • Fast internet speed
  • Cheap data plans
  • Amazing data plans to choose from
  • Awuf plans to surf the net.

Now you know the benefits of subscribing to the 9mobile data plans, let’s show you the codes to use for activating this 9mobile.

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How to buy data plans on 9Mobile 

Subscribing to a data plan on 9mobile is quite easy and fast, it won’t even take up to a minute to activate a data plan on 9mobile.

9mobile data plans for you
9mobile data plans for you

Below is a straightforward method you can use to activate your 9mobile data plan.

  • Recharge your line with the equivalent amount of data You want to buy.
  • Dial *200*2# on your phone, you will see a list of data plans you can subscribe to.
  • Choose the data plan that is within your budget.

That was simply subscribing to a data plan on 9mobile. Now let’s go over the best 9mobile data plans, their prices and how to activate them.


9Mobile data plans and subscription codes.

9mobile has lots of available data plans for its customers, so if you are a customer, then you should check out the best data deals and prices in the next line.

It’s good you know that 9mobile data plans come in different categories, daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and even yearly. The choice is yours you can choose the ones that are within your budget.

Let’s start with the 9mobile daily data plans

1. 9mobile daily data plans

This is one of the cheapest data plans available on 9mobile, this plan is suitable for people who do not need to download large files from the net. It’s suitable and affordable and only lasts for 24 hours from the time of purchase.

So you will have to make use of the data plans before the expiration time. Check out all the up-to-date standard daily data plans available on 9mobile.

  • With N50 you can get a whole 50MB by simply dialing *229*3*8#.
  • N100 you get 100MB+ Social plans valid for 24 hours, to activate dial *229*3*1#.
  • N200 will get you 650MB for 24 hours, to activate dial *229*3*2#.
  • N300 will get you 1GB valid for a day, by dialling*229*3*3#.
  • With N150 you will get 300MB+ 300 secs for 24 hours, you can get this by dialling *229*3*15#.

You see the 9mobile plan is quite affordable, cheap and more used by people who don’t use much data. So if you are a heavy data user the 9mobile daily data plan is not for you.

9mobile data plans for you
9mobile data plans for you

Now let’s go over to the next plan, which is the weekly data plan.

2. 9Mobile weekly data plans

The 9mobile weekly data plan is an affordable data plan that is available for all 9mobile customers to activate. Just like the name, this plan is valid for 7 days, that is one week.

Many 9mobile users find this plan cost-effective since it’s cheap and offers you the best data plan for your money.

Now let’s take a look at some of the available data options on the 9mobile weekly data plans.

  • With N1500 you get a whole 7GB+Social plan for 7 days. To activate dial *229*2*2#.
  • N200 you get you 250MB worth of data valid for 7 days. To activate dial *229*2*10# or send AND 11 to 229.
  • With N500 you get 1GB+Social plans valid for 7 days. To activate dial *229*2*1#.
  • You can also get a 2GB+ Social plan for N500 by dialling *229*3*4#.

That’s all you can get on the 9mobile weekly data plans, you can choose any of them and subscribe to them.

3. 9Mobile monthly data plans

The 9mobile monthly data plan is suitable for active data users who need lots of data to surf the net. This plan is relatively cheap and easy to activate. You can roll over your unused data plans if you don’t use them after 30 days.

  • To get 500MB for N500 dial *229*2*12#.
  • To get 1.5GB for N1000 dial*229*2*7#
  • To get 2GB for N1200 dial *229*2*25# or simply text AND 1 to 229.
  • To get 3GB for N1500 dial *229*2*3#
  • To get 4.5GB for N2000 dial *229*2*8# or simply text AND 2 to 229
  • With N4000 you get 11GB for 30 days dial *229*2*36#.
  • With N3000 you get a whole 12GB  by dialling*229*2*5#.
  • To get 15GB for ₦5,000, dial *229*2*37#
  • To get 40GB for ₦10,000, dial *229*4*1#
  • To get 75GB for ₦15,000, dial *229*2*4#
  • To get 125Gb for ₦20,000, dial *229*2*6#

That’s some of the best monthly data plans available on 9mobile, you can activate any of them.

9mobile weekends and night plans

This plan is designed for people who enjoy using the best over the weekend or at night. If you like watching YouTube videos and downloading large files, I suggest you use the night plan since it’s cheap.

9mobile data plans and their activation codes
9mobile data plans and their activation codes
  • You can get a whole 1GB of data for just N200 valid for a night (11 pm to 5 am). To activate dial *229*3*11#.
  • To get 3GB for N1000 valid for 30 days can only be used on the weekend and at night. Valid from (7 pm to 6. 59am). To activate dial *229*3*12#.
  • With N2,000 you can get a 7GB worth of data valid for 30 days. This plan can only be used during the weekends and evenings. To activate dial *229*3″13#.

9mobile social data plans

9mobile social data plans is one of the cheapest 9mobile data plans available to all 9mobile customers. This plan can only be used to chat on social media since it cannot work on other search engines. This is the main reason it’s called social data plans.

  • 1.5GB for WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook messager for ₦500, dial *343*5*10#
  • 2GB for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Eskimi, Instagram, WeChat, and Kakao talk for ₦700. Dial *343*6*12#

9mobile mega data plans

This plan is one of the biggest data plans available on 9mobile, the plan is relatively huge and last longer than the other data plans.

This plan is for individuals and huge corporations that use large data plans to work daily. So if you want to activate this plan, below is the list of the best 9mobile mega data plans.

1. 9mobile 75GB data plan

This mega data plan is available to all 9mobile customers who use much of the data for their work or school research. To subscribe dial *229*5*1# on your phone and it will be subscribed. Note this plan is valid for 90 days.

9mobile data plans for you
9mobile data plans for you

This plan costs only N25,000 to activate.

2. 9mobile 165GB data plan

This Is another data plan designed for heavy data users. It’s valid for 180 days, that is 6 months, to activate this plan dial *229*5*2#. This plan cost only N50,000.

3. 9mobile 600GB data plan

This Is one of the heaviest data plans available on the list of 9 mobile data plans. Mostly used by heavy companies and schools with lots of work to process using the internet.

This plan is valid for 180 days, to subscribe you will need to dial *229*5*8#.

How to check your data balance on 9mobile

It’s good to check your data balance always as this will help you keep records of how much data you have left. To check your data balance you will have to dial *228#, then follow the prompt and your data balance will be displayed on your screen.

You will also receive an SMS with the details of your data balance on it.

You can also check your data balance via SMS, simply text “INFO” to 228. Instantly your data balance will be sent to you via SMS.

Wrapping up

Knowing the best 9mobile data plans to meet your data needs is one of the best ways to enjoy an amazing data experience with 9mobile. That’s why have listed some of the best 9mobile data plans to help you enjoy surfing the net.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions kindly use the comment box below. For your more interesting posts keep visiting our website to be updated with the latest data and Airtime plans.

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