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How to verify NIN on Verifyme 2023

How to verify NIN on Verifyme

How to verify NIN on Verifyme 2023

Welcome guys, last time we talk about how to verify your NIN online, but today we will be talking about how to verify NIN on verifyme and how to validate your NIN online. We advise you to sit tight as we take you through the steps involved.

The federal government has made it compulsory for every mobile phone users in Nigeria to links and verify their mobile lines. Failure to do so,  your line will be barred from making calls. So pay close attention on how to verify NIN on verifyme.

We kindly write this post to help our readers know how to verify their NIN on verifyme.

Why do we need to verify our NIN

NIN was introduced to help keep track and records of every details of every phone users in Nigeria. For security reasons the NIN helps trace and identify that you are really who you said you are.


This post will help you especially if you just open your NIN or you want to retrieve your NIN. As we all know getting a new one is no longer free, as it was before. You will have to pay some money and in some cases, you may be asked to bring some documents.

How to verify NIN on Verifyme
How to verify NIN on Verifyme


This may lead you to ask some questions


What Is verifyme

Verify me is a digital identity verification and KYC development company. This platform allows you to quickly, confirm, verify, identify and aggregates your identities using technology that compares ID documents and biometrics with information from the national data base.



What is the meaning of NIN and what is used for

Many people still don’t believe that there is a need to have your own NIN. Some people prefer to use other people’s NIN for official purposes, but that is wrong. If you are wondering about what NIN is and what is used for, then here is what you need to know.

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NIN is a short form of National Identification Number, just like the name it’s an identification number used to identify citizens in Nigeria.  The NIMC has now made it  compulsory that every Nigerians must have register their NIN.


The National Identification Number has a lot of advantages, as you cannot register a new sim without providing your NIN. Even your old line will be banned if you failed to link it to your NIN. So you can see a why you should have your NIN verified and validated.


How to verify NIN on Verifyme
How to verify NIN on Verifyme


You can’t even open an account, get a drivers license or even get a passport without first of all having your NIN with you. That is why we are here providing you with a step by step guide on how to verify  NIN on veryfyme.


Without wasting much time, let check out how to verify NIN in verify, follow the steps below to verify your NIN on verifyme.


  • Before you can verify your NIN on verify you have to download their NIN Enrollment Form. The form is not up to a megabyte so there is nothing to worry about space and data loss.
  • You then have to print the form, fill it and take it to any centre around you.
  • Their offices are not hard to find, they have offices around some vital states in Nigeria such as Edo, Lagos and some other parts of Nigeria.
  • Once you get there you will get your biometrics taken
  • It’s quick as you can get your NIN verified and validated immediately or you will be asked to come back.


That was simple wasn’t it, you can now get your NIN verified on verifyme with ease.

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How to validate your NIN online

Their are many methods you can use to verify and validate your NIN online, so we will help you get your NIN validated and verified at the same time. It’s good you know that you can only check, validate and even verify your NIN if only you have a NIN.


It’s much easier to Validate and verify if you have your NIN. If you have, your NiN number will pop up on the screen.


There are two methods you can use to verify your NIN, the first is the use of ussd codes while the other method is the use of Verifyme. ng website.

Now let’s kick it off with the ussd codes method today since it’s simple, short and straightforward. These ussd methods work in all network providers in Nigeria, either MTN, Glo, Airtel, or 9Mobile.

How to verify NIN on Verifyme
How to verify NIN on Verifyme


To Validate your NIN online you will have to use the code *346#. Then select the number 1 option which is NIN retrieval. With that, you are good to go as your NIN has been validated without stress.


Whats the code for checking new numbers

If you have forgotten your NIN number then it’s quite normal, the best thing you should do is to have this ussd codes at the tip of your fingers.

You will be using it to check your NIN number anytime you feel like. To check your NIN number, you should quickly use the NIN approved numbers. Which is *346#, once you dial this code,  your NIN number will be displayed on your screen.

How to verify NIN on Verifyme (Step by step guide)

You want to know how to verify NIN on Verifyme, then here are the step by step guide to do so.

  • Visit the verifyme app and download and fill the pre enrollment form.
  • Visit any of their centre to get your enrollment form, remember to go with your enrollment form and a valid means of identification.
  • Present your pre-enrolment slip to get your biometric data (live photo and fingerprints) captured.
  • Receive your NIN in few secondsPresent your pre-enrolment slip to get your biometric data (live photo and fingerprints) captured.




That is all on how to verify NIN on Verifyme, even if you want to validate your NIN, this post will help you. If you are done reading, I advise you to try verifying your NIN on Verifyme. You now know How to verify NIN on Verifyme, then you can try it out for yourself


How to verify NIN on Verifyme
How to verify NIN on Verifyme


Thanks for reading, do share with your friends and loved ones. If you have any questions or suggestions kindly use the comment box.


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