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How to migrate to Airtel smart Connect

Airtel Ovajara

How to migrate to Airtel Smart connect 

Do want to get double of your recharge on your Airtel line everytime you recharge your it. Then you quickly migrate to Airtel smart connect.

You have probably heard of the Airtel smart connect and you must have heard of the 8× bonus it gives on every recharge. So are you curious to know how to migrate, then worry no more. Here is a complete detail about the Airtel smart connect.

Every Airtel user is willing to migrate to the Airtel smart connect, If you are one of them, here is your chance to migrate with ease to the Smart Connect plan.


As an Airtel subscriber, you are eager to migrate to the Airtel Smart plan, to enable you to enjoy the full packages and bonus that comes with the Airtel Smart Connect plan.


How to migrate to Airtel smart Connect
How to migrate to Airtel smart Connect


This post covers every detail on how to migrate to the Airtel Smart Connect plan, how to activate the plan, the Airtel Smart Connect code and how to benefit from it. After reading this post you will be able to migrate to the Smart Connect plan and also the benefits involved in migrating to the plan.

Airtel has lots of amazing tarrif plan to help you spend less on data and voice plan. But the Airtel smart connect is more amazing, as it gives you 8× of every recharge you made.

Not every Airtel users are eligible for this plan, so this post will help you on how to migrate to Airtel smart connect and enjoy the benefits associated with it.

Before we go into details on how to migrate to the smart connect, let’s first introduce you to what the Airtel Smart Connect is all about and how to use it.

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What is Airtel Smart Connect and how does it work

The default bonus plan for Airtel allows its prepaid customers to take advantage of incredible benefits for internet browsing, phone calls, and text message sending. Amazing, huh? Save the most fascinating part until the last.

Airtel Smart Connect is intriguing to be on or switch to since you get to enjoy 8 times (8X) greater value with each recharge. So why dull, migrate now to the Airtel smart connect and enjoy double of your recharge.

Furthermore, any data bundle you purchase for less than N5000 comes with a 100% bonus. On your data purchase, you get to benefit from quick double data. For 90 days (or three months), this is accurate.

Also note, that the Airtel smart connect is available for both old and new Airtel subscribers. If you are new, you will already be registered on Smart Connect. But old customers must dial some code to enable them to enjoy these benefits.

Now it’s time we blow your mind with some of the benefits to gain from this bonus plan. Once you switch to the Airtel. smart connect you stand a chance to gain from some of these benefits.


Airtel ovajara
Airtel ovajara


  • You get 8x of every recharge you make
  • You get an instant voice and data bonus on every N100 recharge you make.
  • Instant double data for all data plans you activate.
  • You can get FAF bonuses by adding your friends and family members
  • 7 hours if night calls between 11 pm to 6 am at 11kobo/sec
  • 15Mb free data weekly on every recharge from N200.
  • Up to 90-day data validity periods.

With all these benefits what are you still waiting for, migrate to the Airtel smart connect instantly.

Let’s get down a little bit, What all these benefits mean, is that for every N100 recharge you make you will be rewarded with N300 voice credits and N400 data value. That is so amazing, You are missing a lot of those who haven’t migrated to the Airtel Smart Connect.

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That is not all, you can get a whooping 8x of your recharge, when you recharge from N200, N300.N400 and so on. This means the higher the amount you recharge, the better your bonuses.

Note, the rewarded bonuses expire 7 days after the day of recharge, so make sure you make use of the bonus before it expires. But don’t worry, your main credit balance won’t expire.


Airtel Ovajara
Airtel Ovajara


How to activate Airtel Smart connect

Thus, it is clear that after switching to Airtel Smart Connect, you will have enough bonus credits to call your loved ones.

Why then wait? Experience the power of connection by becoming a member of the Airtel Smart Connect community now. 

Are you prepared to move to Airtel Smart Connect? If so, let’s get started.

There 2 methods to migrate to this Airtel plan, one is for the old Airtel users and the other option is for new customers. Whatever category you fall in, here is a step-by-step guide to help you migrate to the Smart plan.


How to migrate to Smart Connect for new Airtel users

This is the simplest method to migrate to the Airtel smart plan, As a new subscriber on Airtel you will have to follow these steps to activate the Airtel smart connect.


Airtel Ovajara
Airtel Ovajara


  1. Go to a nearby Airtel shop.
  2. Buy a new unregistered Airtel SIM Card.
  3. Get the SIM registered at any Airtel SIM registration centre.
  4. Insert the SIM into your mobile phone.
  5. Recharge your new Airtel line with at least N100 airtime using the code *126*PIN#.
  6. Done! Your Airtel smart connect is activated.

That’s all on how to activate the smart plan for all new Airtel users.


How to migrate to Smart Connect for old Airtel users

Airtel carried everybody along, as their smart plan is available for both new and existing customers. So as an Airtel old user, you can still migrate to the smart connect plan by following the steps below.

Quickly dial *311# on your phone browser, then respond with option 1 from the pop-up dialogue box. That was simple wasn’t it, if you still don’t understand, you will have to use the methods below.

  • Dial *121#
  • Reply with 5 (Billing & Tariff)
  • Reply with 1 (Smart Connect)
  • Done! You have successfully migrated to Airtel Smart Connect.

That was simple, wasn’t it?

You see how simple it is to migrate to the Airtel smart plan. Now let’s show you the codes to help you better enjoy the Airtel smart plan.


Airtel Ovajara
Airtel Ovajara


Shortcodes to migrate to Airtel smart connect for old users

The Airtel old users are not left out, as they can also enjoy every benefit involved in the Airtel smart connect, by simply using these codes.

Dial *311*1# and send, that’s the code to use if you want to migrate to the Airtel Smart plan.


How to check the Airtel Smart Connect bonus

With the Airtel smart connect plan, you are sure to get numerous bonuses, which will prompt you to check your bonus balance. To check your Airtel smart plan bonus balance dial *310*1# and a pop-up box will appear stating your bonus balance.

You can also dial *310*2# or *223# to check your Airtel Connect bonus for both airtime and data.


Migrate to.Airtel Smart connect
Migrate to. Airtel Smart connect



There are a tonne of advantageous tariff plans available on the Airtel network, but ever since SmartCONNECT was introduced, things have changed and many Airtel customers have been migrating from their present tariff plan to Airtel Smart Connect.


If you carefully read this page, I think you now understand how to migrate to Airtel Smart Connect, the Airtel Smart Connect code, and how to activate the Airtel Smart Connect migration code. These tasks should be simple for you to complete.

How can I switch to Airtel Tribe

To switch to the Airtel smart tribe you need to follow this steps inorder to migrate to the tribe family.

  • Simply dial *121#
  • Choose “5” voice bundle and tarrif
  • Select “1”  Smart trybe at 11.26kb
  • Finally, choose the migrate options


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