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Glo data plan 200 for 1GB

Glo data plan 200 for 1GB

Do you know that with just N200 you can get a cool 1GB data plan to surf the net with?

Do this correctly. You may certainly get various data plans in Nigeria for a respectable price. It depends on your preferences, how much you recharge, and whether you qualify to purchase a data plan.


In this post, You’ll receive the quick ussd code to sign up for the Glo 1GB plan for 200 Naira only in a few seconds.


     About Glo

Globacom Limited is an international telecommunications firm with its main office in Lagos. On August 29, 2003, GLO, a privately held telecommunications provider, began operations.


Glo is Sub-Saharan Africa’s fastest-growing telecommunications provider. Globacom offers top-notch, cutting-edge technology and creates telecom solutions that are tailored to the requirements of different publics, regardless of size.

By being the first to offer 4G service and per-second charge, it completely changed the telecoms sector. Glo offers a wide range of low-cost data to its customers, the reason they are known as the Grandmasters of data.

Glo data plan 200 for 1GB
Glo data plan 200 for 1GB


About Glo data plan 200 for 1GB

Glo is known for delivering the cheapest data plan to its customers in Nigeria and outside. They introduced this Glo 200 for 1 GB data plan for those who need a low-budget data plan.


This plan is suitable for low-data users who don’t necessarily need much data to use for the day. As the plan is valid for 1 day you will have the chance to use it as you wish for the 1 day, make sure it does not exceed the 1 day period.

Read down to get the activation code to get this low-budget data plan.


Who is eligible for the N200 for 1GB

To be eligible for this Glo data plan you must first of all dial the activation code “777” to be able to access this plan.

You must have an active Glo sim that has been in active use for three months. You also need to have up to N200 on your airtime account to enable you to get this plan.


How to Activate the 200 for 1GB 

To subscribe to this Glo data plan is quite easy and simple, there are two steps involved in activating this plan. You can use the manual method or go with the ussd code method.


Below are the methods used in activating the Glo data plan 200 for 1GB.

  • Simply dial *777*1*1*2*5*1# on your phone dialer app.
Glo data plan 200 for 1GB
Glo data plan 200 for 1GB

You will get a notification indicating that you have activated the Glo 200 for 1GB. You need to ensure you have up to N200 on your airtime account.


You can also get this Glo data plan by using the ussd code method, which is considered the simplest. To get this data plan to follow the steps below;

  • Simply dial *777#
  • Reply 1 to select “Buy Data”.
  • Reply 1 to select “Buy Data Plan”.
  • Next, Reply 2 to select “One-Off Purchase” or Reply 1 to select “Auto-Renew”.
  • Reply 5 to select “Special Data Offer”.
  • Reply 1 to select “Special Plans”.


If you are looking for how to activate this plan, dial *777 on your phone and follow the prompt messages. Note, there are no restrictions to activating this Glo data plan.


    Glo Data Plan Validity

Depending on the plan you choose, every Glo data plan has its validity periods. It all depends on the plan you go for and the subscription amount.

In this post, we will give you details of most of the widely subscribed Glo data plans and their validity period.

  • The Glo 1GB For 200 Naira is valid for 1 day. Now updated to N300 and lasts valid for 3 days.
  • 2GB For N500 is valid for 2 days.
  • 7GB for N1500 is valid for 7 days.


How to check Glo 200 for 1GB data balance

Most time overlooked this step, even though it’s necessary to keep an eye on our data balance to avoid misusing our data on the wrong stuff.

Glo data plan 200 for 1GB
Glo data plan 200 for 1GB


Do you wish to check your Glo data plan balance, then you should consider using the ussd code “*777#, to check your Glo data plan balance.



Knowing the best Glo data plan to suit your style will help you buy the best data plan for your use.

This post will help you learn how ro activate the Glo 200 for 1GB data plan.


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