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How to block MTN Simcard in Nigeria

How to block MTN Simcard in Nigeria 

If you lose your phone the first thing you need to do is to block your sim, this will prevent further loss. Anybody with your lost phone can have access to your account and other important information saved on your phone. That is why we have set this step-by-step guide on How to Block MTN Simcard in Nigeria.


Whenever you lost or misplaced your phone and you know you may not see it again, The first thing you need to do is to block your sim card. Some people usually take it for granted, thinking it’s just a waste of time.


Most who are willing to block theirs don’t know how to go about it, this post will help you know the fastest methods on how to block MTN simcard in Nigeria.


Easy Steps on How to block your MTN Simcard

There are various methods on how to block your MTN simcard but we will focus mainly on the fastest and easiest ways how to block your lost sim card. Because we know how important and urgent it is to block your MTN sim card.

How to block MTN simcard
How to block MTN simcard


All the steps on how to block an MTN simcard are effective and will get your MTN sim card deactivated. This means you shouldn’t try it on any sim you are using.


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Below are the various methods on how to block MTN simcard.


How to block MTN Simcard using the ussd codes (dialling 180)

Using the ussd methods is the easiest and fastest way involved in blocking your MTN sim card. To block your MTN line you will need to use the “180” MTN toll-free number. To get assistance from the customer services representatives.


If you misplace your mobile phone or it’s stolen, you can block the stolen MTN line by using another MTN number to call their customer services representatives on 180 to have them block your MTN line immediately.


This method is simple, fast and even economical, all it takes is for you to provide answers to the certain question which will be used in blocking your MTN line.


If you follow the above steps your MTN sim card will be deactivated till when you choose to reactivate it. Blocking and reactivating the MTN sim is the main work of the MTN customer service representative.


How to block MTN Simcard by visiting the MTN office

Blocking your MTN sim can be done anywhere at your own convenient time and place. But some people still prefer going to their offices, that is not a problem.


It’s very easy and possible to block your mtn sim in any MTN office in Nigeria. Walk into any MTN offices near you, and inform the Customer service representatives of your intention to block your lost MTN offices.


You will be asked some questions but never mind, that is to ascertain if you are truly the owner of the sim. Once you have finished providing the required day, the MTN representative will block and deactivate your sim as you have requested.

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How to block MTN numbers using IMEI number

Another process involved in blocking your MTN line is through the International Mobile Equipment Identity known nationally as IMEI. Though this method is a bit longer and requires more stress.


You may be worried about what Imei number is and how and where you can find it, but don’t worry we get you, as we will take you through how to buy


All mobile phone in Nigeria has an IMEI number pasted under the battery on top of the battery compartment of your phone. You can still check for your IMEI number by dialling *06#.

How to block MTN simcards in nigeria
How to block MTN simcards in nigeria


Once you have gotten the Imei you need to head straight to the Nigerian police to get a police statement. With your IMEI number and a copy of your filed police reports, which will be used to block your MTN line.


When this is done, your misplace phones will be deactivated instantly, making it to become useless unless you reactivate them.


How to unlock your MTN sim card

You can unlock your MTN line if it has been deactivated, though it’s much more stressful than when you wanted to block it.


To do MTN welcome back or to unblock your MTN line, there are some documents you will need to bring to the MTN offices. Without these documents, you may not be able to reactivate it.


Here are some of the documents you need to bring to get your MTN line unlocked.

How to block MTN simcards in nigeria
How to block MTN sim cards in nigeria
  • Your NIN
  • Your MTN phone number
  • Your MTN sim pack
  • Three lines that you call frequently

With some of these documents, you can now get the MTN line unblocked, meaning your welcome back is successful.



If you misplace your phone there is a need you block your sim to avoid it getting into the wrong hand, This post covers a step-by-step guide on how to block MTN Simcard.


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