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Glo Data cheat 2023

      Glo Data Cheat 2023

With the Glo data cheat code, no need to worry about going low on data, with the new Glo data cheat code you will get an unlimited data plan. You don’t need to break your wallet to get a huge data plan, knowing the right subscription codes will help you activate a lucrative Glo data plan.


No need of complaining about not getting a cheap data plan, cause this post will help you activate a cheap Glo data cheat for all Glo users in Nigeria. That means you can get a huge data plan with a small amount of money.


In this post, you will be getting all the information you need on how to activate the Glo data cheat. Instead of complaining, I will advise you to read this post thoroughly to enable you to get the codes and the subscription plan for the Glo data cheat.

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Glo data cheat codes
Glo data cheat codes

About Glo data cheat codes

Before we proceed let me quickly give you a tiny tip about the Glo data cheat and how to activate it. The Glo data cheat is the cheapest data option launched by Globacom the grand master of data, to enable its customers to enjoy easy browsing at a cheaper rate.

The essence of this data plan is to provide you with lots of cheap data plans available at your disposal. Sit tight as we will show you some of the latest free browsing codes. Once you activate this plan you are set to enjoy browsing at a cheaper rate.


Who is eligible for the Glo data cheat 

Every Glo subscriber is eligible to activate the Glo data cheat, as far as they have an active Glo sim and the required amount of data.


To activate this Glo data cheat, ensure you are not owing, cause if you are owning them, it will be deducted.


Requirements to qualify for the Glo data cheat

To be able to activate any of these cheap data plans listed below, you will need to meet the following requirement:

  • Make sure your sim is linked to your NIN
  • You have been using your Glo sim actively for more than 3 months.
  • Ensure you have the required amount of airtime for the plan you activate.

That is all for the requirement, if you pass all of them, that means you are eligible to activate the Glo data cheat.

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Glo data cheat codes
Glo data cheat codes

Glo Data Cheat For N100

This is one of the cheapest and most affordable data plans available to all Glo subscribers. To activate you need to have at least an N100 worth of airtime on your Glo sim if not you can get your line recharged.


1. Glo social data cheat 

Glo social plan is one of the cheapest and most lucrative data plans available on Glo. With as little as N100, you can get a whopping 500MB to use social media, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The reason it is called a social bundle,


This offer is valid for 30 days, meaning you have 30 days to use up the social data plan you subscribed to.


Activating this plan is simple: just dial *777# on your mobile phone and follow the prompt.


2. Glo Night plan data cheat

This is one of the N100 data plan options on Glo, this plan allows you to surf the web at night between 12 midnight to 5 am. With only N100 you can get a huge 1GB worth of data, to be used at night.

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To activate the Glo night data plan follow the steps below.:

  • On your phone dialer app, dial *777# and press the send button.
  • Choose “Data” from the options
  • Select the “buy data plan” from the menu
  • Choose the one-off plan or the auto-renewal by choosing either 1 or 2.
  • Select “Night Plan” as your data option
  • Lastly, choose “N100 for 1GB for 5 days, and proceed to confirm your data.
Glo data cheat codes
Glo data cheat codes


Note, this data plan should be used at night between 12 am to 5 am, and at weekends. As you can’t use it during the day.


Glo Data cheat for N200

The Glo data cheat for N200 is one of the most lucrative data options you can think of. Their options are juicy FantFanta and you can’t afford to neglect them.


You stand to get 10.4GB with only N200 and 5.2GB for N100. This plan is known as Glo Jolliific where you enjoy huge data plans at an average price.  To activate this plan quickly dial *603# and enjoy just like every other Gli subscriber.


Your sim must be linked to your NIN, to enable you to access this data option.



Knowing the Glo data cheat codes will help you save lots of money, as you are now getting a lucrative data plan at a cheaper rate.


Thanks for reading, please do share with your friends and family. if you have any questions or suggestions kindly use the comment box


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