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How to get Free Data on MTN without recharging

How to get free data on MTN

How to get Free Data on MTN without recharging

For long We have been giving you some important airtime and data cheat that will help you. Today we even bring to you a data cheat that will blow your mind.

Have you been hearing people talk about how to get free data on MTN even without you having to recharge your line. That is true, cause there some mobile tips and tricks that will help you to get a huge data plan from MTN even without you having to recharge your MTN line.

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In this post we will teach you how to get a free  data on MTN in the range of 20GB, 20GB, 4GB and even 1GB. Just sit tight as we will help you in partaking in this MTN free data packages. See How to use MTN free data in 2023


About Free data on MTN package

Just like every other network provider in Nigeria, MTN offers you a chance to get a huge Free data plan. You don’t need to do much to get this data plan. You can activate this MTN data plan by performing a simple task.


The MTN free data packages is simply a data plan that you can get freely from MTN either for recharging your line to some certain amount. But this free data plan in this post is not about recharging your line. You just get it freely for doing some free stuff.

How to get free data on MTN
How to get free data on MTN

This free data plan is a gift from your network provider without payment just for a recognised effort. Though some of these plan are used for all internets activity valid for a period of time. While some are designed to ne used only on social media apps, just read on as we show you how to get free data on MTN without recharging.

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How to get MTN free data 

There are many ways in which you can  an MTN-free data some of them include:

  • Trick and Tweak
  • Free data Gift
  • Promo and codes
  • Free days reward

These are the methods by which you can get a free MTN data plan.


Who is eligible for MTN free data packages

You have been hearing others dating get a free MTN data plan, and you keep wondering if you are going to get yours. You should know that for you to qualify for the MTN free data you should be sure you are eligible.

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To enjoy the MTN free data packages you must meet the following criteria, to be able to benefit from the MTN free data, check out if you qualify for any of these:

  1. Ensure you have an active MTN sim that has been active for the last three month
  2. Have a VPN
  3. Have friends that use the MTN network
  4. You should be on the right data plan or starting to enjoy the MTN free data plan.

Once you meet the above criteria, you can now have access to the MYN free data plan. Either 1GB, GB, 3GB, 4GB and the rest of other free data plan.


 MTN Free Data Gift

1. Festive Period Free MTN data packages

During some festive seasons, MTN does offer free data gifts to most of its users in Nigeria. Seasons like Christmas and Eid are the most celebrated religious seasons, so MTN tries to reward their users with a free data plan during this season.

This data gift is valid for 24 hours and can be used to access all internet activity for 1 day.

MTN has been giving out free data options to their users, on the 8th of August 2021 MTN gave out a free 200MB to its customers. This was to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

To confirm your data bonus gift simply dial * 131*4#.

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2. MTN 1GB Free Data

Do you know that you can get 1024MB worth of free data on MTN if you switch to your old MTN unused sim card? This means, if you have any MTN sim that you have not had for quite some time, you can now insert the sim to your phone to get a whole 1024 worth of data package.


Once you insert the sim card into your phone dial *131*4# and press send, you will instantly get a free 1GB data plan valid between 24 hours to 7 days.

This data plan is a reward from MTN for tour sim been inactive for quite a long time. So, if you have an MTN sim you are not using, you can now insert it into your phone and get this huge 1GB worth of data from MTN.


3. MTN 4GB Free data 

If you are looking for how to get free data on MTN, then this is another great opportunity to get a huge 4GB worth of data without stress.


One option to receive free data is to download and register on the MTN My app, but you can also get free data by upgrading your MTN sim from 3g to 4g.  MTN will give you 4GB of free data when you update your sim to 4g for a month.

How to get free data on MTN
How to get free data on MTN

You might find it hard to believe, but I have witnessed a tonne of people that receive this free data. Since MTN launched 4G, this promotion has been running. It is still running now. You may always upgrade your sim from 3G to 4G by walking to any MTN store and getting free data


4. MTN 50MB Daily

Another method on how to get free data on MTN is by making the opera mini app your default browser. Or you can still use it occasion to enjoy a 50MB worth of data on a daily basis.

This data plan only works on Opera Mini, it’s small, but can be used in checking minor queries and research.

To access this data plan, just ON your data and enter your Opera mini or Opera news app and get yourself a 50MB worth of data. Just a simple method for getting 50MB.


5. MTN Free 4GB Youtube plan

This plan is good for all YouTubers and people who loves streaming videos on Youtube. If you like watching Youtube tutorials, then I think you should activate this plan.

To get this free YouTube plan, you should first of all be used to some specific weekly and monthly data plan. To activate the MTN 4GB Youtube plan, dial *131*1# and choose free youtube plan.

Looking for how to get free Data on MTN for youtube tutorials, then you should try activating the MTN free 4GB Youtube.


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This iss a comprehensive guide on how to get free data on MTN without doing many tasks. With all these steps listed above you will learn how to get free data on MTN.

How to get free data on MTN
How to get free data on MTN


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