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What’s Macbook pro 17 flexgate issue and how to fix it

MacBook pro 17 flexgate issues

What’s Macbook pro 17 flexgate issue and how to fix it 

If you’re having problems with Flexgate on your MacBook Pro, don’t worry! You are not by yourself. Many Mac users have stated on the forum that the Flexgate problem is present in their 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro models from 2016 and 2017.

This problem happens when you open your laptop screen past a specific degree, usually close to full opening, increasing the strain imposed on the backlight flex cable for the MacBook screen.

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Several MacBook Pro models produced between 2016 and 2017 have the “MacBook Flexgate” design defect. The cable that links the display to the logic board is the source of the issue. Over time, the flex cable may suffer damage, which will cause the display to dim or flicker. The Flexgate problem might be to blame if your MacBook Pro has been having display problems.

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Uncertain about the source of the Flexgate issue or how to resolve it? I’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. This article will cover all the information you require regarding the Flexgate problem, including how to recognise it and what you can do to resolve it. Let’s start now.


Macbook pro 17 flexgate issue
Macbook pro 17 flexgate issue


What is “Flexgate” and how does it affect MacBook

One of the illumination problems with certain MacBook Pro models is called Flexgate. It is known as Flexgate because it affects the flex cable that connects the controller logic board and the display. 


When the flex cable on the MacBook is damaged, this problem arises. The connection’s fragility and its routing via the MacBook’s hinge mechanism, which over time puts strain on the cable, are the root causes of the issue. It occurs as a result of often opening and closing the Mac lid.


The Flexgate problem may cause your Mac’s display to darken or begin to flicker. Complete failure of the display can also happen occasionally.  And it’s more common on MacBook and apple users, so if you are using any of these laptops, always lookout for Macbook pro 17 flexgate issues. 

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Macbook pro 17 flexgate issue
Macbook pro 17 flexgate issue


Although some MacBook Air models were also impacted by the flexgate issue, MacBook Pro models were mostly affected. The problem was with the flex cables for the display, which might degrade and break over time as a result of frequent opening and closing of the laptop. Users began to suffer backlight problems, including screen flickering and dimming displays. 

The 2016 and 2017 models of the MacBook Pro are largely affected by this design issue. Models 13 inches and 15 inches are both impacted.

A1707 – 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, model years 2016–17

A1706 – 13-inch, Touch Bar, 2016–2017, MacBook Pro

A1708 – MacBook Pro (13-inch, non-Touch Bar, model from 2016–2017)


Macbook pro 17 flexgate issue
Macbook pro 17 flexgate issue


Is it Possible to repair MacBook pro 17 flexgate issues and how long will it take

Can the MacBook Pro display’s flexgate problem be resolved? Yes, it is the answer.


Well, because the cable is a part of the screen, it cannot be changed. The conventional resolution is to swap out the entire display panel as a result. In this scenario, speak with a MacBook repair facility. One of Delhi-NCR’s most reputable MacBook repair shops is Laptop repair expert.

On a MacBook, it is feasible to fix the Flexgate problem. However, it’s a delicate and complicated repair that calls for trained specialists and specialised tools. Most of the time, a new flex cable must be installed in lieu of the damaged one. To avoid a repeat of the problem, the replacement cable must be longer and stronger than the original.

It is advised to have the repair carried out by a trusted third-party repair facility with experience in fixing MacBook Flexgate problems, or by an authorised Apple service provider. Your MacBook can get worse if you try to fix it yourself or take it to an unqualified repair facility.


Macbook pro 17 flexgate
Macbook pro 17 flexgate

It’s crucial to understand that if your MacBook is still under warranty yiu should take it directly back to Apple for it to be repair or better still get a replacement. 

Flexgate on MacBook repairs start at 6,999 with a 3 month warranty.

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How to avoid MacBook pro 17 Flexgate issue

It’s crucial to comprehend how Flexgate occurs before figuring out how to prevent it. A flexible ribbon wire links the logic board of the MacBook to the display. The cable may become worn and broken over time if the laptop is often opened and shut. This occasionally can result in a cable failure, which causes the display troubles mentioned above.


Macbook pro 17 flexgate issue
Macbook pro 17 flexgate issue


The best defence against Flexgate is to look after your MacBook. This calls for being cautious when transferring the laptop and limiting the amount of lid opening and closing. Additionally, it’s critical to make sure your MacBook is adequately supported when in use. This calls for utilising a stable surface, such as a desk or table, and avoiding keeping the MacBook on your bed and pillow.

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How to Fix MacBook pro 17 Flexgate issue

If you are having any problem on your MacBook, yiu advised to take it to a qualified technician to check it out as soon as possible. This may be caused by a faulty display or logic board.

However, if Flexgate is the issue, the technician will need to replace the display ribbon cable to fix the problem.

You should know that the MacBook pro is more prone to the flexgate issues so you should take good care of it. In case you experience any display issue don’t hesitate to take it to a qualified technician.



It’s good you know what causes Macbook Pro 17 fluxgate issue and how to fix it. Flexgate can be frustrating that’s the main reason why yiu should avoid anything that will cause it.


MacBook pro 17 flexgate issues
MacBook pro 17 flexgate issues


The best way to protect it is to take good care of it, don’t open and close it unnecessarily, this is the main cause of MacBook Pro 17 fluxgate issues.

That is all on MacBook pro 17 flexgate.


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