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8 Best self employed jobs in Nigeria

 8 self employed jobs in Nigeria 

As the number of unemployed youths in Nigeria is greatly increasing daily, there is a need to train the citizens on how to learn some skills that will help them stay productive in society.


There is a need to be self employed, as their is no jobs available to the thousands of graduates in the labour market. Creating your own job will not only serve as a source of income for you but it will also help create a means of living opportunities to other youths.


Imagine if 200 youths out of the thousands unemployed youths start a business that will generate wealth for them. That is good as it will reduce the numbers if unemployed youths.

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Those 200 self employed youths will in turn employ more than 400 other youths. That will be a great way of reducing the rate unemployment in our society.


There are lots of self made millionaires who created their own jobs today they are boss to thousands of youths working under them. The earlier you start yours the better for you.

Best self employed jobs in Nigeria
Best self employed jobs in Nigeria


The economy of Nigeria is not helping matters, so you need to brace up and face the task ahead. Every year thousands of graduates are been produced to join the labour market. Few can secure a good job, while some are working below their ability and the majority of graduates roam the street in search of white-collar jobs.


Times are hard and there is no job anywhere, the increase in the rate of poverty and unemployment has become the order of the day.

So you  need to take drastic actions to survive or else you stay hungry and broke. That’s why we have created this post to help you identify the most profitable Self employed jobs in Nigeria.


So if you are willing to swallow your pride and fear and take the bold step by starting a small business to help create a source of generating income. Then this post is for you, as we will help take you through the lists of self employed jobs in Nigeria.


Bear in mind that the jobs mentioned here, are not new to you. Many people are into it and they are making lots of money from it. So it’s time you take the bold step of starting your own business.


Join the list of entrepreneurs by starting a self employed job in Nigeria. Most of these jobs have been greatly disregarded by us, but after you might have finished reading this post you will be able to identify a good self employed business to start.

Some of us are still living in our comfort zone, receiving peanuts as salaries.  Some are still asking this silly question, how can I become self employed in Nigeria


How do I become self-employed in Nigeria 

There are lots of opportunities available for you to start your own business in Nigeria. The only difficulty we face is that we failed to see a problem.


The problem lies in you, once you are ready to start something meaningful, you should go  ahead and start. Don’t wait for anybody, don’t want for the right time as their will be no right time.


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To start a self-employed job in Nigeria you need to identify a problem and try offering solutions to it. With time people will get to know and visit you for business.


To be self employ you must first of all know what you want to achieve, and how you can go about it, last but not least is the availability of capital. Capital is crucial in any business plan in nigeria, so there is a need to raise enough money


Available self employed jobs in Nigeria

There are lots of opportunities available to start your business in nigeria. Knowing how to use the opportunity that comes your way wisely will greatly help you.


Note that most of the self employed jobs are not new to us we have been hearing about them on a  daily, so it’s high time you make your choice and be self employed.


Here are the lists of self employed jobs in Nigeria


1. Fashion Designing

The first on our lists of self employed jobs in Nigeria is fashion designing. This is one of the trending industries in the country, as people will always want to look good.


Once you are creative in producing new designs for your customers, then you are on your way to success. There are many fashion designs business you can start in Nigeria and be earning big.


Best self employed jobs in Nigeria
Best self employed jobs in Nigeria

Nigerians have a sense of fashion, so if you are into the fashion business, then you should keep on going as it’s a very lucrative business.



There are lots of ways you can make money as a Fashion designer such as modelling, clothes designing, marketing and even helping people get clients.


2. Dry cleaning services/ Laundry

Another self-employed job in Nigeria that is lucrative is the laundry business. Many people are too occupied with work that they don’t have time to wash their clothes.

Best self employed jobs in Nigeria
Best self employed jobs in Nigeria


Starting a laundry business is very cheap and easy, unlike the fashion designing business. You don’t need heavy equipment and machines all you need is a space and some clothes hangers.


3. Graphics designing

This another self employed jobs in Nigeria that you should consider starting. While doing graphic designs for people you don’t need a shop, as you can work from home.


This job is demanding so you are required to learn and master the skills in graphics design. If you can create an amazing design that people can like and patronise, then I think you should turn into a full-time graphics designer if you are doing it part-time.

Best self employed jobs in Nigeria
Best self employed jobs in Nigeria


Graphics designing is one of the best and most Lucrative self employed jobs in Nigeria in Nigeria.


4. Baking and catering 

Baking and catering business is another self employed job you can start in Nigeria. With occasion here and there you are surely getting work every week.


If you can bake good cakes and other edible snacks, that is a sure bet as people can patronise you.  As people now prefer to eat snacks than eat normal foods in the afternoon.


Starting a baking or catering business is a sure bet to be gainfully self-employed. And it’s also a source of generating income for you. Once your business grows you can then employ other youths to help you.


5. Organise event

Becoming an event planner is gradually becoming one of the best self employed jobs in Nigeria. With many people looking for means to plan their occasions.


If you are good at planning things you can help other people plan their wedding, traditional marriage, birthday parties, burial ceremony and even house warming.


There are many event planner who charges 1 million naira and more in planning your events for you.

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6. Photography

Starting a photography business is one of the best self employed jobs in Nigeria. As there are lots of occasions for you to attend and many people will like to keep the memory alive.


So if you are good at taking a shot at people, then this job is ideal for you. It’s easy to start as you will be needing only a digital camera and a laptop to design the pictures.


7. Start a Hair Salon

Another lucrative self employed jobs in Nigeria is the hair salon business. This is one of the trending business that anyone can start.


People used to shave or barb their hairs to look beautiful and modest. Some even wear wigs to add some colour to their beauty.


Hair saloon is a fashionable place where people meet to get socialise and get their hair styled. Long ago the saloon business was only for women, but now even men can join in the business.


To be successful in this business you must have a business plan and a good strategic location to establish your business.


8. Betting shop

Starting a betting shop in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative self employed jobs in Nigeria. You can be making up to 30k daily outside expenses from this business.


It’s easy to start and requires some equipment like computers, generators and some other office tools.

Before you start this business you are advised to seek information from those already in the business. They will give you a guide on how to run the business.


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As the number of unemployed youths in Nigeria is increasing daily, there is a need for you to start a gainful self employed business.


There is no white-collar job anywhere except if you have the right Godfather. So there is a need for you to start a business.

Having learned the most lucrative self employed jobs in Nigeria, it will be good if you choose one you are good at.





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