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Glo Network Problem Today 2023

Glo Network Problem Today 2023

Are you having a problem connecting to the internet, as this is one of the problems every Glo subscriber experiences? Then this post will help you identify the trends in the Glo network problem today and the solutions to them.


Many Glo users are always complaining about the Poor Glo Network problem today, as this prevents them from using their activated data plan. And this has caused many subscribers to migrate to another network.


If you are having a problem with your data connections, you need not worry as you are not alone. In this post, we will show you the trending Glo network problem today and its solutions.


Without wasting much of our time let’s quickly check out the network issues and their solutions.


Why your Glo data is working

There are many reasons why you are having a poor network connection on your Glo sim. Below are some of the Glo network problems today.


  • Failed subscription

Sometimes we may experience some problems recharging our phones, which may cause your Glo line to function abnormally. This Glo network problem is caused by many factors and unsuccessful subscription is one of them.



When you finish activating any data plan on your Glo line, make sure you check your inbox to confirm you have received the data volume you paid for.

While recharging Ensure you receive the congratulation message, this signifies that your line has been credited.


Glo Network Problem Today
Glo Network Problem Today
  • Your Data plan is exhausted

Once your data plan is exhausted your access to the net will be terminated. You may think that is a Glo network problem but it’s not.




Check your data balance to know if you have an active data plan, if you don’t have any then you will have to activate an activated data plan.


  • Your data connection is off

You may want to surf the net without remembering to turn on your data connection. This will bridge your browsing.


  • Network Problem

At times poor or unstable network connection can cause your network to malfunction.



If you are experiencing a bad network connection or outage, don’t worry you are not the only one. You will have to wait for some time before you can try again.

Preferred Network Type Problem

Your preferred network type is needed to be reset.



Sometimes when you subscribe to the Glo data plan and your preferred network type is 4G, you’ll need to change it to 3G before it activates.

Glo Network Problem Today
Glo Network Problem Today


You can reset your preferred network type by simply going to the settings app on your phone > Click Network & Internet > Click Mobile Network > Click Preferred network type. Then, reset it.


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other solutions to the Glo Network Problem Today

Sometimes the above-listed problems may not be the cause, and nor will the solutions work. So if you are still experiencing the Glo Network problem today, then I advise you to try any of the methods below.


1. Update your APN Correctly

Your APN configuration may have an issue or you are struggling with an APN configuration problem. The best solution to this is to apply the following access point name to the setting on your smartphone. This will help you solve the Network problem instantly.


Follow the steps below;

  • Open Setting on your phone
  • Locate and select APN settings (Access Point Name).
  • Create New APN and input the following information ;
    • APN (Access Point Name) – global
    • Username – flat
    • Password – flat
    • Proxy – Leave blank
    • Port – Leave blank
  • Save and turn on your glo data connection. It works.


2. Active Payu on Glo

Payu simply means pay-as-you-go data option, this option allows you to pay for your data usage from your airtime account. You will be charged directly from your airtime balance, which is 5N/ 20MB.

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Even in other networks it is called pay meaning pay as you go because you don’t need any active data plan to use the web. Just with your airtime you can browse as much as you want.



Glo pay serves as a substitute for your normal data plan, so if you don’t have an active data plan for the moment. To use the net you will have to activate the Glo Payu data option.

Glo Network Problem Today
Glo Network Problem Today


To activate the Glo pay plan simply send payment to 127, then turn on your data and it will turn on.


These listed methods are the best ways to solve the Glo network problem today. If you want to get more details click Here




That’s all for today on the Glo network problem today, if you are having any network issue on your Glo line. All you have to do is follow the steps provided above.


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