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MTN Hynetflex Unlimited data plans

How to get MTN Free data

MTN Hynetflex Unlimited data plans

Having modern broadband to aid our internet connection is very good since their internet speed is fast. So if you are looking for a good router for a fast internet connection, we recommend the MTN Hynetflex.


The MTN HyNetflex router is a business-class router that was developed by the Chinese company ZTE. MTN is the most unique telco in Nigeria in terms of branding and brand communications, and they’ve ensured visual consistency across all their platforms. 


Getting the MTN HypNetflex router comes with a lot of benefits that will make you forget how much you spent on the product. If you are looking for cheap modern broadband for all your data needs, I advise you to go for the MTN HypNetflex. In this post, we will give you details about the MTN Hynetflex Unlimited data plans.


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How much is the MTN HyNetflex in Nigeria

The MTN HyNetflex is a very well-designed broadband for your everyday use, with lots of data packages to suit your data needs. You don’t need to break the bank to get one. You can get it at a very cheap rate.


The MTN HyNetflex was sold at N25,000 but now you can get it between N10,000 to N15,000


MTN Hynetflex Unlimited data plans
MTN Hynetflex Unlimited data plans

Hynetflex Unlimited data plans

Getting an MTN HypNetflex comes with lots of benefits and an unlimited data plan is one of them. You will Get a free 120GB data bonus after activating the New MTN sim that comes with the broadband.


This data plan can last up to 30 days, and it can’t be rolled over, it expires once the 30 days elapse. But don’t worry you will get to enjoy the data bonus.



That is not all you will still get a 100 per cent bonus on every data plan you activate for up to 3 months.


How to Activate MTN Hynetflex Unlimited data plans


When you buy the MTN HyNetflex you are entitled to an unlimited plan of 120GB for 30 days. This is how to activate the 120GB data plan.


  • Register the MTN sim that comes with the router at any MTN office near you
  • Insert the sim into your phone
  • Then text ‘HyNetflex ‘ to 131

If you follow this procedure instantly you will get the 120GB data bonus as said.

MTN Hynetflex Unlimited data plans
MTN Hynetflex Unlimited data plans


How do I recharge my hynetflex

There many ways you can activate your HyNetflex data plans, some of which is the MY MTN app, MTN on Demand and bank Ussd codes. Those are the various methods you can use in recharging your HyNetflex router.


There is also an easy alternatives Such as hynet flex device interface, to recharge dial *131*500#.


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MTN HyNetflex data plans and activation codes

Their lots of data plans available for all hynetflex router users in Nigeria. Here are the various data plan and their validity.


  • 30GB for N8,000 valid for 30 days
  • 45GB for N11,000 valid for 30 days
  • 100GB for N18,000 valid for 30 days
  • 200GB for N25,000 valid for 30days
  • 1TB for N90,000 valid for 90 days
  • 2TB for N150,000 valid for 365 daYs that is 1 year.

You can visit my to access any of the data plans listed above.


Other HyNetflex unlimited data plans

  1. Topaz unlimited data plan: this unlimited cost N10,000 to activate and its valid for 30days.
  2. Bronze unlimited: the Bronze offers a 30 days of unlimited data for just N 15,000.
  3. Gold unlimited: this unlimited data plan is valid for 30 days giving you an opportunity to access an unlimited data plan. This plan cost only N45,000.
  4. Platinum unlimited data;  this is the highest unlimited data plan available to all MTN hyNetflex. This offer cost only N165,000 and it is valid for 180 days.


How to check my MTN Hynetflex data balance

Just like any other data option, you can also access your Hynetflex data by doing the following

  1. SMS: Texting 2 to 312.
  2. USSD: Dialing *312*4# (for main data bundle and bonus), or *310#
  3. myMTNApp: Text myMTN to 5018 to download the app.
  4. my Web.
  5. Zigi.
MTN Hynetflex Unlimited data plans
MTN Hynetflex Unlimited data plans

You can check the data usage on the unlimited plan by dialling *461*4# from the IP address portal while the device is powered on. That was easy right, what are you looking for?


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Having modern broadband is a good way to free yourself from the internet connection problem. With advanced network technology browsing with the MTN Hynetflex is super fast and reliable.


This router is steady and that gives you a steady network connection, coupled with the 120GB free data bonus. You have a lot to gain than you are losing.


Thanks for reading do share with your loved ones and friends. If you have any questions or suggestions kindly use the comment box.




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