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How to Activate Glo Sim in 2023

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How to Activate Glo Sim in 2023

Activating your Glo line is the first thing you should do after registering your Glo sim. This is because without activating it you won’t be able to make or receive calls. So you must register and activate your Glo simply before using it.


If you are looking for how to activate Glo sim, then this post will be your guide as we will show you the different methods involved in activating a new Glo line, or even activating an old deactivated glo line.


Why You Need to activate your Glo Sim 

You may think your new sim has been registered, so why do I need to activate it again? No that is not the case, activating a new sim is different from registering your new sim. Activating your Glo sim enables you to make and receive phone calls.


Once you have activated your Glo sim card, you need to wait for some time before it can function properly.


Sometimes your old Glo sim may be deactivated, but never mind, we will take you through the easiest and fastest ways how to activate Glo sim.

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Requirements needed to Activate your New and Old Glo sim

Before you can be able to register and activate your New Glo sim cards, you need to have the following documents. And not only should you have the documents, but they should also be presented to the Glo officers to be used in registering and activating your Glo sim.


To activate your Glo sim you need some of these documents:

  • Voters card
  • National Identification Number (NIN)
  • International Passport
  • Driving license


Since 2020, the International passport and driving license are not necessary, with just your NIN or voter’s card you are good to go.


How to activate Glo Sim using the Glo activation code (125)

This code is used in activating only the new Glo sim that has been registered already. This means before you think of dialling the 125, you should make sure your Glo sim is already registered.


How to Activate New Glo Sim

Activating your new Glo sim is quite easier and faster than activating an old deactivated sim. You can activate your new Glo sim following the two methods outlined below;


  • Recharge your new Glo line with at least N100
  • Use the ussd by dialling 125 in the new Glo sim


Once you have done any of these your new Glo sim will be activated automatically. Then you can start using it for all your services.


How to activate Glo sim that is deactivated

Activating a deactivated sim can be harder than activating a new one, reason is that your Sim was deactivated because you violated some policy. So you will have to visit any Hlo offices near you to get your sim activated.


To avoid going too much time, you need to go with these documents for easy activation of your sim.

How to activate Glo sim
How to activate Glo sim


  • Permanent voters card
  • National Identification Number (NIN)
  • Five numbers you frequently call with your line
  • Your Gli simcard pack will help verify you are the real owner of the sim.
  • Make sure you have at least N100 for airtime.

Once you follow the above-listed steps, you will get your Glo sim activated.

What causes your sim to be activated

There are lots of reasons why your Glo sim willdeactivatedvate, some of which will be listed here. What you will have to do is take notes and avoid falling for them. Below are the reasons why your sim is deactivated:

How to activate Glo sim
How to activate Glo sim


  • Your simcard is damaged
  • You haven’t used your Glo sim for long
  • You input a wrong password


Looking for how to activate Glo sim, then you are here finaly, this post covers all the details on How to activate Glo sim. Reading this post will give you a step-by-step guide on how to activate the Glo sim, both old and new.

How to activate Glo sim
How to activate Glo sim

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