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How to use MTN data bonus in 2023

How to use your MTN data bonus

How to use MTN data bonus in 2023

The credit you utilise for calls and SMS is the only source of MTN’s airtime bonuses. Data bonuses are a result of your data consumption and might only apply to certain browsers or social media platforms. The extra data can be used to extend your online time. Here’s how to view and make good use of your MTN data bonus.


Have you received data bonuses from MTN so frequently that you are unable to use them all for browsing and are now considering how to make them? good use of it?


After that, you’re considering how to use the MTN data bonus. You’ve come to the perfect place because I’ll explain all you need to know about using your data bonus.


MTN code to check bonus data balance

MTN code for data bonus balance checks To check your MTN bonus data balance, enter *559*65#. From one am until seven am, bonuses on MTN data packages are valid. There are more choices on *556# to verify information like the total bonus, the earliest bonus expiration date, and the expiration date (for example, *559*43#).

How to use your MTN data bonus
How to use your MTN data bonus


How to use your MTN Data Bonus

In this section, we will cover the best possible ways to make use of your data bonus on MTN as contained n the message. The message clearly explained everything on how to use the data such as date, time day or night and the amount you can consume.


You can either make use of your bonus data in the following way;

  • Converting the Data bonus to airtime
  • Converting the data bonus to data on MTN.


How to convert MTN data bonus to data

There are four easy ways to convert the bonus to data on MTN: Call MTN service number 136 and follow the prompts to convert the MTN airtime bonus to data.

Dial USSD code *136# and follow the prompts. Speak to a customer care representative by calling 180 (MTN Customer Care number). Search for the closest MTN Service Centre in Nigeria and go there for more assistance.


How to convert Airtime bonus to data on MTN

Since you cannot transfer the MTN airtime to another phone, then the best option is to convert it to data. Once you have converted it to data, you can then use it to surf the net.

Unfortunately, On MTN, you cannot exchange your airtime bonus for data. The data bonus is for browsing, however, the airtime bonus is only for calls and SMS. On some MTN tariff plans, you can immediately use your airtime or credit bonus as data.

How to use your MTN data bonus
How to use your MTN data bonus


How to transfer data bonus on MTN

By dialling *123*3# followed by the number 7, you can send data to another MTN number. Please be aware that you cannot transfer the MTN data incentive to another line. If you aren’t utilising it, you must let it expire.


How to check my bonus data balance on MTN

Check your data balance and amazing deals by dialling the MTN code *142#. Dial *559*65# to verify the status of your data bonus. 



You can subscribe to MTN Nigeria for affordable airtime and bonus data packages, including phone calls, calls and for Internet use.


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on how to use the MTN data bonus.


How to use your MTN data bonus
How to use your MTN data bonus

How to recharge for the MTN data bonus

There is no best way to recharge your MTN data bonus. You can only boost your airtime bonus by using more MTN airtime for calls and SMS, and boost your data bonus by using more MTN data. Get more details here How to check MTN data bonus


Now that you know how to do it, you may instruct someone else. I hope you learned something new regarding the airtime and data perks offered by this company


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