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What does Billpoint App do

How to use Billpoint app

What does the Billpoint app do

Do you know that you can now get a top-up to your line with of the newly launched Fintech app, and pay some of your bills such as Nepa bills, Gotv and Dstv subscriptions without having to leave your bed? That’s not all, you can still send funds to anybody at any location without leaving your house.

You are surprised, No, don’t be because with the newly launched Fintech app Billpoint app you can do all of those things with your smartphone.

Billpoint app is one of the newly launched app that helps you make an easy payment while also offering the cheapest an fastest VTU services.

Since Billpoint was launched the buzz has been all over the net, making waves, with many downloading and using the App. Many still feel sceptical as to know whether its cool or not.

Some still wonder about this fintech app and how its better than other apps like Opay, Palmpay and the rest of them.


What is Billpoint app used for

Before you download this great app, we will like to share some light on what it’s used for.

Billpoint makes an easy, fast and stress free means of making payments, pay your utility bills, buy airtime and data and even placing your bets.

Many people now prefer using this app to make payments and even to buy recharge card, since it’s save you the stress of going out to make such payments.

One of the main reasons why Billpoint is  widely used and accepted in Nigeria is because it’s secured, fast, reliable and a simple ways for making payments.

In this post I will explain in details what Billpoint app is, what it really does and how to use it effectively. So its time to get down to business.

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What does the Billpoint app do
What does the Billpoint app do


What is Billpoint

Billpoint is one of the newly launched app, that aid in making most of the utility payments such as Nepa bills, cable TV subscription and also get airtime and data bundle top up to your phone. Also note that all these payments can be made at your own convenient, meaning you can do all these sitting in your favourite chair at home.

Billpoint app was launched in April 2023 by the BLord group of company. They are also into Crypto trading and Real Estate, among others.

Billpoint is designed to provide an easier, faster and a more secured methods for making payments.

Is Billpoint App legit

Whenever an online app is been mentioned the first question that pops out is if it’s legit. So, Billpoint is not left out as many people are still in doubt if it’s legit or a scam.


Get the best of Billpoint app
Get the best of Billpoint app

We are here to clear your doubts.

Yes, Billpoint is legit and partners with other 30 service providers in Nigeria. Let’s help you know how to use the Billppint app.


How to Open a Billpoint Account 

Opening a Ballpoint account is quite simple and fast, just like every other app, Billpoint can ne installed and used on virtually any Android or Apple smartphone. So if you have any of the above-mentioned phones, then you can download and open a Billpoint app.

Without wasting much time let’s get you through on how you can open a Billpoint account.

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To open a Billpoint account, you will need to follow the steps below.

1. Download the Billpoint app

The first step in using the newly launched app is for you to download the App. Without downloading it, you can’t access it, so ensure you have downloaded the app, if not you will have to download it.

If you are using an Android phone, just head over to Google Play Store, on the search bar type in Billpoint and the app will be displayed on the screen.


Get the best of Billpoint app
Get the best of Billpoint app

Once you see it, click on the install button, then wait for it to download.

If you are using an iPhone, you should head over to the IOS store, and from there apply the same steps listed above.

2. Billpoint App sign up

Before you can be able to access all the benefits involved in Billpoint, you will need to sign up, that is if you are new a customer or better still sign in as an existing customer.

To sign up you must fill in some of the necessary information, some of which are;

  • Your full name
  • Phone number
  • Passwords
  • Referral ID,

Notes, the referral ID is optional, so don’t bother wasting time if you don’t have one.

If you are done inputting your details you will get an OTP to your email address. When you get the OTP, ensure you copy and paste the pin in the app.

The next step is to input your pin, make sure the pin must be easily memorised, since it’s what you will be using to log in.

Ensure you set your Avatar and biometrics, though it’s optional but it’s essential if you wants to be receiving notifications and updates about Billpoint.


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You are in 

Your Billpoint account is now ready for use, All you should now is to update your profile an share your referral code.

How to use Billpoint app

If you want to start using your Billpoint app, you will need to download the app and complete the necessary involve. To get the best out of your Billpoint app, follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Download and install the app

You will have to download and install the Billpoint, go to your phone store search for “Billpoint”once you see it, download and install


How to use Billpoint app
How to use Billpoint app

2. Sign up on Billpoint

The next step is to sign up for Billpoint since it’s your first time, all you need is your basic information. Just sign up by following the simple sign up process.

3. Add funds and Pay bills

Once you sign up you can now add funds to any of the three accounts assigned to you, with these yiu can start paying your bils. It’s quite simple

How can I log in to my Billpoint account

Signing in to your Billpoin account is easy, simple and fast. Just tap on the Billpoint app on your phone. Input your biometrics and passwords, if it’s accurate you will be logged in.


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How to make payments with your Billpoint app

Your main reason for downloading the Bilpoint app is to use it in making payments since it’s a faster, easier and more convenient way to make payments.

Get the best of Billpoint app
Get the best of Billpoint app

What are the alternative to Billpoint

Billpoint is one of the best app in Nigeria that’s allows you to make easy, simple and cheaper utility payments in Nigeria.

Some may not find this app interesting, so there are a list of other similar app you can benefit from. Some of them are;

  • Bluepay
  • Orbitremit global money transfer
  • Paykun

Billpoint usually assigns three different accounts to you, all you have to do is to fund those accounts, and then you can make payments from there.

Once your account is funded, you can start paying for your Utility bills, recharge your lines and even send money to someone.


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