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MTN Free data promo codes in 2023

MTN Free data promo codes in 2023

MTN offers one of the best data promos to all of its customers, so if you are not an MTN user then I will say you are missing a lot. With the MTN data promo, you can get as much as 100GB worth of data for free to all of its users.

So, in this post, we will provide you with the best-detailed guide on how to activate the MTN free data promo.

In some of our previous posts, we have been providing you with some detailed information on How to get free data on MTN without recharging.

Here in this post, our main focus is on the latest MTN free data promo codes.


The MTN free data promo code is a list of ussd codes used by all MTN users to get a free data offer. By dialling these simple ussd codes you can get up to 1.5GB to 100GB worth of free data to do anything on the net and social media platforms.

One amazing thing about the MTN free data promo codes is that you can dial the code as much as you want. Meaning its an unlimited free data codes that you can use to get any amount of data you want.

The good news is that this post will be you get one of the best MTN Data cheats.


MTN Free data promo codes
MTN Free data promo codes


Requirements to get the MTN Free data

Not all MTN users are eligible to get this MTN free data plan, before you can access this data plan you must meet the following criteria. Check if you meet any of the requirements listed below.


  • You must be an active MTN user, meaning you must be active with the sim card for at least 3 months before you can get access to the free data.
  • You must use the MTN free data promo codes to activate the free data plan
  • Always have radial the MTN free data promo codes to reactivate the data plan.

If you meet all of these requirements then you are good to get the MTN promo data plan.


How to get 100GB data using the MTN free data promo codes

You can get a whole 100GB on MTN by using the MTN free data promo codes *460*6*1#. You will see a prompt notification requesting for your promo code after you have failed the ussd code. All you should do is simply paste this code 79446 2859S. 

Once you input the coupon code, you will get either a message congratulating you on the successful activation of 1.5GB. Or you get an error message that reads Oops activation of Redeem promotional code plan was not successful.


MTN Free data promo codes
MTN Free data promo codes


How to get MTN 10GB for N100

Don’t get surprise, it is possible to get 5GB worth of data for just N100, you can also get double of it by doubling your recharge. That is you can get 20GB with just N200.

That’s too good to be true, yiu may say but if you are doubting, follow these steps below to activate this plan.

  • Recharge at least N100 on your MTN line if you have insufficient airtime balance.
  • Now dial *123# on your dialer with MTN set as default for calls.
  • You will see a pop-up menu, reply 3, reply 3, reply 6, reply 1 and reply 1 to select MTN Wechat Plan.


Once you are done with the above steps, then you will be credited with a whopping 10GB worth of data.


MTN Free data promo codes
MTN Free data promo codes

To check your MTN free data promo codes balance, you will have to dial *131*4# to confirm your promo data balance.


How Can I get  2GB with the MTN free data promo codes

Once you know the MTN free data promo codes yiu can get 2GB worth of data daily by just using the MTN data cheat code.

To get the 2GB data plans yiu will need to use these ussd codes *567*140#, or *121*1#.


How to get 10GB worth of data plan on MTN 

This is possible with the MTN free data promo codes, you can get 10GB worth of data plans to use in surfing the net.

You can get MTN 10GB free by using the UT Loop Pro VPN to get 500MB data daily continuously for 20 days to get free 10GB data.


How can I get MTN 120GB

How will you feel if you get an amazing 120GB worth of data plan, MTN can make that dream come true as yiu can get the said amount by failing the codes below.

You can activate MTN 120GB cheat by dialling any of the following codes: *343*5*0#, *121*1*1#, 567*59#, and/or *567*2*22#.


How to get free data on MTN

MTN will reward you with 10GB worth of data once you upgrade your line from 3G to 4G. So what are you waiting for, when you can get a free 10GB worth of data by simply upgrading to 4G?



MTN as one of the leading telecommunication companies in Nigeria offers the best network, fast internet and better data plans. This post will help you know some of the best free data promo codes.


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