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6 Loan App without BVN in Nigeria

Loan App without BVN in Nigeria

6 Loan App without BVN in Nigeria 

In need of cash to meet your financial needs? Want to get an instant loan without inputting your BVN or giving out collateral? This may sound impossible, but you can now access a quick loan without providing any of those.


The good news is you can now get access to quick loans in Nigeria without stress from various financial institutions. Here we will provide you with the latest apps to borrow cash from without inputting your BVN. See How to check Airtime balance on 9mobile 2023



         What is BVN

Each individual within the Nigerian banking sector has unique 11

digit identifying number known as the Bank Verification Number (BVN).

This biometric identification system was put in place by the Central Bank of Nigeria to stop and reduce unauthorized banking activities there. In essence, it secures banking transactions by lowering fraud as modern security mechanism.


Loan App without BVN
Loan App without BVN

Your BVN number must at all times be kept secure and secret. This is due to the possibility that some illicit loan apps will try to use it fraudulently. Therefore, you should generally use caution while launching your BVN on certain platform


Latest loan app without BVN in Nigeria

Looking for the best way to borrow money without worrying about BVN and collateral. Then this post covers the best 6 loan app without BVN in Nigeria.


1.OKash Loan App

If you are looking for the best and most reliable online loan app to borrow money from, then consider the Okash Loan App.


Another trustworthy and well-liked platform for borrowing loans is the Okash lending app. Opay Digital Services Limited/Paycom controls the Opay mobile app, through which you can access this platform.

However, Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Ltd. is the exclusive owner and operator of OKash.


2. FairMoney Loan App

Another reliable and trusted loan app without BVN in Nigeria is the FairMoney Loan app.

Without requiring your BVN, supporting documents, collateral, or guarantor, the FairMoney lending platform may provide you with immediate cash for any of your financial needs. This app allows you to borrow between N1,000 and N150,000 with to 12-week repayment schedule.

Depending on your creditworthiness, you can borrow certain amount of money.

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3. Jumiaone Loan app

Jumiaone loan app is one of the trending and trusted loan app without BVN in Nigeria at the moment. They give you access to quick loan at your convenience.


Loan App without BVN in Nigeria
Loan App without BVN in Nigeria

They are one of the trending, dependable and legitimate lending apps that you can use without entering your BVN is JumiaOne.

You just need to scroll down to the “Financial Services” area and select “Loans” to get loans on this app.

Your loan will be available to you in matter of minutes after you have provided all the necessary information. Get more legit Loan app


4.Aella Credit Loan App

Aella credit loan app is one of the best loan app even in Nigeria as far as a fast and reliable loan is needed.


Another trustworthy website where you can obtain loans without BVN is Aella Credit. 

This customer-focused digital lending business provides customers with loans starting at N2,000 and up to N1,000,000. Additionally, their processing time does not take too long. Your account will be credited within 10 minutes of submitting your loan application.


5. Carbon (Paylater) Loan App

One more app you can rely on is Carbon, formerly known as Paylater.


It provides more than simply instant loans and is owned by One Finance Investment Limited. Aside from the fact that you may easily obtain loans with tenor of between and 180 days and value of N5000 to N1,000,000, the site pays your loan promptly.

They will credit your account minutes after you submit your application to the portal.


6. Eyowo Loan App

Eyowo provides straightforward, digital, and trustworthy financial services to everyone with simply phone number.


On our ranking of Nigerian instant loan apps without BVNs, it comes in at number five. loan is also not subject to documentation or collateral requirements.


Your Eyowo account number is your phone number. Just eliminate the first zero. Avoid spending lot of time in banking hall to save time.


By using the USSD code *4255# on their mobile phones, using the Eyowo mobile app or website, or by calling the IVR center at 01-7001511, users can borrow, spend, send, receiveand save money.

Loan App without BVN
Loan App without BVN


Can I borrow money without BVN in Nigeria

Yes, you can borrow as much money as you want without having to provide your BVN to anyone. You may be wondering if its possible to get a quick loan in Nigeria without having to input your BVN and other important documents as collateral.


With the above listed loan app without BVN you can get quick access to loan with ease.



To receive loan from lending institution that does not require BVN, borrower must provide guarantees or collateral.

You can now get access to loan without inputting your BVN and other required documents as collateral. Using the above online apps, you can access to up to 1,000,000 Naira loan through the various loan app listed above.

The borrower’s profile, income, and solvency are still taken into account when approving an unsecured loan.

 Loan App without BVN in Nigeria
Loan App without BVN in Nigeria

The lender must confirm your ability to borrow money and pay it back.


        Can I get my BVN online

Yes, you can get your BVN online with ease, but it must be from the bank that you opened your account with. Don’t worry cause even without a BVN you can still get access to real time loan from some loan app.


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