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How to convert Airtime to Cash 2023

How to convert Airtime to Cash

How to convert Airtime to Cash 2023

Have you ever recharged more than you are supposed to and you fill like returning the airtime? I know that can be so painful cause I have been in such a situation.

Returning the airtime is not the sole solution as you can also convert your airtime to cash. Are you surprised, yes you heard me right. You can now change your Airtime to cash with ease using your smartphone.

Instead of looking for who to sell the airtime to, while not convert it to cash and transfer it into your account.

In this post we will give out the in details the various apps you can use to convert airtime to cash.


Ways to convert Airtime to cash 

Below are the various methods and apps that you can use to convert your airtime to cash without worrying anyone to buy.


1. Tingtel App

The first app used in converting airtime to cash in Nigeria is the Singtel app.

The Tingtel App offers the best rates in Nigeria for selling MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile airtime, and it instantly credits ANY bank account you choose, including those of your friends, family, colleagues, or other individuals you wish to credit money to.


How to convert Airtime to Cash

How to convert Airtime to Cash
How to convert Airtime to Cash


How to use the Tingtel app

This may sound crazy but it’s true with Tingtel you can now sell your unused airtime and get your cash back. How does it work, it’s very simple and fast to use. Below are the steps involved in converting airtime to cash.

  1. Select the line you want to debit and select the amount you want to debit.
  2. You should check the fees, before entering the account number
  3. Make sure you see the correct account name, once you have seen it select “sell airtime”
  4. Your airtime will be transferred to a Tingtel number that is on the same network
  5. Once your airtime has been debited, you will be credited the same amount, which will be transferred to the account you provided. So make sure it’s correct.
  6. This method is simple, fast and reliable. Within three minutes you are done selling your airtime.

Converting airtime to cash with Tingtel App is very simple and fast, so why not try them?

There are lots of other websites available for you to use in converting your airtime to cash.

2. Mintyn app

This is another app that you can use in converting airtime to cash with ease.

The Mintyn app is a new feature that allows users to convert their airtime into cash was introduced by Mintyn Online Bank. For those who regularly use mobile airtime as a form of currency, this feature is a game-changer.


How to convert Airtime to Cash
How to convert Airtime to Cash


The Mintyn Bank App Now Has the Airtime to Cash Feature! You may quickly and easily convert airtime from any network to cash with Airtime to Cash, and the cash will be credited directly to your Mintyn Bank account. Our new feature makes it simple to access the funds you require whenever you require them, whether you need to pay bills, make a purchase, or just need a little extra cash.

How to Convert Airtime to Cash on the Mintyn App

To convert your unused airtime to cash with the Mintyn app, you will have to follow the steps below:

  • Download the Mintyn app on either Android or IOS
  • Simply ov into your Mintyn bank account
  • Select the airtime to the cash option
  • Follow The On-Screen Instructions And Your Funds Will Be Credited To Your Account Fast.
  • That was easy wasn’t it


3. Cheetah pay

Another app you can use in converting airtime to cash is cheap, you can use it to convert airtime of any amount to money.

Follow the steps below to convert airtime to money with Cheetahpay.

How to convert your Airtime back to cash with cheetah app


How to convert Airtime to Cash
How to convert Airtime to Cash


  • If you are new to cheetah pay you will have to sign up for the app
  • Navigate to the deposit button on your dashboard
  • Select a deposit method either airtime transfer or airtime pin
  • Fill out the form correctly
  • If you choose the airtime transfer method, you should manually transfer the airtime
  • Check your cheetah and pay the balance after some seconds
  • Then, you will have to request a withdrawal.


4. Aim to get app

Another easy way to convert your airtime to cash is by using the Aim to Get app. Aim to get just unveiled a quicker method of converting airtime to cash that eliminates the need for manual airtime transfers and a waiting period of minutes before your wallet is charged.

Only the phone number with the airtime and the OTP given to the phone number are needed in order for your wallet to be immediately credited with the airtime value. To convert your airtime back to money you can do so using this app by following the steps below.


How to convert your Airtime to cash using the Aim to get  app

To convert your airtime to cash, you will have to follow the steps below.

  • You will have to register since it’s your first time or log in if you are used to the app
  • Select the “Airtime to cash” and choose the instant option
  • Fill out the form ( your name, number and pin)
  • You will need to input the OTP sent to your number
  • Once you have succeeded in performing all these steps you will be debited while your Aim to get your wallet credited.


How to withdraw your Aim to get funds to your bank account

You have successfully converted your airtime to cash but the problem is how to get the money. That won’t be a problem cause with Aim to get

can withdraw your money from your wallet to your account anytime you wish.


How to convert Airtime to Cash
How to convert Airtime to Cash


To withdraw your cash on your Aim to get a wallet, follow the steps below:

  • Log into the website or mobile app,
  • Input the amount to withdraw
  • Select the bank you want to withdraw to, if you are still new to the app you will need to input your bank details manually.
  • Click on confirm to complete your transaction



Do you over recharge your phone line or you mistakenly transferred a higher amount of airtime to someon?. Don’t panic as there are some easy ways to convert your airtime back to cash.

With the above apps, you can convert your airtime back to cash with ease.



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