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Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria 

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways of making money online, this is because affiliate marketing has become a high-value way to drive sales and awareness for many brands.

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85 per cent of companies now run affiliate marketing to promote their businesses and reach new customers. Many are willing to spend 5 per cent of their marketing budgets on running affiliate programmes.

So as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, you are sure of making money from many brands. As you will have lots of affiliate programs to promote in your content.

Not all programs are equal, some are low commissioned, which means you won’t be earning much from them. So the best thing to do is to choose the best affiliate marketing platforms, to earn big.

That is why we have created this post with lists of affiliate marketing platforms available for all Nigerian affiliate marketers.

There are lots of Affiliate marketing platforms available, just know that not all that glitters are gold. As there are lots of affiliate programs with low commissions.

Don’t rush into choosing a platform, just read through this post as we will show you the 15 best platforms for affiliate marketing.

Before we list out the best platforms for affiliate marketing let’s know what affiliate marketing is all about.

    What is Affiliates Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a business rewards a percentage of commission for a product sold to a customer through your affiliate marketing link.

Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria 
Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing requires you to promote products online using social media and videos. It is good for people who love to talk, persuade people and write, having the ability to explain a particular product to a customer.

You just need to select a product from the niche you have a good knowledge of and select the products with the highest commission when you make a sale through your affiliate link.

It seems simple and lucrative but it’s not as easy as it may look, because if you don’t have the right guidance and directions, you may fail to make a sale.

So it’s advised to always seek help from those who are into the game.

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15 Best Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria 

If you are a beginner in the affiliate marketing business or you are already into it, there is a need to know the best online marketing platforms in Nigeria, to make money as an affiliate marketer.

Once you choose the wrong platform you might end up making low to nothing while others are cashing out up to 5,000 dollars every month from their affiliate links.

So check out the best affiliate marketing platforms to earn money from

1. Amazon Associates

As of 2022, Amazon is currently the largest online marketplace in the world, and it sells almost everything you can think of.

Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria 
Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria

Ranging from electronics, phones, books, and every others household equipment. So if you are an affiliate marketer or a blogger, this is your chance of earning big money.

On Amazon you can promote any products you think your customers will like to buy and you can earn up to 20 per cent commission on any referral.

Amazon commission rate; on Amazon you can earn up to 1 to 20 per cent commission, it all depends on the products you are promoting. As some products offer high commission rates than others.

Getting paid; you will be paid monthly for all commission you earned, that is you will be paid at the end of the match for January commission. Note you can only be paid when you have reached the $10 as an affiliate marketer.

Payment method; you will be paid through any of these methods, Amazon Gift cards, checks and Direct deposit.

With all these benefits you should know that Amazon Associates are one of the best affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria.

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2. eBay Partner network 

EBay was founded in 1995 and it was one of the largest first markets places that match customers and sellers on the net. The name eBay is still a huge household name as far as technical appliances are concerned.

Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria
Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria

They now offer affiliate services to many affiliate marketers, and they pay for every profit they make from selling products. Their commissions vary depending on the type of products you sold.

payment method;  eBay pays their affiliate marketers on the 10th of every month, that is if you have reached the 10 units of your country’s currency, (I.e $10, 10 Euros, etc.

Getting paid; eBay pays through Direct deposit ( I.e if your country supports it). Or through a verified PayPal account.

3. Leadpages

Another best affiliate marketing program in Nigeria is through lead pages. Leadpages is a popular website builder that helps small businesses build landing and sales pages.

Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria
Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria

Their affiliate program offers up to 50 per cent commission on every product you sell, which sounds lucrative. The program is open for everyone whether you use lead pages or not.

4. Semrush

To anyone who is into blogging or even digital marketing, you must have heard of Semrush. Semrush is an online digital tool that helps bloggers and online business search engines optimisation, keyword research and rank tracking.

Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria
Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria

You can earn a commission for every step of Semrush funnels.

  1. $200 for every Semrush subscription sale
  2. $10 for every new trial
  3. $0.01 for every new signup

5. Convert Kit

Convert Kit is an email marketing tool that makes it easy to plan, send, and manage email campaigns.

Plus, ConvertKit is easy to use, so anyone from new bloggers to experienced influencers can succeed with it.

The deal is that Convertkit pays you a 30 % commission for any person that signs up through your affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria
Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria

Other good affiliate marketing platforms are available

Below are also some of the good affiliate marketing platforms, they also offers high commission but not to be compared to the likes of Amazon and eBay.

  • Fiverr affiliate marketing platforms
  • Click funnels affiliate marketing program
  • Elementor’s affiliate marketing programs
  • Jumia affiliate marketing platforms

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Here are some of the most asked questions about affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria.

   How affiliate marketing works

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where a business pays you some amount of commission for promoting their products to their potential customers.

That means you don’t have to produce any goods or services, All you should do is promote other people’s goods and services to their potential clients online.

Once someone buys the products through your affiliate links, you will automatically earn a commission.

The higher the commission the better your chance of earning.

Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria 
Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria

Is affiliate marketing profitable

Affiliate marketing is a sure way of making money online from home. It’s very lucrative as you can make up to $5000 every month if you know what you are doing.

Once you know and chose a good and profitable affiliate marketing platform, you can earn lots of money as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

Affiliate marketing platforms 

Before you can start as an affiliate marketer, you must choose the niche you have proper knowledge of, like phones, electronics and even clothing.

Ensure you choose the right platform that will pay you a high commission. That is why we have written this post on the best affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria.

Can I do affiliate marketing without a website

Yes, you can become an affiliate marketer even without having a website. But using a website to run affiliate marketing is good and easy as you might have built trust with your brand.

In case you don’t have a website, you can use any social media app, like Facebook, WhatsApp or even Instagram, you must have enough followers who trust you to promote your products.


Affiliate marketing is a shared way to make money online, only if you choose the right affiliate marketing platforms and the right niche.

Affiliate marketing is easy and lucrative you can earn a living from it. I have a friend who is an affiliate marketer as a student at the university, he lives in a big 2-bedroom apartment and drives a good car.

Once you have started earning as an affiliate marketer, you can quit your job and focus on affiliate marketing.








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