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Airtel Awuf data codes for 2023

Airtel Awuf data codes for 2023


Who no like better things, we all love free things, with a little money, you can get up to thrice what you paid for. That is unbelievable, you will say but with the latest Airtel awuf data plan, you can get up to 3 times your data recharge.


That is a lot of extra data for you, with the Airtel awuf data plan You can get it as often as you want.


Airtel Awuf data plans are a list of low-budget data plans that give you 3× of your normal recharge. There are lots of hot awuf data deals on Airtel, which you probably don’t know about.


In this post we will take you through the lists of available Airtel awuf data plans and their respective codes. With Airtel their are lots of awuf data plans for your everyday need, that’s why we have compiled this post to show you some of the Airtel awuf data codes available in Nigeria.

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Airtel has lots of awful data plans that will blow your mind, but you won’t see any data plan on Airtel that is written awuf data plan. But with their prices and data values, you will know that this is truly an awful data plan.


Airtel Awuf data codes and their respective plans

If you are an Airtel user and you really wants to join the host of other airtel users to enjoy the Airtel Awuf data codes. Then I think you are at the right place, below are the lists of Airtel awuf data codes.


The normal awuf data codes in Nigeria is the Airtel awuf data codes, which gives you extra data plans and call value on every recharge.


To activate this plan dial *141#.


If you really need this awuf data codes, then I think you should read down this post to get a broader information about the airtel awuf data.




1. Airtel Umunna’s plan

The Airtel Umunna plan is one of the awuf data plans available for all Airtel users. With the Airtel Umunna plan, all Airtel users are allowed to browse, internet connections and calls for a while.


The Airtel Umunna plan is valid for days and it’s available to all Airtel users in Nigeria.


Airtel awuf data codes
Airtel awuf data codes


  How to activate the Airtel Umunna plan

To activate the Airtel Umunna plan, follow the steps below;

  1. Dial *141#
  2. Select MY AREA
  3. Choose 1 for the Umunna plan
  4. Confirm and enjoy


  Other available Airtel awuf data codes and plans

1. Airtel 6 times recharge

Airtel also introduced a wide range of amazing offers that is beneficial to their subscribers.

One such offer is the Airtel 6times recharge plan, this plan gives you 6 times whatever amount you recharge.


To recharge dial *555*PIN#, where N100 gives you N600, N200 gives you N1200, and N500 gives you N3,000. What other awful data codes are you still looking for, when you have the Airtel 6 times recharge?

To activate dial *555*Recharge pin#

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2. Airtel  special offer

The Airtel special offer is available to all Airtel users. Pay N100 and get 120MB and extra 12 minutes to call any network in Nigeria.

Airtel awuf data codes
Airtel awuf data codes


This awful plan is also valid for 7 days just like the Airtel Umunna plan.


To activate, use the Airtel awuf data codes by dialling *141*341*1#.


3. Awuf data offer

The awful data offer allows you to get 1GB for just N200. To activate Dial *141*2424#

You can also get 500MB with just N100and it’s valid for 7 days. To activate Dial *141*2423#


4. Airtel Double data

We are used to buying a 1.5GB data plan at the rate of N1,000 and it’s valid for 1 month. But with the Airtel double data, you can get the same 1.5GB for as low as N500.


Instead of using N1,000 to buy 1.5GB worth of data plan, instead, you will get 3GB for the same N1,000, isn’t that cool? You will receive 2× of any bundle you activate, even the Airtel social bundle.


This is an awful data plan promo for all Airtel users, it’s cost-effective and easy to use. Then what more can you ask for?


How To Activate Airtel Double Data Bonus?

  • Insert your Airtel Sim card into your phone
  • Open your default dialer app
  • Dial *141#
  • Purchase any data bundle
  • Once you activated any bundle, you will receive double data.

One amazing thing about this offer is that it is available for both new and old customers.

Airtel awuf data codes
Airtel awuf data codes


  Airtel Double Data plan options

For example, if you buy an N500 data bundle that gives you 750MB, you’ll get 1.5GB instead of the normal 750MB.

With just N1000 you can get 3GB,



The Airtel awuf data codes are special codes designed to all Airtel users to get their desired data at a low price.

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The Airtel awuf data codes is ways available for all Airtel users in Nigeria. You can select the plan that best suite you and enjoy your awuf data plans.











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