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How to lock airtime on MTN line 2023

How to lock airtime on MTN line 2023

Have you ever given your phone to someone and the person used up your airtime without your consent? That can be very bad, that means you will find a way to secure your airtime from authorised users.


Do you want to lock your airtime from authorised users such as siblings, spouses, annoying roommates and even friends? Then this post is the right place for you to get detailed information on how to lock airtime on your mobile line.


In this post, we will guide you through the ussd codes to use in locking and unlocking your airtime.

Leaving your airtime unlocked can make some friends play a fast one on you by either using the airtime to make calls and in some cases, they may transfer the airtime to their phones without you knowing.

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Once they exhaust your airtime you will be forced to get another card so that you can make calls. You can prevent this from happening by always locking your airtime, this will reduce unauthorized access to your phone. That means only people you permit can use your phone to make calls.

How to lock airtime on all networks
How to lock airtime on all networks


Why should I lock my Airtime 

You may be asking yourself this question sometimes, do I need to lock my airtime, why should I lock my airtime and so forth? There are many reasons why you should lock your airtime, some of which will ne discussed here.

Having to lock your airtime has lots of benefits as it saves you some money that would have been used on airtime.


  • Locking your Airtime prevents unnecessary deductions from your network provider
  • Locking your airtime prevents you from auto-renewing unnecessary data plan
  • This also stops unauthorized access to your phones
  • This below saves your airtime for quite a long time.

This shows there is a need for you to lock your airtime that is why we are here to help you with details on how to lock airtime on MTN line and other networks in Nigeria.


Who should lock their airtime 

There is no specific person who should lock their phones, once you have a phone it’s expected you lock your airtime especially:

  • If you are a mom or dad, this will prevent the kids from using the phone to make unnecessary calls.
  • A student living in a hostel. Some students if they find out you have up to N1000 worth of airtime, may transfer the airtime to their phones


Now let’s go over to the main business of the day how to lock airtime on all networks.

How to lock airtime on all networks
How to lock airtime on all networks

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How to lock Airtime on all networks

Learning how to Lock Airtime on your phone is quite simple and fast, there is no big deal involved. You don’t need a special app or software to lock or unlock your airline, you can just lock your airtime by dialling some simple codes on your phone.


Note that once your airtime is locked you can’t make calls with it again unless yiu unlock it. So you must have the code at hand to always unlock it whenever you want to make a call.


To Lock Airtime:  To lock your airtime dial *33*0000# and send with the sim card you wish to lock.


To Unlock Airtime: 

To unlock your airtime still dial *330*0000# and send it with the sim card yiu wish to lock.


That is so simple and easy, right?

How to lock airtime on all network
How to lock airtime on all network


Can I lock my sim card without airtime on it

Yes, of course, that’s not the problem, you can lock your airtime even when you have no card in it. Just know that once you recharge it will be locked before you can even think of using it.


Can I also lock my data plans on all networks

No, there is no known code you can use in locking your data plans. Instead, you should try to deactivate the sim card, this will help you keep your data safe and also avoid unauthorised access to your data.

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There is a need that you should lock your airtime as this will help prevent illegals access to your phones. As some people are so fond of using other peoples phones to make calls.

Locking your airtime will help save you some money and also help save you from illegal deductions coming from the banks.


Thanks for reading, do share our post with your friends and families. If you have any question or suggestions do use the comment box below.




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