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PVC Online registration 2023

PVC online registration

PVC Online Registration 2023

We all need to have our Permanent Voters Card (PVC) ready before the election commences. Not only that you need to display it in some offices especially if you are above 18 years. So you see having the PVC is a must for any Nigerian citizen above 18 years.

The main problem we normally face in voting for our PVC is the stress, time wasting and loss of finance that is involved in getting your PVC from designed INEC offices.

Though the INEC officials have been looking for the best possible ways to make the registration, processing and collecting of the PVC easier.

The good news is with the launch of the INEC online platform, it’s now easier, more convenient and even more friendly to collect your PVC. So you can now register and process your voter’s card using the PVC online registration methods.


PVC Online Registration 2023
PVC Online Registration 2023


Not everyone can use the PVC online registration methods to register for their PVC. That is the main reason why we created this post on how to get your permanent Voters Card using the PVC online registration method.


How to check my PVC online

              What is a PVC

PVC stands for Personal Voters Card which is an identity card that is normally issued by the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) to every Nigerian citizen that is between the age of 18 and above. This card makes them eligible to vote in any election in the country.

The PVC stores basic information (Biometric data) about the holder. It is the only proof that you are eligible to vote in Nigeria, which means without you can’t exercise your voting power.


PVC online registration 2023
PVC online registration 2023

So what are you still waiting for, visit the NIMC for your PVC online registration.


How to register your PVC online

Now let’s get to the main reason why you are reading this post, which is to know how to register your PVC online.

The PVC online registration methods which commenced on June 2021, has a deadline and guidelines which must be met. So to ensure a validated registration follow the steps below.


Step 1: Visit the INEC Website

This is the first step to take while registering your PVC online, you will have to visit Inec Registration Portal and select “Get Started”

You will be listed with lots of options on the next page, select “Pre voters registration” This plan is only available to those who have never registered before. But if you have registered already, but have lost your PVC card there is an option to solve such problems.


PVC online registration
PVC online registration


It’s good you know that you are only allowed to register once, failing to adhere to this mere instruction will cause your PVC for voters.

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Step 3: Signup or create a portal account

Before you can move on to registering your PVC online, you will have to either log in if you are already registered. Or better still create one.

Fill in your name, email address, and phone number, and create a password, then click “Submit”. Remember it’s important you fill in an email address you have access to at any time as you will be receiving emails instantly to verify your email.

Open and click the link sent to your email and it will still bring you to the same page, but click on log in this time. You will now land on the declaration page where you will have to confirm all the information you input earlier.


Step: Register

This is considered one of the best methods involved in PVC online registration means of getting your PVC.  Here you will be asked to fill in some space and ensure everything you have written is true and accurate.

Biodata: name, date of birth, gender, occupation, address, NIN, and nationality.
Additional information: level of education, disability, maiden name.
Residence: country of residence, state of residence, LGA or city of residence.
Birth information: country of birth, state of birth, LGA or city of birth.

Origin information: country of origin, state of origin, LGA or city of residence, place of origin (town or village)
Polling unit: This is information about the state, local government and area you want to vote in.


PVC online registration
PVC online registration

Once you have concluded the above form you will have to fix your National identity card on the space provided. Though it’s not mandatory it helps easier identification of the individuals.


Step 4: Upload a photograph 

The fourth step is uploading two good photographs of yourself with you smiling in one of them while being mean in the other one. Select the choose file option to get the best photograph from your phone file manager.

As soon as you click the “Use button” the picture will be resized and uploaded. Make sure the photos are clear and bright.


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Step 5: Schedule an appointment

This is the last but not the least step in registering your PVC online. Here you will have to visit any NIMC office to get your PVC. While going remember to go along with your TVC, which stands for temporary Voters card.

After the previous steps, you will have to wait for the INEC officials to call you to tell you your PVC is ready. This can take between 1 to 3 months.


PVC online registration
PVC online registration



As a voter in Nigeria, you must be present at the voting ground with your PVC issued by the Independent National Electoral Commission to be eligible to vote. Every Nigerian above 18 years should have a voter’s card so that they too can vote.

One of the problems we normally face is how time-wasting and stressful it is to get our voters cards. With the long queue, scorching suns and even rain sometimes. That is the main reason why the INEC chairman has now introduced the PVC online registration method to help you get your PVC easily, faster and at a more convenient place.

PVC online registration method
PVC online registration method

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