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How to charge a brand new phone

How to charge a brand new phone 

Buying a brand new phone can be an exciting achievement, especially if you buy the big one. As it is, you may be anxious to start using it, but is that a good thing to do?


The urge may be too hard for you to control, as you will be eager to start using the new phone without delay. This post will help you learn how to charge a brand new phone for the first time.


That is why we have written this post to help teach you how to charge a brand new phone in Nigeria. As some common mistakes we do can damage our brand new phone for life. So we should take proper precautions to avoid damaging our phone battery.

The good news is that you no longer  need to charge your phone for up to 8 hours, as it’s now made with lithium -Ion.


Here at tiny tips, we will show you in detail how to charge a brand new phone for the first time without damaging the battery.


We all know that our new smartphones must be charged for at least 8 hours before using them for a long period. That is a good practice, as it will help to keep your phone battery in good shape and condition.


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Nowadays, phone batteries are made with Lithium-ion batteries. So there are some do’s and don’t you should consider while using your brand new phone.


How to charge a brand new phone
How to charge a brand new phone


Keep reading to get a better tips on how to charge a brand new phone. This best battery tips will help you maintain your smartphone battery health much longer.

Here are the tips on how to maintain your smartphone battery.

How long should I charge the brand new phone

There is no need to charge a brand new phone before use because they are already charged around 60 percents by the manufacturing company.

Many still believe that it’s mandatory to charge their new phones up to 100 per cent but that’s not the right thing to do.


All thanks to the lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) which makes it possible for us to use our smartphones the moment it’s taken out of the box. So that means you should only charge when the battery it’s down. But not down till 30 percent.


The answer to the above question is that there is no longer a need to charge your smartphone for upto 8 hours. As the battery is been designed to detect charges.


The manufacturers shipped the phone with their batteries charged up to 60 per cent, why charge it again before use when it is already charged up to the normal percentage

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When should I charge my phone

Knowing when and how to charge a smartphone is a great way to keep it safe and durable. The Golden rule is to keep your battery charged up to 30 to 90 percent at most time.


Keeping your phone percentage at this range is very good as it will help you preserve your battery life.


Over charging your phone causes the lithium-ion to age faster. Likewise here, where the phone is  below 20 percents, as this also damage the lithium -ion.


For regular charging we advise you read the instructions and follow your smartphone battery charging tips.

The best things to do is to keep your battery percentage at average, that is it should not be low or high. As that is one of the major cause of damage to your battery.


How to charge a brand new phone
How to charge a brand-new phone

Should I charge my phone battery to 100 per cent

No, regularly charging your smartphone to up to 100 per cent is very bad as it will weaken the battery.


Not every time that you should charge your smartphone to 100 per cent. Charging it to 80 per cent is a great way to maintain the battery. If you wish to charge it to 100 per cent it should be once a month.


To keep your long-term battery life in good health, frequent, small charges are better than full recharging.

 Avoid charging your phone overnight

Never plug your phone overnight, despite it may charge up to the full capacity of 100 per cent. But it’s not worth it, as it can damage your battery.


Most of us are used to plugging in our phone at night before going to bed to charge It over night. This is a great mistake as the phone will reach it full charge level long before we wake up.


Knowing how to charge a brand new phone is a very great way to care for your phone battery and overall well-being.


How to charge a brand new phone
How to charge a brand new phone


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Avoid draining the battery to 0%

Another mistake we used to make is to allow our phone to go off, always make sure to connect your charger even before the battery power turns it off.


On average your phone battery should not go below 30 %, this will help your battery to stay strong. Once your battery drains to 0% your battery is left without energy for a long time.


keep your phone at the right temperature

Your battery loses its life much faster in high temperatures, it can even lead to your phone being damaged.


To keep your phone in good working condition, one of the best things to do is to keep it in the right temperature conditions.


Try not to leave your phone in very hot or cold conditions over a long period as it may damage your battery.


How to charge a brand new phone
How to charge a brand new phone


Knowing how to charge a brand new phone will help your phone last longer than you even expected.


For you to know how to charge a brand new phone you must first of all read the instructions in your phone manual. This will help you take precautions on how to protect your devices.


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