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miss georgia scholarship competition 2023

Miss Georgia scholarship competition

miss Georgia scholarship competition

The Miss Georgia Southern University Scholarship Competition has been a Miss Georgia preliminary pageant since it first began in the state many years ago. The scholarship competition is mostly for ladies in their late twenties. 

The winner can later become Miss America after being crowned! Miss Georgia Southern University represents the student body and participates in both on- and off-campus conventional and community events.


About Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition

At the Rivercenter, the Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition got under way on its opening night. One lucky woman will not only have the chance to represent Georgia; Columbus also gains from this three-day event.


The Miss Georgia 2023 competition features 56 young ladies, and the Miss Georgia Teen 2023 competition features 36 young women. All 92 of these women are vying for a scholarship for higher education.


No one who wants to participate is exempt from attending at least one information session and submitting an application.


miss georgia scholarship competition
Miss Georgia scholarship competition



To be eligible for the Miss Georgia scholarship competition, you must first meet the following criteria.

  • Must be physically present in Georgia Southern University classes both before and during the competition, and enrolled in at least 12 hours of credit. You must be registered for six or more credits if you are a graduate student.
  • must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.
  • By the start of the competition, entrants must have finished at least one semester of full-time study at Georgia Southern University.
  • must maintain a clean academic and disciplinary record with the university.
  • If chosen as Miss Georgia Southern University, you are required to attend Miss Georgia Forum Weekend.
  • must not reach the age of 25 while serving the year.
  • Must be a citizen of the United States, as stipulated by the Miss America Organisation.
  • woman (gender). neither pregnant nor trying to get pregnant
  • Must not have had more than one minor or trivial offence filed against them in the last 24 months.
  • Must not have ever been convicted of a crime and must not be currently facing any criminal charges.
  • Must attend at least one information session.
  • Complete the application, contract, etc., and deliver it to the Office of Student Activities before the deadline stated in the announcement.


miss georgia scholarship competition
Miss Georgia scholarship competition


The benefit of the Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition to the Society

Many families will travel to the Valley to support these women, which will increase local businesses’ revenue.


“It has a good economic impact or benefits for the community because of hotel stays; because of the dollars that people would spend in restaurants; other money that they would spend on shopping; transportation; that sort of thing; so it all adds up and generally presents a really good economic plus; impact; for the community.”


This Year Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition

The Miss Georgia Pageant, now in its 78th year, has always taken place in Columbus. One of the event’s organisers, Billy Kendall, claims that the contest is comparable to a job application.


Naturally, with that comes representing the community that they are a part of. In addition, Kendall noted that by representing the state and all the young women, they serve as role models for other young women and, in fact, the present and future generations of our kids.


Miss Georgia scholarship competition
Miss Georgia scholarship competition


The winner of this contest will represent both Miss America and Miss America Teen. On June 15, the preliminary competition will resume in Columbus at 7 o’clock.


Get more information about the Miss Georgia scholarship competition



As an American lady in her late twenties, you can apply for the Miss Georgia Scholarship competition to stand a chance to be Miss America. You can even receive a scholarship to further your education.


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