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4 Online loan apps in Nigeria

Online loan apps in Nigeria

4 Online loan apps in Nigeria 

With lots of needs arising for you to settle, you may want to borrow money from any source available. Then you can get the financial assistance you want from some online loan apps in Nigeria.


This loan app gives personal and business loans, which are easy to repay, have low-interest rates, flexible repayment plans and finally no stress in the application process.


These loan apps are gradually overshadowing the banks in terms of getting a loan. This loan app has helped revolutionize the lending sector of the country. As everybody now has access to a loan at any time, anywhere at your convenience.

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Loans app has become a popular and fast means of getting financial assistance from many Nigerians.  All thanks to their fast and flexible means of getting loans.


Online loan apps in Nigeria
Online loan apps in Nigeria

Instead of going to the bank, waiting in the queue, filling long forms and even bringing some collaterals and important files and receipts. You can get any amount you want from the comfort of your home with just a click of buttons using the loan app.

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Benefits of Using Online loan apps in Nigeria 

There are lots of benefits involved in using online loan apps, some of which will be discussed here.

  • Using online loan apps enables you to get fast loans unlike any commercial banks
  • They offer flexible repayment plans for you to pay back
  • Their interest rates are cheap compared to other local banks.
  • It’s easy and fasts to apply for and access loans

All these above-mentioned benefits are what yiu stand to hear when you apply for a loan from online loan apps.


4 Best Loan Apps to get personal and business loans online in Nigeria 

Looking for trusted loan apps to get loans from in Nigeria, this post will help you know the best loan apps in Nigeria. Most of these apps offer lucrative loan options, such as competitive interest rates, fast access to loans and even an easy repayment option.


Below is the list of the best online loan apps in Nigeria

1. FairMoney

Fair Money is one of the most used Loan apps in Nigeria, that offers fast and easy financial assistance to its customers.

Online loan apps in Nigeria
Online loan apps in Nigeria


Fair money gives you access to any amount of loan you want immediately after you apply, without allowing you to go through the stress involved in getting loans from a local bank.


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With Fairmoney you have tons of loan options available for you ranging from personal loans, business loans, emergency loans and health loans. All these loan options come with a flexible repayment option.

FairMoney is considered one of the best loan apps in Nigeria at the moment, due to its fast and reliable services to its customers.


Their user-friendly services and transparent application make it a reliable source of loans

2. KiaKia

KiaKia is one of the licensed online loan apps in Nigeria, it started full operation in 2016. It Is one of the popular loan apps that offer fast and easy loan services to its customers.


If you are a small business owner looking for financial support, you can apply for a loan directly from your smartphone and get the loan amount wired instantly into your bank. Unlike other local banks, getting loans from KiaKia is simple, easy and fast. You don’t need to follow a long process like you do in your local banks.

Online loan apps in Nigeria
Online loan apps in Nigeria


KiaKia is a reliable online loan app in Nigeria just like fair money, KiaKia offers customer-friendly services. If you are looking for quick and easy loans then you should apply via KiaKia.

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3. PayLater

Just like the name, pay later is an online loan app in Nigeria that gives you financial assistance information on loans. This app gives yiu access to short-term loans and also allows you to buy stuff from them while you pay later.


Another amazing fact about the Paylater app is that it gives you a chance to buy stuff from shops and pay later before 14 days elapse. The great part is that no interest will be charged

Online loan apps in Nigeria
Online loan apps in Nigeria


4. PalmCredit

Another online loan app in Nigeria that you can trust is Palmcredit, this app is fully licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). And they are allowed to function as a financial institution in Nigeria.


PalmCredit gives you access to short-term loans with ease and a flexible repayment option. So if you are looking for an app to borrow money from, then I will suggest you go with palm credit.

Online loan apps in Nigeria
Online loan apps in Nigeria



This post saves you the stress of passing through many protocols to get a loan. The online loan apps in Nigeria help you  access quick loans with a flexible repayment plan


Thanks for reading, do share with your family and friends. If you have any questions or suggestions use the comment box nelow




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