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6 Best Wireless Power Banks for You 

Best wireless power banks for you

6 Best Wireless Power Banks for You 

Having a power bank is one of the best and cheapest methods to keep your phones and devices charging even on the go. Now it’s much easier to charge your devices with a power bank, with the introduction of the wireless power bank. You can now charge your phone with your power bank even without connecting but with a wire.

That may sound strange, but it’s true, With the newly introduced wireless power bank, you can charge your phone even without connecting a cord.

This must have struck your interest if you are considering getting one wireless power bank for yourself or a loved one. This is a complete guide on every detail you need to know about the wireless power bank.

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Why go for a local power bank when you can get a wireless power bank in your neighbourhood? You can shop for the best wireless power bank from some of the notable online stores, such as jumia, Amazon JIJI and a host of other stores.


Best wireless power banks for you
Best wireless power banks for you


Before we move into the business of the day let’s first of all clear your mind of what the Wireless power banks are all about, how to use them, prices and the best for all your devices.

How is the Wireless power bank 

Just like a normal power bank the wireless banks are good tools that can serve as a portable charger,  that can be used to charge your devices wirelessly. This saves you the stress of fumbling with cables and always looking for a compatible charger.

Let’s take you through some of the best wireless power banks in the market, their features and the best brands for all your devices.

Price of Wireless power bank

The price of the wireless power bank can differ depending on your locality and your method of purchase. So if you want to confirm the price of a good quality wireless bank visit Jumia stores

Or Jiji For a good quality and affordable wireless bank

Check out the best wireless Power bank for your devices

Here are the best wireless banks for all your devices, With these, it means bye-bye to carrying the cord around.


The first wireless bank on our list is the SAMSUNG EB-U3300XJEGUS, as we all know the Samsung company is known for producing quality devices that always stand out among its contemporaries, and this power bank is not a shortcoming.


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The Samsung power bank can be used to charge your phone wirelessly since it is what is designed for. Since it is a versatile device which uses either type C or a USB-A – Cord. Though it has been marketed to be used in Samsung mobiles, you can also use it with other phone brands.

Samsung wireless power banks for you
Samsung wireless power banks for you


Basic Features of the Samsung Power Bank

The 10,000mAh battery inside the EB-U3300XJEGUS will quickly charge your Galaxy S23 Plus more than twice. The wireless output of the EB-U3300XJEGUS is capped at 7.5W, just like the Anker 622 Magnetic. But if you’re in a hurry, you can put a device into the power bank’s Type-C socket because it offers 25W wired charging.

Also included in this Samsung power bank is a USB-A port. Essentially, three gadgets can be charged simultaneously. This is the Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank you need from a reputable smartphone manufacturer.

key features

Can charge 3 devices at once

25W wired power output

Supports PD and QC fast charging protocols

10000MAh battery capacity

7.5W maximum wireless output

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2. Anker power

The Anker 622 Magnetic’s sleek and sophisticated style will go well with the aesthetics of your iPhone. Additionally, it contains a power button that you can press to turn on or off wireless charging as well as an LED ring that displays the charging state. Speaking of charging, this Anker power bank has a max output of 7.5W through MagSafe.

Additionally, it has a USB-C connector on the side that is mostly used to charge the power bank. You can use it to deliver a wired current, though. However, the magnetic wireless power bank does not permit simultaneous charging of two devices. Instead, the gadget connected to the power bank will take precedence over a wirelessly charged device


Anker wireless power banks for you
Anker wireless power banks for you


Key features

A 10,000mAh Battery Capacity

10W maximum output

A 1x USB-A + 1x HSBC USB port

The Anker 622 is a smooth portable Power bank that can charge your phone and other devices easily without any stress. You may be shocked to know that the highly appraised Anker power bank doesn’t cost a fortune.



Another good wireless charger is the Satechi Duo, and it’s more common for its ability to charge multiple devices at the same time.

The Satechi Duo has an integrated stand that has a maximum wireless charging power of 10W. Additionally, there is a base plate that supports wireless device charging. This is restricted to only 5W, though. Last but not least, a USB-C port with a maximum output of 18W is located on the back. You can use the power bank to charge three gadgets at once.

It’s important to keep in mind that when used together, the wireless output for both pads is limited to 5W, and the USB-C output is reduced to 10W. To make matters worse, the Satechi Duo Wireless Charger Power Stand is a pricey power bank. Make sure you prefer a single wireless charger that can be used for anything over a cable charger.

Best wireless power banks for you
Best wireless power banks for you


Key Features

Portable and stylish design

Can wirelessly charge 2 devices at once

Have a built-in stand

A 10,000mAh battery capacity

1x USB-C USB cord

10W maximum output

If you are looking for a well-designed power bank that can charge two phones at the same time. Then you should consider getting the highly-rated Satechi Duo.

For your information, the power bank is a bit pricey, but it’s worth the price.



4. Anker Powercore 111

One amazing feature of the Anker Powercore 111 is the ability to charge your device at a faster rate.

The surface of the Anker PowerCore III is covered with fabric, and the rim is made of metal. A lifetime warranty and a travel pouch are also included. The power bank uses Anker’s MultiProtect security mechanism to protect your gadgets. A little hook that slides out from the side of the battery bank is another feature. You can use this to support your phone while watching videos.


Best wireless power banks for you
Best wireless power banks for you


The power bank has a wireless power output of up to 10W and a cable-tethered power output of up to 18W. The PowerIQ 3.0 technology from Anker is installed in the 18W USB-C port. It may therefore use both Power Delivery and Quick Charge technology.

Key Features

Fast charging


Built-in Kickstand

A 10,000mAh battery capacity

The Anker Powercore 111 is one of the best wireless power banks for your everyday needs. One bad side about is that it doesn’t support double charging.


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The Fochew power bank is more suitable for those looking for a good quality wireless bank at a cheap price.

It’s important to note right away that the FOCHEW Wireless Portable Charger does not include a 30,800mAh battery. It should be somewhere around the 10,000mAh range, which isn’t awful by any means, according to user reviews. That will charge the majority of devices twice or three times.


Best wireless power banks for you
Best wireless power banks for you

You can choose the power bank that best suits your style from a variety of colours that are offered. The power bank can conduct up to 15W wireless charging and up to 25W USB-PD charging. You get two USB-A ports and one USB-C port for wired charging

Key Features

Supports fast charging


Capacity 30,800mAh

FAQs on the best wireless power banks for you

This has generated lots of questions which people are eager to get their answers, Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

All these power banks are in good condition and available at Jumia stores


Does wireless charging affect battery life


Yes, prolonged use of wireless charging can have some minor effects on the battery of your device, though it’s built to be efficient and safe. The effects are caused by the slight heat generated while charging. Read Reasons why power bank spoils your phone’s battery

Once this is used for a long period this can cause the battery to degenerate. This is the main advantage the wired charging methods have over wireless charging.


Best wireless power banks for you
Best wireless power banks for you


Can I charge the wireless power bank why use it

Yes, some of this wireless bank allows you to use them while still charging it. It doesn’t cause any harm. You can charge the power bank while still using it, but you should know that the charging time will be slow. For more details read Battery Charging Tips for Android


Save yourself the stress of having to go around with a cord charging your phone with your power bank. Instead, charge your phone wirelessly with the new wireless bank.

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