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Glo New ussd codes in 2023

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Glo New ussd codes in 2023

Have you heard of the new ussd codes for all Glo services, if yes you will notice that the new codes are different from the old codes? But if you haven’t heard of the new ussd codes then I think this is your chance to get better details of the Glo new ussd codes.


Maybe you have tried checking your airtime or data balance using *777#, which means you are not yet updated with the change of codes for all network services in Nigeria. If that is the case, it’s never too late to know the newly introduced codes for checking airtime and data balance, buying data plans and even recharging your Glo line.


In this post in tinytipz, we have brought you information concerning the new ussd codes and how to check your airtime and data balance on Glo. So without wasting time let’s keep going, as we will guide you on how to use the new ussd codes.

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Here are the Glo new ussd Codes for all services

Since the 17th of May 2023, which is the deadline day given to all mobile network providers to harmonise their Shortcodes for providing service options to their users in Nigeria. Since then the directive has been implemented by Globacom meaning the previous old ussd codes for all Glo services may not work.


Glo ussd codes
Glo new ussd codes

This post will help you know the list of the Glo new ussd codes to check account balance, borrow airtime and even share data.


How To Check Glo Data Balance

Just like every other network provider in nigeria, Glo also implemented the policy of the new code directed by the NCC. This also affected some ussd codes such as that used in checking data balance.


To check your Glo data balance dial *321*0# on your phone dialer instead of the previously used *127*0# which is now inactive. Or better still text info to 321. Your account balance will be sent to you via sms.


How To Borrow Airtime from Glo

Are you running out of data or airtime, you can borrow any amount you want using the Glo new ussd codes. You can borrow airtime or data plans from Glo now and pay later.


To borrow airtime dial *303# on your mobile dialer, or dial *303* amount#, and your account will be credited instantly. It will be deducted upon your next recharge.


Glo New ussd codes
Glo New ussd codes


How To Recharge Your Glo Line

Recharging your Glo line is as easy as anything, though there is a change of codes for recharging your Glo line. Instead of using the previous *123* pin #, which we all are used to, you can use the Glo new ussd codes.


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To recharge your Glo line dial *311* pin#, then send. Instantly your Glo line will be credited with the value amount


How to Buy Glo Data Plan

You can buy data of your choice from the list of various data plans available on the Glo network. You can buy data on Glo by simply dialling *312# on your phone and the list of available data plans will be displayed on your screen.


USSD: *313# and follow the prompt message to buy data SMS menu keyword to 312


How To Check Your Glo Mobile Number

Have you ever forgotten your Glo mobile number, this might be so disappointing. In some cases, you will ask someone to give you their number so that you call them. Once you call they will read out the number to you. That’s is a waste of time when you can comfortably check your phone number using your mobile phone.

To view or check your Glo number when you can’t remember just Dial *135*8# and your number display on your screen Or dial 1244 to listen to it.


How To Check Your Glo Airtime Balance

To view or check your Glo Airtime balance just dial *310# instead of #124*1#, and instantly you will get a notification with details of your airtime balance.


Glo new ussd codes
Glo new ussd codes


How To Share Glo Airtime

Do you wish to share your Glo airtime with your loved ones, then here is a method you can use in sharing airtime with your family and loved ones on Glo.

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With Glo‘s new ussd codes you can share or transfer your call credit/Airtime with family and friends. To Transfer call Credit or Airtime from glo to another glo line with new ussd codes Simply dial *312*receiver phone number *amount you want to transfer*your transfer pin then or you can dial *312# and follow the process


Glo new ussd codes
Glo new ussd codes

For example, if your password is 12345 and you want to transfer N100 to a customer with Phone Number 08155500423, then you dial *312*08155500423*100*12345#.



Just like I said earlier, all the network providers have now introduced new codes for all service actions. This was as directed by the NCC, so Glo is not left out as they have now started using the Glo new ussd codes.


The old codes are now inactive, so the better you get this new one the better for you.


Thanks for reading, do share with your friends and loved ones. If you have any questions or suggestions kindly use the comment box.


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