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MTN New Ussd codes for all services 2023

MTN New Ussd codes for all services 2023

MTN one of the leading telecommunications companies in Nigeria has changed some of their USSD codes for some service options. This is a result of the USSD reviews as directed by the NCC.


Some of the old MTN services codes that we normally use are no more active, such as the old long-used *556# is no longer functioning. Don’t worry we got your back as we will take you through the MTN New Ussd codes for all services.


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To check for the new MTN service codes try dialling the previously used *556#, that’s used for checking the balance. You will get a prompt messaging notifying you that you have entered the wrong service code.


You will be given a list with seven options to choose from, then you will have to select what you wanted to do. The list will come in this form

MTN New Ussd codes for all services
MTN New Ussd codes for all services


Here is the list of the new MTN Ussd codes and their functions

The codes used in some MTN services are no more functioning as they have been changed with a new ones. To check your account balance, data balance, borrow airtime, share data and lots of other services on MTN, you will need to use new service codes.


The MTN new service codes are:

1. Buy data plans 

Things have changed over the past couple of days, as you cannot get access to the MTN data options with the usual *131#. To buy a standard data plan on MTN you will need to use the MTN new Ussd codes *312#.

MTN new ussd codes
MTN new ussd codes


Once you dial these codes on your dialer you will be offering all of the available MTN data plans for you.


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2. Check the data balance

You can now check your MTN data balance using the MTN new ussd codes. As the old code is no longer in use, instead of dialling *131*4#, you can check your balance using the new code which is *323#.


Once you dial this code *323#, immediately your data balance will be sent to you via SMS.

MTN new ussd codes
MTN new ussd codes


3. Borrow Airtime

Are you low on airtime, you can borrow any amount of airtime you want, so why stay without having airtime on your phone when you can borrow airtime from MTN with ease?


Instead of using the *606# that we all are used to, which is no longer in use, you can use the MTN new ussd code *303#. To borrow airtime on MTN you must use the new service codes.


4. Airtime recharge

Instead of using the normal *555* to recharge your MTN line which is no more functional. You can now use the MTN new ussd codes,  which is 311#.


To recharge your MTN line dial *311# on your MTN line then follow the prompt message.


5. Check the account balance

Checking your MTN account balance is now easier and faster than before, with the MTN new ussd codes. If you want to check your MTN account balance then dial *310#, then your account balance will be sent to you via sms.


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6. Share data 

You can share data on MTN using the MTN new ussd code by dialling *321# on your phone dialler.


Once you use the new code *321# you will get a message notification like this


MTN New Ussd codes for all services
MTN New Ussd codes for all services


With all these new used codes on MTN, this means that the old ones are no longer active, so you should keep up with the new codes. That’s why we have written this post on the MTN new ussd codes for all services.


Why is the NCC trying to unify the Ussd codes 

It may interest you to know that the change in codes is a result of a directive from the NCC. They started pushing for the harmonization of the ussd codes as far back as 2017, it seems that they have been able to achieve it.


Then ask yourself what is Ussd codes,  Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a telecommunications system that enables users perto form certain functions. Some functions that you can use the ussd codes to do are, checking data balance, borrowing data, checking airtime balance and a host of other cool options.


One added advantage of using the ussd codes for service function is that it does not require an internet connection to work. The ussd codes are not only used in network lines but also banks. You can use your bank’s ussd codes for transactions instead of using the mobile banking app.


Reasons why the MTN new ussd codes were introduced

You may wonder why the change in the MTN new ussd codes when we can still use the old one. Their major reason for changing the codes is to help reduce the number of ussd codes available to customers. What is the need of keeping up to 20 different codes when you can make do with 6 of them all?


With many Nigerians using more than one network provider, the NCC wants to harmonize these codes. Consequently, an MTN subscriber can now use the same code for airtime recharges on Airtel or Glo.


Final thought

As the MTN New codes are rapidly pushing out the old ones it’s good you get yourself acquainted with the new ones. This will save you some disaster of being unable to use the ussd codes.


Thanks for reading, do share with your friends and loved ones, if you have any questions or suggestions kindly use the comment box.







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