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How to get Google play store on Iphone 2023

How to get Google play store on Iphone

How to get Google play store on iPhone

Android, the world’s fastest-growing smartphone platform, provides consumers with a tonne of amazing apps and games. But sadly, the Google operating system is incompatible with iOS devices. This brings us to the main reason of these post which is how to get the google play store on iPhone.

On your iPhone, do you wish to use Google Play? It’s not difficult to add a Google account to your phone, but since iOS devices don’t immediately support Android apps from the Play Store, the iPhone can only use Google Play Books and Google Play Movies & TV.

Before you can watch or read it, you must first purchase it from Google Play using an Android or a PC on the website. In addition to showing you how to connect a payment to your Google Play account, make purchases, and which apps you can download and use, this wikiHow article also shows you how to add a Google account to your iPhone.

This post is mostly for people using the latest none google phone such as the Iphone and Amazon fire tablet.


This incompatibility prevents iPhone users from using a variety of fantastic Android utilities. Which is bad.


How to get Google play store on Iphone
How to get Google play store on Iphone


We have a solution if you have an iPhone and wish to play/run an Android game or app on it. To complete the task, all you require is an effective Android emulator for iOS. Learn more about the top-ranked iOS apps for Android emulators in 2023 by reading on

This is good news for all iPhone users as you can now download the Google play store app on your smartphone and still use them to download other apps.


How to download and install google play store on your iPhone and Android 

Not every Android phone comes with the Google play store app, so you will have to download it before you can use it.

Normally, Iphone doesn’t support any Google app, that mean you won’t even have the google play store in your phone. So in order to use the app you will also have to download it. That is what this post is all about how to get the google play store on iPhone.


Follow these steps to download the Google play store on all none google devices.

Visit a reliable website like APKMirror and download the Google Play Store APK there. Then, install the APKMirror-exclusive installation programme (found in the Play Store) or the Play Store using a file browser. Go to the Play Store settings and click the update option to update Google Play.


How to get Google play store on Iphone
How to get Google play store on Iphone


How to get google play store on iPhone in some simple ways 

Before we fully delve into how to get the google play store on iPhone, you should, first of all, know these.

The Google Play Store is where owners of Android smartphones go to find apps and games, just like the App Store is for iOS devices. 

There is no way to use the entire Google Play Store on an iPhone or iPad because Android apps cannot operate on iOS. But the narrative is not over yet. 


Google does provide the Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, and Google Play Books apps for iOS. To access the Google Play content on your iPhone or iPad, download any of these apps. 

  • Many of the top Google Play features are simple to install on your iPhone.
  •  You can download movies, TV series, music, and books using specific Google Play apps on your iPhone.
  • However, you must first purchase this item on an Android phone or desktop computer before downloading it to your iPhone.
  • Google Play cannot be used to install Android apps on an iPhone.
  • Make sure you’ve set up a reliable payment method on your Google account.


Installing the appropriate apps will allow you to access Google Play content that you own on your iPhone:


To see videos from Google play store on your iPhone, download Google Play Movies & TV from the App Store.

Install Google Play Music on your iPhone to listen to music.

To read books, download Google Play Books.


How to get Google play store on Iphone
How to get Google play store on iPhone



The google play store is one of the best places to download your apps, games and other important files. The bad news is that it’s not compatible with the iPhone, so you will have to search for an alternative to this app. Or better still follow the steps listed above to get the app on your IOS phones.


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