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GoTv jinja channels list 2024

GOtv Jinja channels list

GoTv jinja channels list 2024

Are you a GOtv user? do you wish to get the best channels on your GOtv? then you have to upgrade to GOtv Jinja amd enjoy the best GOtv experience with these GOtv Jinja channels list.

With lots of exciting channels available on GOtv Jinja, if you are interested in upgrading, this post is made specifically for you to help you upgrade your GOtv subscription to GOtv Jinja.

Get the best of your GOtv decoder by subscribing to the GOtv Jinja, with the latest upgraded GOtv Jinja channel list, you have access to lots of fun pack TV shows, live matches and even lots of action movies to keep your family together

GOtv Jinja is a subscription GOtv bouquet that is available to all GOtv users in Nigeria and the whole of Africa. With lots of interesting shows, movies and even live match at an affordable price. Why dulling, when you can upgrade to the latest GOtv Jinja and enjoy lots of benefits

About GOTv Jinja

Gotv has lots of interesting subscription plans that you can benefit from. But the GOtv Jinja is a middle class GOtv subscription that offers some of the basic family entertainment needs.

With lots of interesting channels the GOtv Jinja seems to be an interesting, affordable and reliable GOtv plan to keep your family entertained in this festive season.

GOtv Jinja channels list
GOtv Jinja channels list

Why break your bank account subscribing to other low value subscribtion on other platform when you can get it cheap with GOtv Jinja.

How much is GOtv Jinja subscription 

Gotv Jinja is the best value for you money since you will enjoy lots of live match, action packed movies and even more added carton channels for your children.

Wondering how much this GOtv Jinja subscription is, you have nothing to worry with as little as ₦3,300 per months you are good to enjoy all the benefits of using GOtv Jinja.

In the world of quality entertainment GoTV stand out as one of the leading platform in Nigeria. With a wide range of channels to entertain it’s customers, this has earned them a spot as the viewers choice.

With Gotv you can keep the whole family entertained, from daddy’s sports channels to mummy’s  Africa magic, big brothers MTV base and even juniors Nickelodeon.

Holiday is here and Gotv has a plan for everyone, both the old and young, why not subscribe today and enjoy like never before with the GOTV non-stop entertainment. You won’t get bored this holiday season as GOtv is here to entertain you with their latest Channels available only on GOtv Jinja.

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That is why we bring to you the Gotv jinja channels list and it’s  price in Nigeria.

GOtv Jinja channels list
GOtv Jinja channels list

This post is aimed to help you know the GOtv channels available on GOtv Jinja bouquet. So if you are new to the GOtv world this post will help put you through the latest GOtv Jinja channel lists.


              Facts About GOTV 

Gotv is a popular digital television services which has emerged as a reliable and affordable source of entertainment for every household in Nigeria.

With lots of channels to thrill their customers, Gotv is a must have for every family. Before we discussed about the Gotv jinja channels list, let’s first of all take a close look at the lists of channels offered by Gotv.

Gotv Jinja channels list 

Below are the lists of amazing channels available on your GOTv Jinja subscription plan, if you are interested, just visit any MultiChoice office near you.


  1. GOtv Basics:
    • GOtv, a subsidiary of Multichoice, offers a variety of channels through its digital platform.
    • Subscribers can access an extensive range of content, including news, sports, movies, documentaries, and more.
    • Entertainment for Everyone:
    • GOtv channels are curated to appeal to diverse tastes and preferences.
    • From family-friendly channels to those dedicated to sports enthusiasts or movie buffs, there’s something for everyone.
  1. News and Information:
    • Stay informed with a selection of news channels covering local and international events.
    • Access to credible news sources ensures that subscribers are well-informed about current affairs.
  2. Sports Extravaganza:
    • Sports fans can rejoice with a dedicated lineup of channels featuring live matches, analysis, and exclusive content.
    • GOtv ensures that subscribers don’t miss out on the thrill of their favorite sports.
  3. Movie Magic:
    • Sports fans can rejoice with a dedicated lineup of channels featuring live matches, analysis, and exclusive content.
    • GOtv ensures that subscribers don’t miss out on the thrill of their favorite sports.
  1. Movie Magic:
    • Dive into the world of cinema with channels showcasing blockbuster movies, classic films, and original content.
    • The diverse movie channels on GOtv cater to various genres, ensuring a cinematic experience for all
  2. Kids Corner
  3. Educational content
  4. Interactive features

The above listed channels genres are available on your GoTv decoder.

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About Gotv channels lists and prices

GOTV jinja is one of the low budgets packages available on the GOtv platform. This package provides you with a full list of interesting channels at a low considering price.

With GoTv jinja you will get a greater value for your money and have flexible payment options.

GOtv Jinja channels list
GOtv Jinja channels list

With GoTv jinja you can get a whole lots of 57+ exciting channels with TV and 2 audio channels. Though you will be missing out on some channels such as the Zee world channels. But never mind cause you will still get other interesting channels. See How to upgrade to Gotv jinja

What you will get with GoTV Jinja

When you subscribe to the GoTv jinja bouquets, you will have lots of interesting channels at your plan. And here are the Gotv jinja channels list for all jinja subscribers.

Below are the channel categories you will get on Gotv ninja

  • 47 channels
  • 2 kids channels
  • 1 Music Channel
  • 4 Religious channels
  • 1 Documentary channel
  • 6 News channels
  • 2 Sport Channels
  • 2 Audio Channels
  • 2 1ocal Channels
  • 7 General Entertainment Channels

With just N2,900 you can get this whole lot of entertaining channels.


How much is the GoTv Jinja price

With all these exciting channels you may think you should break your bank account to subscribe to the channel bouquet.

Let me shock you,  with just as low as N3,300 per month you can have access to the full GoTv jinja channels list.

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GoTV Jinja Channels List 

Below are the list of available GoTv jinja Channels list you can enjoy once you subscribed to the bouquets


1. Kids Channels on Gotv Jinja Channels list

  • Jim Jam (channel 61)
  • Nickelodeon (channel 62)


2. Movie Channel on GoTv jinja Channels list

  • Africa Magic Epic (channel 9)


3. Local Channels on GoTv jinja Channels list

  • Tiwa n Tiwa (channel 111)
  • R2TV (channel 112)
  • RAVE (channel 113)
  • NTA2 (channel 114)
  • LAGOS TV (channel 90)
  • NTA International (channel 91)
  • SILVERBIRD (channel 92)
  • AIT (channel 93)
  • ONMAX (channel 96)
  • EBS (channel 104)
  • BCOS (channel 105)
  • iTV Benin (channel 107)
  • BISCON TV (108)
  • Liberty TV (channel 110)
  • Wazobia TV (channel 98)
  • Galaxy TV (channel 99)
  • OGTV (channel 100)
  • Arewa 24 (channel 101)
  • WAP TV (channel 102)
  • RSTV (channel 103)
  • Sunna TV (channel 84)


4. Audio Channels on GoTv jinja Channels list

  • Naija FM (channel 301)
  • Wazobia FM (channel 303).


5. Religious Channels on Gotv Jinja channels list

  • FAITH (channel 80)
  • ISLAM CHANNEL (channel 81)
  • Emmanuel TV (channel 82)
  • Dove TV (channel 83)


6. News Channels on Gotv jinja channels list 

  • Al Jazeera (channel 40)
  • Arise News (channel 44)
  • TVC News Nigeria (channel 45)
  • NTA News 24 (channel 46)
  • Channels Television (channel 48)
  • NTA Parliament (channel 115)
GOtv Jinja channels list
GOtv Jinja channels list

9. Documentary Channel on Gotv Jinja Channels list

  • Spice TV (channel 10)


10. General entertainment Channels

  • Africa Magic Hausa (channel 4)
  • Africa Magic Yoruba (channel 5)
  • Africa Magic Igbo (channel 11)
  • Real Time (channel 12)
  • E! Entertainment (channel 26)
  • TVC Entertainment (channel 27)
  • Trybe (channel 97)


11. Music Channels on GoTv Jinja Channels list 

  • Sound City (channel 75)

Why subscribe to GOtv Jinja

Many people will have different reasons to subscribe to GOtv Jinja, but here are the main reasons why you should subscribe to this plan.

  • It’s cheap
  • It’s affordable
  • Has lots of interesting channels
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Entertainment for every one

Can I watch BBNaija with the GOtv subscription

This is for all BB Naija lovers, who wished to continue watching their latest episodes and shows of the BB Naija. Unfortunately, with the GOtv Jinja subscription you can’t watch the BB Naija when they resumed this year.

There are are other interesting channels you can watch while subscribed to the GOtv Jinja.

Does GOtv Jinja have Zee World

No, the GOtv Jinja subscription doesn’t show the India movie channels which is Zee world. You can only access this channel by upgrading to a higher package like GoTv jolli.


How to subscribe to the GoTv Jinja Bouquet

Subscribing to the GoTV ninja packaged is much easier and cheaper, since it’s the second most affordable GoTv packages available on the Gotv platform.

GOtv Jinja channels list
GOtv Jinja channels list

There are many methods you can use in subscribing to this GoTv packages, which includes:

  1. GoTv app method
  2. Going to their Office ( USSD Method)
  3. Online method


1. USSD code method

This is one of the simplest method of subscribing to the Gotv jinja packages. But it’s also the most time consuming and stressed method. Which is why we prefer the other methods.

To subscribe to the GoTV jinja using the ussd ode method, you will have to follow the steps below:

  • On your Gotv decoder copy the “IUC” number on the red sticker under your decoder.
  • Write out the IUC number, phone number and the name you used in purchasing the GOTv.
  • Take it to any GOTv or Multichoice office near your location.
  • Ensure you go with the N2,900 subscription fee
  • Give to any of the attendant to help you activate your decoder using the IUC numbers
  • And make sure yourGotv is turned on in this process.

This is the method used in subscribing to your GoTv jinja using your Iuc numbers.


2. GoTv App method

Another easy method of subscribing to the Gotv jinja packages is by using the GoTV app. This method is quite simple and less demanding. Meaning you don’t have to stress yourself going to their outlet.

You can activate your decoder from the comfort of your home, using your smartphone.


GOTV jinja channels list
GOTV jinja channels list


Here are the methodsinvolvede in subscribing to your Gotv decoder using the Gotv Mobile app

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The Gotv jinja is the second cheapest GOtv package available on the Gotv platforms.

It has lots of interesting channels to help keep your family entertained on this festive season. With over 57 entertaining channels, GOtv Jinja is a sure subscription plan for every GOtv users.

You can subscribe to it since it’s affordable and has some of the most entertaining channels.


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