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DSTV Compact Channels List 2023

DSTV Compact Channels List

DSTV Compact Channels List 2023

Looking for real entertainment, why not subscribe to the DSTV Compacts to get the best of premier league matches and WWE?

If you subscribe to the DSTV Impact you will ne able to watch all premier league matches, WWE matches and lots of blockbuster movies you love. You also get a wide range of local and international channels, such as entertainment, reality, news, music and lifestyle channels.


       About DSTV/ Compact packages

DStv, a significant satellite television provider in Sub-Saharan Africa, GOtv, a smaller service available in more than nine of these nations, and Showmax are all run by MultiChoice, a South African corporation.

MultiChoice, which distributes all M-Net channels on the DStv service, was created from the subscriber-management division of the M-Net terrestrial pay television corporation.

The same-named media company is the owner of MultiChoice. DStv formerly, formerly known as DStv App, is a subsidiary of MultiChoice that offers television transmission on mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and notebooks.


DSTV Compact

You get access to a huge selection of programmes and hours of fun with the DStv Compact package plan.


DSTV Compact Channels List
DSTV Compact Channels List


Animal and environment lovers can enjoy channels like Animal Planet and National Geographic, while entertainment fans can watch premium channels like M-Net Action and M-Net Series as part of the DStv Compact package.

A variety of lifestyle, news, music, television shows, kids’, religious, and interactive channels are also included in the DStv Compact package

The DSTV compact bouquet gives you access to over 130+ TV DSTV channels with two extra sports channels. These channels include SuperSport 7 and 10. As said earlier this package offers sports lovers premium access to more sporting events. This packages cost N10500 Per month.


What you get with DSTV Compact

  • All kids and educational channels
  • Best local and international news
  • Dedicated channel for WWE wrestling
  • Local entertainment.
  • Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup
  • International and Nigerian movies, series and reality shows


DSTV Compact Channel list
DSTV Compact Channels list


DSTV Compact Monthly subscription package bonus

If you subscribe to the DSTV Compact, you will enjoy all of these benefits;

  • month to month subscription
  • 130+ channels
  • 20 HD channels
  • 11 Audio channels
  • Showmax at no extra cost
  • Watch on up to three decoders and 2 streaming devices
  • Live TV and on-demand content available online
  • Download shows to your smartphone and tablet.


DSTV Compact Channels list and their Channel numbers

Below are the list of DSTV Compact Channels.list and their channels numbers;

DSTV Compact Channel list
DSTV Compact Channels list



With DSTV Compact you can get a whole lots of amazing movie channels both local and international for your entertainment. Check out the list of Dstv compact channels list.

  • KIX (channel 114)
  • Studio Universal (channel 112)
  • TNT Africa (Channel 137)
  • Africa Magic Epic (channel 152)
  • ROK (channel 168)



With DSTV compact you can get a lot of entertainment channels to enjoy with your family. Chang’s for both young and old.

  • Africa Magic Igbo (channel 159)
  • BBC Brit (channel 120)
  • Vuzu (channel 116)
  • MTV (channel 130)
  • Discovery TLC Entertainment (channel 135)
  • TLNovelas (channel 133)
  • Africa Magic Urban (Channel 153)
  • Africa Magic Family (channel 154)
  • Africa Magic Hausa (channel 156)
  • Africa Magic Yoruba (channel 157)


News and Commerce

With some news channels to get to know the latest happening around your area.

  • CNN International (Channel 401)
  • Sky News (channel 402)
  • News Central (channel 422).


DSTV Compact Channels List
DSTV Compact Channels List

Kids and Teens

There are lots of amazing channels for your kids to enjoy during the weekend and on holidays. The Teens are not left out, as we have lots of creative channels for all.

  • Nickelodeon (channel 305)
  • Nick Jr (channel 307)
  • Nicktoons (channel 308)
  • Disney Junior (channel 309)
  • Moonbug Kids (channel 314)
  • Boomerang (channel 302)
  • Disney Channel (channel 303)
  • Cartoon Network (channel 301)



For all sports lovers, the DSTV offers amazing 11 channels to watch your favourite football, basketball and even tennis matches.

  • SS Football Nigeria (channel 205)
  • SS Variety 2 (channel 207)
  • SS Variety 3 (channel 208)
  • SS Variety 4 (channel 209)
  • ESPN (Channel 218)
  • SS Motorsport (channel 215)
  • SS Football Plus Nigeria (channel 202)
  • SS Premier League Nigeria (channel 203)
  • SS BLITZ (channel 200)
  • SS La Liga Nigeria (channel 204)



Lists of DSTV Compact channels

This a well-arranged row of the DSTV Compact Channels.


Nigerian Channels Only on DStv

Africa Magic Showcase HD (151)
Africa Magic Epic (152)
Africa Magic Urban (153)
Africa Magic Family (154)
Africa Magic Hausa (156)
Africa Magic Yoruba (157)
Africa Magic Igbo (159)
ROK 3 (164)
ROK (168)
ROK 2 (169)

POP Central (189)

Spice TV (190)
Televista (194)
Trybe (195)
ONMAX (257)
HIP TV (324)
Sound City (327)


DSTV Compact Channels List
DSTV Compact Channels List

General Entertainment

1 Magic HD (103)
M-Net City (115)
VUZU (116)
Universal TV (117)
BBC Brit (120)
E! Entertainment (124)
FOX (125)
FOX Life (126)
WWE Channel HD (128)
BET (129)
MTV (130)

Lifetime Entertainment (131)
CBS Reality (132)
Africa Magic Showcase HD (151)
Africa Magic Urban (153)
Africa Magic Family (154)
Africa Magic Hausa (156)
Africa Magic Yoruba (157)
Africa Magic Igbo (159)
ROK 3 (164)
ROK 2 (169)
Televista (194)
Trybe (195)


Telemundo (118)
EVA (141)
EVA + (142)
Zee World (166)
Star Life (167)

Movie Channels

M-NET Movies 3 (107)
Studio Universal HD (112)
TNT Africa (137)
Africa Magic Epic (152)
ROK (168)
B4U Movies (451)

Documentary Lifestyle and Education Channels

Discovery Channel HD (121)
Discovery TLC Entertainment HD (135)
Discovery Family HD (136)
Real-Time (155)
CBS Justice (170)
Discovery ID HD (171)
BBC Lifestyle (174)
Food Network (175)
Fashion One (178)

National Geographic Channel (181)
NatGeo Wild (182)
CuriosityStream (185)
The History Channel (186)
Spice TV (190)


DSTV Compact Channels List
DSTV Compact Channels List

Sports Channels

WWE Channel HD (128)
SuperSport Blitz (200)
SuperSport Football Plus (202)
SuperSport Premier League (203)
SuperSport La Liga (204)
SuperSport Football (205)
SuperSport Variety 1 (206)
SuperSport Variety 2 (207)
SuperSport Variety 3 (208)
SuperSport Variety 4 (209)
ESPN (218)
ESPN 2 (219)

Kids and Teens Channel

Cartoon Network (301)
Boomerang (302)
Disney Channel (303)
Disney Channel XD (304)
Nickelodeon (305)
Cbeebies (306)
NickJr (307)
Nicktoons (308)
Disney Junior (309)
Jim Jam (310)
PBS Kids (313)
Da Vinci Learning (318)
Mindset (319)

And lots more interesting Channels only on the DSTV Compact package



To enjoy an amazing moment with your family and friends, subscribe to the DSTV compact plus. With DStv Compact Plus Package, You can get over 155+ TV and 52 Audio channels of the best in local TV on Compact Plus


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