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how to fix error e48-32 on gotv

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how to fix error e48-32 on GOTV

If you are using Gotv at home you must have witnessed some error messages on your screen that automatically stops you from viewing your channels.

This usually happens to some or in extreme cases all of the channels. This is usually annoying as it prevents you from viewing your favourite channels.

Never worry, this post will guide you on how to fix errors e48-32 on gotv.

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how to fix error e48-32 on gotv
how to fix error e48-32 on gotv

What causes error e48-32 on gotv

These error codes are caused by many factors which will be discussed in this post.

The major cause of this error code on gotv is a change in the position of your GOTV antennae, this could be a result of wind or push from children. But that’s no big deal, as you can fix it with ease by yourself.

Another cause of this error code on Gotv is if your GOTV subscription is expired. Some people do allow their GoTv subscription to expire before they will subscribe.

This error normally occurs when we forget to subscribe to our Gotv before the expiration date. This can be fixed once we pay for our subscription.

If you are looking for the means how to fix error e48-32 on gotv, then you are on the right page. As we will take you through how to clear the error code.

If you are experiencing the e48-32 error code on gotv, you need to check if your subscription is still active. If not you can rush to any Multichoice office near you to pay for your subscription.

The easiest way to pay for your Gotv subscription is through the gotv self-service option. If you don’t know how to pay for your subscription with your phone using the Gotv app, then Read this post.

If your subscription is still active and you are still experiencing the error code, then it’s time to take action.

To fix error e48-32 on gotv, you need to confirm that your subscription is still active if it’s. Then send a message to the gotv office to clear the error code.

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  How to fix error e48-32 on gotv   through message

This method of fixing error code is the simplest and easiest means, but while sending the message make sure your decoder is turned ON and your subscription is active.

Ensure the number you used in sending the message is the same number you used in purchasing your GOtv decoder.

All you have to do is send RESET Your IUCNumber to 4688. I.e Send RESET 1234567890 to 4688. Where 1234567890 is your IUC number.

If you don’t know what and where your IUC number is, then check the red sticker (now black in some new decoder) under your GOTV decoder.

You will see the IUC number written boldly under the Gotv decoder. Once you have done this your decoder will automatically turn black and it will get back on.

Boom the error code is gone.

Another method is by using the Gotv self-service option, selecting your country and clicking and choosing the clear error code as shown below. Next, you will be asked to select the problem, make sure you select the exact problem on your screen.

The error will be cleared automatically

how to fix error e48-32 on gotv
how to fix error e48-32 on gotv

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Another Method on how to fix error e48-32 on gotv

  • Open your internet browser and visit the GOTV page here.
  • Click on Easy self-service
  • Click on Clear Error Code
  • Type your IUC number and select GOTVE16, you may be required to type in a Captcha code for verification.
  • Enter the Captcha code and click on Clear Error.
  • Viola! The error is gone.

You can try this Method

  • Check if the antenna is properly connected to the other decoder, if it isn’t, connect it properly.
  • Tap on the OK button to see signal information
  • Go to Menu>Advanced>Installation – click on Auto scan
  • If the error is not a general issue from GOTV, channels 48 and 52 will come up for you.
  • When the scanning is complete, you see Channel 99. If it doesn’t come up, you will need to rescan to have access to all channels you paid for.
how to fix error e48-32 on gotv
how to fix error e48-32 on got


These is the various methods on how to fix error e48-32 on gotv, you can try any of those methods listed above.

If you have tried it but your decoder is not yet showing, then take it to any Gotv office near you, to learn how to fix error e48-32 on gotv.






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