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Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria

Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria

Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria 

We all know Samsung mobiles are considered among the best phone brands in Nigeria and the world at large. In terms of quality, body designs, nice screen colours, good Camera and even multitasking. All these are some of the features of the Samsung mobiles.

Without mincing words, I can say that Samsung Mobile is one of the best phone brands in Nigeria.

Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria
Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria


I can’t get enough of the One UI features on the Samsung Galaxy phones. Samsung outperforms the competition in terms of software updates as well. For its flagship devices, the company guarantees five years of security updates and four Android OS upgrades.


Users of Galaxy devices have a multitude of alternatives for navigating between various apps thanks to the devices’ clear, large screens. Window mode has been a feature of Samsung smartphones since the 2012 Galaxy Note II, and each successive iteration has improved the multitasking experience.


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When it comes to high-end Android smartphone manufacturers, Samsung provides the highest build quality, therefore purchasing a Samsung phone gives you the peace of mind that the phone won’t break.


Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria
Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria


There are lots of phone brands available in the market for every phone lover. From Tecno, Infinix, Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo and Gionee, Samsung still stands out as one of the best and favourite phones from all the above-listed brands.


At every level, we will always need a smartphone to match our status, and samsung mobiles are always at hand to meet your phone needs and requirements. Depending on your needs and social status, we would like to introduce you to the latest Samsung S8.


In this post, we will help you know some of the basic information about the Samsung S8 price in Nigeria. Let get going

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Samsung Galaxy S8 price in Nigeria

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the latest phone released by the Korean-based phone company. The Galaxy S8 is a phone worth owning, it’s specially made to replace the previously failed S7.

The Samsung S8 possess all the qualities and features you will need in a smartphone such as a super-rich display, long-lasting battery, sleek body designs ultra-fast processor, Good Camera, fast charging and waterproof features. All these above-mentioned features make the S8 stand out among other phones. So what are you still waiting for?


Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria
Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria


Since the Samsung smartphone was launched in early 2017 since then the phone has been selling. Even to this present day, it is regarded as one fo the phones to look out, for due to its amazing features and smooth body design.

Before we check out the price of the price Samsung S8 in Nigeria, let’s show you what the phone is made up of.


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Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs

Samsung S8 price in Nigeria starts around N130,000 to N150,000 in various stores in Nigeria. The prices may differ depending on your location, currency exchange rates, method of purchase and even Black Fridays.

We advise you to compare the prices in different stores before making a purchase.



Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria
Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria


Check out some of the key specs of the Samsung S8 ;

  • Launched Date;   March 2017
  • Body Dimensions: 148.9 x 68.1 x 8mm
  • Display: 5.8 inches, 1440 x 2960 pixels (570ppi)
  • Ram: 4GB
  • Internal memory: 64GB
  • Operating System: Android 7.0 (Nougat), upgradeable to Android 8.0 (Oreo)
  • Camera: 12MP Auto-HDR LED Flash (Main), 8MP Auto-HDR (Selfie)
  • Battery: 3, 000 mAh Li-ion Battery (non-removable)


Samsung S8 Basic Review

To further help you know more about the Samsung S8 price in Nigeria, we have a short review of the latest tech gadgets.


1. Body Design 

The Galaxy S8 has a stunning design that, thanks to its high-end aesthetic, easily fits into a sci-fi film. The smartphone, for starters, has a stunning design and a lovely metal body that feels wonderful in the hands, especially when you rotate the phone around in your palm. That awesome.

The Galaxy S8 also deviates from its conventional design in that it lacks a home button and relocated the fingerprint reader to the back, next to the primary camera. Oh great


Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria
Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria


Furthermore, Samsung placed the Bixby button on the left side of the Galaxy S8, making it simple for you to press that button to lower the volume. 

Overall, though, the design is attractive since the absence of the home button causes the screen to slant downward, giving the impression that the phone is larger than it is. In this way, the phone is easy to hold and the large screen is still beneficial.


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2. Display 

The Galaxy S8 features a larger screen while being smaller than the S7 Edge Plus because Samsung replaced the actual home button with an onscreen home button (with haptic feedback).

It has a stunning 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels, making the colours vibrant and the display appear razor-sharp. The screen is shielded by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which is curved and nearly bezeless, making it smaller.


Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria
Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria


3. Battery.

It’s hardly surprising that Samsung persisted with its 3,000mAh battery in light of the issues it had with the Galaxy Note 7. The Galaxy S8 excels when it comes to battery life thanks to its power-efficient processor. Though not enough for a good quality phone like that, with the 3000mAh battery capacity, you are sure to be active for a complete 20 hours. This is if you use the phone moderately.


You don’t need to worry if you want to spend the day outside since the smartphone can operate for up to 20 hours without a wall outlet.


There are 5 colour options available for the Galaxy S8, namely Midnight Black, Coral Blue, Maple Gold, Orchid Grey, and Arctic Silver. As usual, expect the black-coloured units to sell out more quickly than the others and the price of the limited-edition units may be higher.


Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria
Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria


4. Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S8 still has a reputation for having among the best cameras available, despite changing its standard 5MP selfie camera to an 8MP one and maintaining its single 12MP primary camera.

Unlike its rivals, it does not employ two back cameras, but it nonetheless produces great images that capture sharpness, light, and colour exactly as you experienced them.

You won’t often be dissatisfied with the photos you capture, despite Samsung’s boasts that it has worked hard on the cameras’ software.


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The camera also does a fantastic job in low-light situations, and it also has superb autofocus and HDR functions. This means you can still take a good picture even at night or in a dark place.

The fact that the photographs only seem better on the phone and not on a computer must be the camera’s only drawback.


Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria
Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria

If you look at the photos on a computer, you’ll notice that the smartphone somewhat overexposes the pictures. The camera is perfect except for that!


5. Processor

You shouldn’t be concerned if you anticipated the Galaxy S7 to have one of the most modern and speedy chipsets available. The smartphone is powered by two extremely quick processors, the Exynos 8895 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, depending on where you are.

Higher economy and performance, particularly in graphics and mobile gaming, are promised by the octa-core processors.


Samsung S8 price in Nigeria (UK used)

If you can’t afford a brand new samsung S8, then the next option is for you to buy a London-used one. The price of a London used Samsung S8 is slightly different from a brand-new one.

London used phones are cheap, easy to buy still in good working conditions. The price of Samsung S8 in Nigeria for the London used os around N90,000 to N120,000 in the current market price.

The best price for the Samsung A5 in London is around, *199.00.


Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria
Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria

How much is Samsung samsung S8 in Nigeria, Lagos

You can get a brand-new Samsung S8 in Nigeria for as low as N150,000. While the London used phone is less cheap than the new one. With a sum of N90,000 you can get a London used Samsung S8.


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Is Samsung S8 water resistant

The IP68 certification was assigned to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ by the Ingress Protection rating system. To know the Samsung S8 price in Nigeria, you need to visit the various phone stores in Nigeria.

The water resistance rating is 8 (water resistance up to 5 feet for up to 30 minutes), and the dust rating is 6 (highest level of protection against dust). What this means is that the Samsung S8 is waterproof, it can stay for. some time in the water without getting spoilt.

Well, we tested the Galaxy S8 in the pool last weekend with my boys without any casing or housing. You can take up to three images in a burst by setting the timerton 10 seconds in the camera’s options. Go underwater and take up to three images when you press the timer button. It is really easy. Time to go swimming, let’s make every moment count.

Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria
Samsung S8 Price in Nigeria



The Samsung S8 is one of the most favourite phones produced by the Korean phone company.  So to know about the Samsung S8 price in Nigeria,  you should visit any phone store near you to get a brand new phone. This post covers every detail you need to know about the Samsung S8 price in Nigeria,


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