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Poultry Business plan in Nigeria 2023

Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria 2023

Nigeria has a large population with a growing need for poultry products. That will be a chance for you to fill the gap in providing the needed poultry products to where it’s needed.


According to statistics, Nigeria is the major producer of eggs and the second largest producer of chicken meat. Meaning there is a large demand for poultry products in Nigeria.


What is poultry farming in Nigeria

Just like any other agricultural farming poultry farming involves the rear of birds for meats, eggs and even for feathers.

Many poultry farmers in Nigeria are into the field, this is to show you how lucrative this business is.


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Why choose poultry farming 

This post covers the poultry business plan in Nigeria, so just like any other business plan, there must be a reason why you are into it.  So without wasting much time, let’s quickly show you why many Nigerians are going into poultry farming.

Poultry business plan in Nigeria
Poultry business plan in Nigeria


Many may go into this business because, they have a passion for it, while some may do so because of how lucrative it is. Whatever may be your reason, the poultry business is one of the most lucrative businesses you can start in Nigeria


How to Start a Poultry Farm in Nigeria

Starting a poultry farm is quite easy and cheap, it’s not capital intense just like any other farming business. With just a few thousand you are good to start as a poultry farmer in Nigeria.


Before you can start a good lucrative poultry business in Nigeria you must first of all have a poultry business plan set out on how to run the business.


There some requirements and things to ne put in place before you can successfully run a good poultry business in Nigeria.


Branches of poultry Business

Like we all know poultry is a much general term that involves rearing of birds of different kinds. This bird’s includes fowl, duck, turkey and host of others. But the main focus n the country is this three, which consist of rearing fowls, turkey, duck and pigeons.


They are the most reared birds in Nigeria and they also much profitable.

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Business Plan for poultry farming in Nigeria 

Poultry farming in Nigeria involves the raising of turkey, duck, chicken and other poultry products for meat or eggs. Reading chicken is the most common poultry business in Nigeria so we are going with it.


You will need to put certain facts into consideration when choosing a poultry business, some of the factors that should be put into consideration are:


1. Choosing a poultry niche 

There areeeare of poultry businesses to start in Nigeria unless you want to start a commercial poultry business where you can readad a lot of breeds. If not you can find one poultry business and stick to it.


Do the research and get the poultry business plan, knowing which poultry business is more profitable.

Poultry business plan in Nigeria
Poultry business plan in Nigeria


2. Have a poultry business plan

Just like every other business in Nigeria, the poultry business also requires a plan to work. A good poultry business plan is necessary for a successful poultry business.


Before you kickstart your poultry business, you should have a plan, goals and an objective, having a target is not also a bad idea.


3. Choose the right location

Locations matter in any business that you do, the success of your poultry farm is largely dependent on your location. If your location is accessible then that means you are good to go.


Your farm must have good accessible roads for connections and good quality water.


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4. Stock your farm

Stocking your farm is the last thing you do on your farm, once you have done everything, then you will have to stock your farm with birds.

Poultry business plan in Nigeria
Poultry business plan in Nigeria


You can choose a particular breed or better still you can rear multiples of birds if you have the money.


That’s all for today on poultry business plan in Nigeria, for more information and tips click Here


Thanks for reading, do share with your family and loved ones, If you have any questions or suggestions ki sly use the comment box.

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