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How to download Moya App Sassa 350

How to download Moya App Sassa 350

How to download Moya App Sassa 350

The most recent version of the brand-new instant messaging app “Moya App Sassa” must be downloaded for free on your smartphone and tablet if you are from Africa and searching for or looking for a messaging app. Cause this Moya app can be the best you have ever come across.

This software has been downloaded more than one million times from the network users listed below, and you can easily download and install it on your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play Store, where it is listed in the Communication category. What are you waiting for, why not hurry now to get yours? 


       What is Moya App Sassa

Before we go into details on the main purpose of this post, let’s, first of all, share some basic information about the Moya App This will help give you a better insight into what the app is all about.

Datafree Africa Pty Ltd created and released this brand-new communication app for Android and iOS users who want to exchange free text messages and audio notes without a data plan or Wi-Fi network.


How to download Moya App Sassa 350
How to download Moya App Sassa 350


The new instant messaging programme offers users a slew of online services in addition to text and voice communications, including voice and video calling, updated news, weather updates, online books, online games, and much more.

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  Why download Moya Sassa 350

Just like every other app available for download, the Moya Sassa 350 has some edges and advantages that will prompt you to download it. So read through to know why you should download Moya Sassa.

People adore using this software since it gives them free access to essential functions without using any of their airtime or data balance. This app is currently popular online as a result of these capabilities, and both Android and iOS users have given it positive ratings and reviews


Basic key features of Moya App Sassa 350

1. It quickly locates every person on your contact list who is using this software and atomically syncs you with them.

2. The software is presently only accessible in a few nations. It will eventually spread to other nations though.

3. Work in both online and offline modes to ensure users don’t miss any crucial communications.


How to download Moya App Sassa 350
How to download Moya App Sassa 350

4. When the device is off, all of your messages are likewise saved.


Download Moya App Sassa 350
Download Moya App Sassa 350


5. simple, direct, and packed with features.

6. To use this app, you must register with a mobile number.

7. Use the app for both personal and professional activities without ads.

8. Free to use and download

9. A safe and secure messaging app for iOS and Android users is Moya App Sassa App.

10. It enables users to send unrestricted text and audio communications for no charge across networks or data.

11. Users have found numerous other free internet resources after using this program.

12. superior to other applications for voice and video calls. It alerts users before placing calls because voice and video calls use data.

13. Users can also utilise it to create free group chats with their loved ones.

14. This app provides all of the functionality found in other chat apps, including sharing of documents, movies, images, and locations.

15. to transmit files, papers, and other


How to download, install and create an account with Moya App Sossa 305 on your phone for free

If you want to download this new instant messaging app after learning about all of its capabilities, go to the Google Play store. If a user cannot access something through the Google Play store, they should attempt any reliable third-party website.


How to download Moya App Sassa 350
How to download Moya App Sassa 350


In this article, we have also included a direct download link for this software. It is simple to download and install on your smartphone and tablet using the link provided below. Open the app after installation, then register an account with a working mobile number.

You will receive an OPT code on your phone after making an account that will enable your account. To activate this app, enter the OPT code. Once your account has been activated, you can now utilise all services for no cost.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Below are some of the most asked question on how to download Moya App Sassa 350.


Which Mobile network is working the Moya App Sassa 350

This is one of the most asked question on this topic, so we will be happy to help you find the right answer to the above question.

All Android and iPhone users who are currently usingthee the network provider listed below can use this app easily. This can be done by creating an account with your phone.

  • South Africa MTN, Cell C, Vodacom, Telkom
  • Nigeria MTN, Airtel
  • Cameroon MTN, Airtel
  • Zambia MTN, Airtel
  • Uganda MTN, Airtel


How to download Moya App Sassa 350
How to download Moya App Sassa 350


If you are using this network in Africa, then you can easily download Moya appSassaa 350 on your phone and use it easily.  But without using the above-listed network in the right country. Am sorry, you may not use the app, when you don’t use the app, you can’t enjoy it.

How to download Moya App Sassa 350
How to download Moya App Sassa 350



If you are looking for an app that will help you send free text messages, then download Moya App Sassa 350. It is the latest communication app that allows you to send free voice calls and texts.

If you want to enjoy sending free text and voice calls to your friends and loved ones. Then you should download Moya App Sassa 350.

That’s all on How to download Moya App Sassa 350


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