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Oraimo power bank prices in 2023

Oraimo power bank prices in 2023

The Oraimo power bank has now been regarded as the best means of powering up your phone in the absence of electricity. Their quality, durability and commitment to ensuring that our devices are always on make them stand out from their contemporary.

As the world is gradually becoming a global village, there is a need for us also keep up with the latest technological advancements. We are now used to electronic gadgets, such as phones, tablets, wireless watches and headphones in our daily activities.

The only problem we now face is always ensuring that we have a backup plan to power up our phones before they run out. This is where the Oraimo power bank plays an important role.

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About Oraimo power bank

Since the late 20th century Oraimo has become a leading rand for all your phone accessories. Oraimo is one of the leading producers of modern-day gadgets, and which power bank is not left out.

Oraimo offers a wide range of accessories such as chargers, cables and earphones, their most appreciated product is the Oraimo power bank. Due to its reliability and use. The Oraimo power bank is mostly designed to provide stable power to your smartphone on the go.


How much is the Oraimo power bank

The Oraimo power bank is affordable, it all depends on your choice and needs. No matter your budget there is an Iraimo power bank for you.

Their power banks come in different sizes and prices, so you have to read through this post to help you understand more about the Oraimo banks, their sizes, durability, mAh and the asking prices.

Check out the Sizes, prices and details of the Oraimo power bank


1. oraimo Traveler 3 Vision 27000mAh Fast Charging With LED Flashlights Power Bank – Online Exclusive

Oraimo power bank and their prices
Oraimo power bank and their prices

price: N21,000


2. oraimo Toast 10 Flash II 20W Fast Charging Triple Output 10000mAh Power Bank


Fast-charging Oraimo banks
Fast-charging Oraimo banks


Price: N19,500


3. primo PowerBox 600 22.5W PD&QC 5 Outputs 60000mAh Portable Power Bank

Oraimo power bank
Oraimo power bank

Price: N64,000


4. primo PowerBox 500 AniFast PD3.0 QC3.0 Four Output Ports 50000mAh Power Bank

Oraimo power banks
Oraimo power banks

Price: N61,000


4. primo PowerBox 300 30000mAh 15W Two-way Fast-charging Power Bank

Oraimo power banks
Oraimo power banks

Price: N27,400

Get more cheap Oraimo power banks Here


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Why choose Oraimo power bank

Many features distinguish power banks from others, some of them are listed below:

1. Fast charging:

If you want a power bank that will supercharge your phone in less time, then I suggest you go for Oraimo. The device is equipped with fast charging technology, which will help your device charge more In less time.

You won’t have to wait around for your phone to charge, since you know it will charge fast.


2. Multiple charging ports:

Most Oraimo power banks are built with multiple charging ports, which will help you charge two devices at once.

With this Oraimo power bank, you can share with your friends


3. Compatible

Oraimo power banks are always compatible with virtually any type of devices, you want to use them with.

Oraimo power banks are compatible with some ranges of products such as smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth headphones, and more. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you can count on Oraimo to keep your devices powered up


4. Well-designed body

When we talk of quality power banks, the name that always comes to our mind is Oraimo, and one of the things that makes them stand out is the body’s sleek and compact design.


5. High Capacity

The Oraimo power banks come in different capacities, the lowest is  5000 to even 20,000. So you have the right power banks for your everyday needs.


6. Affordable:

Irrespective of the enormous features, the Oraimo power bank is still sold at very cheap prices. Their reasonable prices are one of the common factors that makes them accessible to a wide range of customers.

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How much is the Oraimo power bank 30000mAh

With as low as N22,000 you can buy a brand new 30000mAh Oraimo power bank.

The 30000mAh Oraimo power bank is suitable for heavy phone users, this will help keep their phones on daily. Oraimo 30000mAh power bank charges most phones over 5 times, tablets at least 3 times and any other USB device multiple times.

It’s compatible with any kind of device, so I will advise you to buy it for your devices.

The price of the 30000mAh power bank in jumia is around N27,000.


How much is the Oraimo power bank 27000mAh

With as low as N17,000 you can be a brand new owner of a 27000mAh power bank. This power bank is suitable for students and working-class youths who are always on their phones.

You can visit any phone store in your area, or better still log into jumia websites to order your power bank.

Thanks for reading, hope you find this interesting. If you have any questions or suggestions kindly use the comment box below


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