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10 Available jobs in lagos mainland

Available jobs in Lagos mainland

10 Available jobs in Lagos mainland

Are you in Lagos state, Lagos mainland to be precise, looking for a very conducive and lucrative job for yourself or a friend? Then here is your chance to get a good paying job in this part of Lagos.


There are lots of job opportunities in Lagos mainland, that is the main reason why we have written out the 10 available jobs in Lagos mainland and how to apply for them.

Lagos is one of the most developed states in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. With their high cost of living becoming very unbearable, so there is a need to find a very good job that will even your money to cater for your need.


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Job vacancies available in Lagos mainland 2023

If you are living around Lagos mainland and you are looking for a good job offer, it might interest you to know that there are lots of works available at Lagos mainland that are being advertised every day.


Some of these jobs require your certificate and working experience while some do not. So whether you are looking for jobs for graduates, jobs for undergraduates and even part-time jobs. Here we will help you get your dream job at Lagos mainland.


Below are the lists of 10 Available jobs on Lagos’s mainland.


1. Hotel works

There are lots of hotels in Lagos especially in this part of Lagos if you are willing to work in one of the top Hotels in Lagos mainland.

Here are the lists of hotels that are offering jobs in Lagos mainland.


a. Ibiza pit hotels and suites limited 

Ibiza pit hotel and suite limited is one of the best-managed hotels on the Lagos mainland. They make their worker their priority, so you won’t regret working with them. The following are the available hotel jobs in Lagos mainland.


Available jobs in lagos mainland
Available jobs in lagos mainland


The job opportunity available at the hotel is the position of Night auditor, which is a full-time job with a salary between N120,000 to N150,000 per month.


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Your job responsibility

Below are your work as a Night auditor at the Ibiza pit hotel and suites limited.

  • Work with the IA manager to build strong awareness on all policy and procedures issues; zero tolerance for un-reviewed transactions and income leakages.
  • Collating, checking and analyzing stock and purchase items.
  • Establish and maintain a database for food and beverage inventory stock including up-to-date pricing.
  • Coordinate, attend and monitor all food and beverage physical inventories to ensure accuracy.
  • Identify loopholes and recommend risk aversion measures and cost control.


Job Requirements

  • Candidates must have 3 to 4 years of working experience, f they want to work here
  • He or she should have a B.Sc and HND certificate


Interested and qualified candidates should send their CVs to: [email protected] using the Job Position as the subject of the mail.


b. Hotel Capitol

This is one of the modern three-star hotels that offer luxury services to its customers. The hotel is located at the heart of Mule phase one making it easy to find customers.

The available jobs in Lagos mainland Hotel Capitol is a Receptionist work.  It’s full-time work with good pay packages and few requirements for applications. With an SSCE qualification with relevant work experience, you are good.


Your job responsibility

  • Perform all check-in and check-out tasks
  • Manage online and phone reservations
  • Provide information about our hotel, available rooms, rates and amenities
  • Respond to clients’ complaints in a timely and professional manner
  • Confirm group reservations and arrange personalized services for VIP customers and event attendees, like wedding guests
  • Maintain updated records of bookings and payments.



This is another available jobs in Lagos mainland for you. The VIPS HIDEOUT HOTEL & SUITES needs a hotel head housekeeper who will head and work with the housekeepers in keeping the hotel in a clean state at all times.


This job opportunity is a full-time job with a moderate pay rate of N40,000 to N80,000 per month.


To get employed for this position you need to meet the standards below


  • A high school diploma is a plus
  • Work experience as a Head Housekeeper in a hotel
  • Experience with industrial cleaning equipment and products
  • Good physical health and stamina
  • Flexibility to work in shifts
  • Ability to work with little or no supervision while meeting high-performance standards
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Ability to follow instructions


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The above are the best hotel jobs available in Lagos mainland for the moment, let’s look at other fields.


2. Sales Executive

One of the available jobs in Lagos mainland is your chance to become a sales executive at Jobly Consult. This job requires you to be creating and closing opportunities for the company.


As a sales executive, one of your job is to meet and exceed your sales target. You should also build a lasting quality relationship with your customers.



  • You should have an OND certificate
  • You must have working experience and a good knowledge of CRM systems.
  • Being outspoken and having the ability to write is what will help you.


3. Sales supervisor

Our next available jobs in Lagos mainland is a sales supervisor at Kyost App. This job requires that you join their sales team as a supervisor.


you will be managing a team of field-based Market developers.  This is a full-time job offer with good monthly payments.



For you to get this job you must meet the following requirements;

  • Strong knowledge of retail industry standards;
  • Confident and charismatic approach to people.
  • Diploma in sales, marketing or any relevant field;
  • Bachelor’s degree is an added advantage;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;

Check out your duties as a sales supervisor at the Kyost App Company Here


Available jobs in lagos mainland
Available jobs in Lagos mainland


4. Sales manager

Another available jobs in Lagos mainland is for the position of a sales manager at the Crownet Consult. It is a nice work with a good monthly pay package. The good news is you need to have only 1 year of working experience to apply.


Your main job is to oversee the activities and performance of the sales team. You will also help them in promoting and organising their products to potential customers.


You should have an OND in business and other related fields, and also a good customer relationship and management attitude.


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5. Customer Service Representative


If you are looking for a customer service available jobs in Lagos mainland, then this is your opportunity of working with Prime Wart Outsourcing.


You will need a high school diploma, general education degree or any equivalent certificate to apply.

Since you will be their customer service representative you should learn to be calm while talking to a customer even when they are upset. Should be computer literate and maintain a positive attitude at all times.



6. Marketing Officer

This is one of the lucrative available jobs in Lagos mainland, working as a marketing officer with Click Hires. Where you will help in marketing their products and services.


To pay you should possess a minimum of HND and B.Sc in marketing, sales and other related fields.


Having excellent written and verbal skills, creative and innovative thinking and excellent organisation and planning skills is one of the abilities you should have.


A 1 to 3 years working experience is required to apply.


Available jobs in Lagos mainland
Available jobs in Lagos mainland


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There are lots of available jobs opportunities in Lagos especially if you are living in Lagos mainland. That is why we have written this post on the available jobs in Lagos mainland.


Most of these jobs require a long work experience, read through the post and choose your best work choice.










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