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How to borrow money from palmpay (5 Easy steps)

How to borrow money from palmpay

How to borrow money from Palmpay

Are you in need of cash to fund your business or career,  why not try getting loans from Palmpay. Palmpay is one of the best and secured online banking platform in Nigeria. So here are the tips on how to borrow money from Palmpay.

Borrowing money from Palmpay can be a sure way to get funds to solve your problems. Being one of the best online banking, their services are fast, reliable and even without stress, since you can get a business loan while sleeping on your bed.

You have nothing to worry about getting a loan from Palmpay, Since it’s quick, easy and more convenient I strongly recommend getting loans from them.

Palmpay as an online financial institution, offers  lots of online services they such as, Bill payments, saving money, investing, and even getting instant loans.  That’s why this post will help you know how to borrow money from Palmpay.

Irrespective of how easy it is to borrow money from Palmpay always make sure you borrow funds responsibly and ensure a timely payback plan, this will save you the heart attack and also help you have a good relationship plan with Palmpay.

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As we all know getting a loan In Nigeria Is such a big work on its own, all thanks to Palmpay which has made everything easier. With Palmpay you can borrow lots of funds to finance your business.


How to borrow money from palmpay
How to borrow money from palmpay

Palmpay is a well-known app in Nigeria that has been providing easy, convenient and fast loans in the comfort of our homes.

Before asking for a loan on Palmpay, I advised you to read their terms and instructions carefully. If you are okay with the instructions here in this post is the easiest ways to borrow money from Palmpay

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About Palmpay

Before we move on to the main topic of this post, let’s first of all brief you about Palmpay.

With its automatic lending platform, PalmPay aims to give credit to underserved Nigerians and those who are financially marginalised throughout Africa. To put it simply, the PalmPay platform helps those in need by lending money.

After being approved, you can get a quick loan on this app in just five minutes. Additionally, you can borrow money without needing any collateral or papers. This greatly simplifies and streamlines the borrowing procedure. You can use this platform to apply for a 10k loan as a new borrower.

Having known this it’s high time we show you how you can borrow money from Palmpay.

How to borrow money from palmpay
How to borrow money from palmpay

How to get loans from Palmpay

Getting an instant loan from palmpay is quite easy, but you must first of all have a palmpay account in your name. If not,you won’t be able to access loan from Palmpay. To be eligible for a loan option on Palmpay you just need to Download the Palmpay mobile banking app.

Once you are done downloading, the best thing is to create an account by filling out your details, then Head over to the dashboard. Click on loans and select any amount you want to download.

There are two methods you can use to borrow money from palmpay, which includes:

  • Palmpay loans using USSD codes
  • Loans without BVN.

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How to borrow money from palmpay using the USSd codes

One of tthe simplest method you can use to get loan from Palmpay is through their Ussd codes. Here are the steps you can use while borrowing money from Opay via ussd codes.

1. Dial *652# using the phone number linked to your PalmPay account.

2. Choose the “loan” option.

3. Follow the prompts to apply for and receive your loan in your account.

That was simple, now let’s try the other methods


How to borrow money from palmpay
How to borrow money from palmpay


How to borrow money from Palmpay without using BVN

We are always afraid whenever we are asked to share our BVN with someone. Although it’s not advised you share your BVN with some one. In order to ease your fears, palmpay now makes it possible for you to get loans even without inputting your BVN.

Below is the step-by-step guide to borrowing money from Palmpay without BVN.

1. First of all you will have to download the PalmPay app and set up your account.

2. Log into your account on the mobile app.


3. Select the “Finance” tab at the bottom of the homepage.

4. Locate the “Flexi Cash” option and tap on “Borrow Now.”

5. As a new user, fill out the loan application form with your details. This includes your name, phone number, and address.

6. Use either your existing limit or input your desired loan amount.

7. Carefully review your application information, then submit it.


How to borrow money from palmpay
How to borrow money from palmpay


Now, you have to wait for either approval, this guarantees that your loan request is successful. You might be rejected, which means you can try again later.

It will take like few minutes to some hours to get your reply, so I advise you to get your fingers crossed.

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Who are eligible for a Palmpay loan

To be eligible for a loan from Opay, you must have a palmpay account, and should have meet these requirements below.

1. You must be a Nigerian citizen living in Nigeria

2. Be at least 22 years old

3. Have a functioning phone to download the PalmPay app

4. Your credit score must be good and you must not have any pending loans to repay

5. Have an active bank account with BV


How to borrow money from palmpay
How to borrow money from palmpay


If you are checked for  the above requirements, then you are good to go.


How much loans can I get from Palmpay

It all depends on how long you have work with the platform, as a starter you are only allowed a maximum of 10k Loan. As you progress you can get up to N200,000 worths of loan.

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Why borrow from Palmpay

Many people will have different reasons to borrow money from palmpay. Here are some if the main reasons why you should get a loan from palmpay.

  • Low interest rates between 15 to 30 percents, depending on the amount you borrow
  • A flexible repayments plan
  • Fast, easy, convenient and secured loan only on palmpay.

How to repay your Palmpay llow

Repaying your loan is easy and convenient, to repay your palmpay loan, you should follow the steps below:

1. Open the PalmPay app on your phone and log into your account.

2. Next, go to the dashboard and look for the “loan repayment” tab.

3. Click on the tab and select your medium of repayment. You can choose either a Bank transfer or an ATM.

How to borrow money from palmpay
How to borrow money from Palmpay

How to open a Palmpay account

Before you can borrow money from Palmpay you must first install their app installed in your phone.

The first step is to visit the Play Store on your Android phone, download the Palmpay app and fill out the form.

You’ll need to provide some personal information, including your name, phone number, and email address. Make sure your information is accurate and up to date.

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In conclusion, Palmpay is one of the best online banking that offers some of the best financial services such as savings and even lending out money to fund your business.


How to borrow money from palmpay
How to borrow money from Palmpay


How to borrow money from palmpay without BVN

Before you can access any loan in Nigeria, it’s expected that you provide your BVN to enable them process the loan. This also help in them tracking and in receiving back their money.

It not advisable to share your BVN with some Online financial institutions, that is why, this method of getting loans from palmpay without BVN will help you.

Getting loans without will help you in the following ways;

  • Conceal your BVN from third party
  • Save you the worry of revealing your BVN
  • It will help conceal your identity
  • You won’t have any fear or regret.

To borrow money from pal pay without BVN, yiu will need to follow the steps below

Why get loans from Palmpay

You may be wondering to source for loans from other financial apps, but here are the benefits of getting your loans from Palmpay.

  • Getting loans from Palmpay is easy an convenient
  • Unlike other online financial apps, palmpay offers a low interest rate, making them an ideal choice.
  • You don’t need to provide any collateral before getting a loan from palmpay
  • Palmpay offer a flexible repayment option, so you won’t have to worry when paying back.
  • You stand to get your loan faster than in other banks.

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