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10 lowest paying jobs in Nigeria

10 lowest paying jobs in Nigeria 


Some of the lowest paying jobs in Nigeria are the most demanding, as they will require more work but less pay. Although they are the most important especially for those who are starting life in the workforce.


All these low paying jobs that will be listed here are very important, as they will help us gain more experience to take our career to the next level.

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This works stands as building blocks to our career, as time goes on we move forward, taking our jobs and career to the next level. This will get you more lucrative and rewarding work.


We often think that there is no job in Nigeria, but that’s a big lie, when you have the right skills and a career plan you can create a high-income stream for yourself. You won’t even be waiting for a white-collar job.


Most people are into these low-paying jobs in Nigeria due to hardship, unemployment, and lack of vision for our future.


That’s the main reason why we write this post to help you get the right knowledge on how to avoid these low-paying jobs in Nigeria. Get motivated to take the right steps in creating a better future for yourself and your generation.


List of 10 lowest paying jobs in Nigeria

Below are the lists of the 10 lowest-paying jobs in Nigeria and their salaries.


Lowest paying jobs in Nigeria
Lowest paying jobs in Nigeria


1. Teaching

Teaching is one of the most demanding job in Nigeria, especially if you are teaching the lower classes. There are lots of private owned and government owned schools in Nigeria, you can agree with me that teaching jobs are now increasing than before.

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In some big private schools their teacher are adequately paid while in some government schools, their pay are nothing to write home about. Moreover they are being owed salaries for some months.


Teaching is one of the Lowest paying jobs in Nigeria in Nigeria, this is because we underestimates the job. This is so bad because teachers are the builder of our tomorrow leaders.

Lowest paying jobs in Nigeria
Lowest paying jobs in Nigeria


In some schools you will need to have a degree or even an NYSC certificate to become a teacher. We need to help in caring for the teachers in one way or the other. They are paid up to N35,000 to N50,000 on average.


2. Security Guard

This is a risky work as they are always on guard patroling from post to post, inspecting and guarding other peoples properties and lives.


This job is stressful and require you out your live in line for others. Unfortunately, they are among the lowest paying jobs in Nigeria. Their average salary is between N35,000 to N40,000.


3. Cleaners

Cleaners also known as janitors are always in charge of keeping the environment clean and tidy. This job is always unpleasant, and it’s one of the lowest paying jobs in Nigeria.


Their salary is a bit lower than expected, as they are paid just N10,000 to N20,000 on average. This depends on the organisation you are working at.


Lowest paying jobs in Nigeria
Lowest paying jobs in Nigeria

They can work in the bank, hospitals, offices and even at home where they make sure the home is tidy and clean.


4. Computer Operator

As a computer operator, you can work in a cyber cafe or even in a large organisations as their computer man.

To become a computer operator you don’t need to be a graduate, but with the right skills you can become a good computer operator. Unfortunately, this is one of the lowest paying jobs in Nigeria.


5. Cashier

Being a cashier is a bit demanding especially when you are working for a big organisation like bank and hospitals that deals with lots of cash.

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As a cashier your responsibility is to receive money and make sure they are complete, you will also need to keep records and filling some documents.


Being a cashier needs you to be focus and calculative, but that doesn’t make any sense. As its one of the lowest paying jobs in Nigeria.


6. Bartender/ waitress

This job is usually done by people who are new to the labour world but in some big organisations, professionals are used in dispensing such services.


You can’t make much money Working as a bartender or even a waiter or waitress, as the salary is too low to make ends meet. Most people depend on tips from generous customers to make up their salaries.


Their average salary is around N32,000 thus making them one of the lowest-paid workers in the Nigerian workforce.


7. Laundryman

Many people are now going into this business making the business less profitable, as you can see up to 5 laundry shops in one street. The business is easy to start and does not require any heavy equipment.

Lowest paying jobs in Nigeria
Lowest paying jobs in Nigeria


People now prefer to give their clothes to the laundry men to wash while they owe them some money. That doesn’t changes anything as some of the laundry men in Nigeria earn less than N35,000 a month.


8. Factory jobs

This is another job in Nigeria that is strenuous and demanding at the same time. This job also jas lits of risks involved. While they work tirelessly at the factory, their salaries are nothing to write home about. As some people are paid N15,000 monthly since most of them are school drop out.


9. Internet Cafe work

Gone are days when we always go to the cafe to get information, everybody now have a laptop and smartphone at home. With the tab if the button they can get whatever information they want.


Nowadays, internet cafe workers are struggling to make up to N25,000 monthly. Everybody now prefer to get their information and to surf the web with their phones and laptop.

This making it one of the lowest paying jobs in Nigeria.


10. Mason/ Bricklaying

This is another stressful job in Nigeria that requires a lot of effort and can even drain you out. It is one of the jobs in Nigeria that does not require any certificates or degrees.


This is hard labour that is great for people with physical strength and endurance spirit. Unfortunately, the pay is low compared to the work involved.



Everybody wants to make money, not only making money we all want to make cool money without stress.

The best way in making money from your work is if you can work smart, not hard, this will leverage you from working the lowest-paying jobs in Nigeria


Learning a high-paying skill will greatly improve your income. You are being paid according to the value you are giving to the growth of the organisation.

The more valuable you are the higher your pay, so once you are adding more value to your organisation then your pay will be bigger than that of others.

Know the lowest paying jobs in Nigeria, and learn how to avoid them. Instead, focus on improving yourself and start pursuing your career as soon as possible.

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Thanks for reading if you have any questions or suggestions you can use the comment box below.

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