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MTN Ifediche plan: voice and data plan 2023

Best MTN data plans for students

MTN Ifediche plan: voice and data plan 2023

The ifediche plan is one of the latest data and voice plan options available to all MTN subscribers. This plan gives you lots of voice and data benefits for just a low cost.

To activate the MTN ifediche plan dial *131*12#, then follow the response to activate it.

The MTN Ifediche Bundle plans allow customers in selected states to enjoy the special Ifediche bundles as stated below:

  • Ifediche N300 Bundle which gives you N250 Airtime and 750MB Data.
  • Ifediche N1000 Bundle which gives you N2200 Airtime and 3072MB Data.

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Eligible states for MTN ifediche

The MTN ifediche plan is not available in all the Nigerian States, only on a few selected states. The Ifediche plan is available in the east and many core riverine area in Nigeria. The states are;

MTN Ifediche plan: voice and data plan 2023
MTN Ifediche plan: voice and data plan 2023


  • Anambra
  • Benue
  • Delta
  • Ebonyi
  • Enugu
  • Abia
  • Akwa Ibom
  • Bayelsa
  • Cross River
  • Imo
  • Rivers

Who Are Eligible To Get MTN Ifediche Bundle

ALL MTN Postpaid and Prepaid customers EXCEPT clients that are on BetaTalk and YafunYafun tariff layout can purchase MTN Ifediche Bundles.
Customers on BetaTalk and YafunYafun plans will be capable to purchase any of the Ifediche bundles if they consent to be migrated to the TruTalk tariff plan.

MTN Ifediche plan: voice and data plan 2023
MTN Ifediche plan: voice and data plan 2023

How to add and remove beneficiary from the ifediche plan

The MTN ifediche plan allows you to share your data and airtime to any of your family or friends.

To share your ifediche plan with someone else, you will need to choose the person as a beneficial.

You can add your beneficiary number by dialling *131*12# then select 3 and follow the steps to Add beneficiary.

To remove beneficial 


As a sponsor you can change a beneficiary once after 30days,To remove a beneficiary number, dial *131*12#, , then follow the steps.

How to cancel auto renewal on ifediche

If you have activated the auto-renewal options on the MTN ifediche plan, don’t mind as we will help you to opt out of the MTN ifediche auto-renewal


By cancelling the auto-renew feature if there’s any. If you have an active Ifediche 300 bundle that is on the auto-renewal option, you will be able to stop auto-renewal by sending NOEAST1 to 131.

About MTN Ifediche

This is one of the cheap MTN data plan 2023 at the moment, not only do they offer you your data plan but they also reward you with some airtime bonuses as part of your data subscription.

Ifediche: The low-priced facts and airtime combo you need.
If you’ve been looking for an possibility to get more records on your cellphone without lowering your airtime for calls, we have some awesome news!
With MTN Ifediche bundles, you can get greater cost for calls and information at no greater charge.
MTN Ifediche bundles are plans made up of a mixture of statistics and airtime. It gives you two bundle options:

Ifediche N300, which provides N550 Airtime and 750MB Data.

Ifediche N1000, which offers N2000 Airtime and 3072MB Data.

That’s now not all. Ifediche allows you to share your Ifediche a thousand bundle with your family and buddies via including their MTN numbers in your beneficiaries list.

ALL customers, EXCEPT clients on the BetaTalkand YafunYafun tariff plans, can prompt these bundles and revel in them anywhere. However, you should be current in some Eastern and Riverine states in Nigeria to set off it.

Choose the bundle best desirable for you from the selections beneath and get extra out of your airtime and data.

With the MTN ifediche, you get a double reward with the same plan. Who doesn’t like a good thing?

Ifediche plan comes in 2 categories, the NGN 1000 plan and the NGN 300 plan, so you can choose one depending on your budget.

Ifediche NGN 1000 plan 

This plan cost only NGN 1000 and it’s valid for 14 days from the date of recharge. With this offer, you get N2000 Airtime and 3072MB of Data. Isn’t that amazing? With NGN 1000 you get NGN 2000 airtime and 3GB of data.

Ifediche NGN 300 plan

With only NGN 300 you get 750MB and NGN 550 worth of airtime for all your calls. This plan is valid for 7 days which after that it will expire.

MTN Ifediche plan: voice and data plan 2023
MTN Ifediche plan: voice and data plan 2023

The MTN ifediche plan is a very juicy offer, which you can’t resist, opt-in into this plan dial *131*12#.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some of the most ffrequently asked questions on the MTN ifediche plan.

Can I convert my ifediche airtime to data

No, you can’t convert your Ifediche airtime to data, MTN offers you data and airtime value once you have subscribed to the ifediche plan.

Once your data option is exhausted try purchasing a new data plan as your ifediche airtime value can’t be used to buy data .

How to Activate MTN Family Plan

MTN has now introduced the MTN family plan which allows you to share your data plan with 5 other MTN subscribers.

One amazing options is that you can allocate the limits each beneficial can use. Once a beneficial exceed his allocated data limits, his data usage will now be deducted from his data.

MTN Ifediche plan: voice and data plan 2023
MTN Ifediche plan: voice and data plan 2023

The sponsor will also get FREE 500MB for each beneficiary introduced and revel in FREE complimentary 50 minutes and a hundred SMS’ for every Family Pack bundle activated to talk with the beneficiaries.

Who Can Subscribe?

All MTN customers can subscribe to the Family Pack but none can act as sponsors and beneficiaries at the equal time. Any MTN client can come to be a sponsor every time they activate the Family Pack or become beneficiaries whenever they are introduced as a beneficiary through any other line (sponsor).

MTN Family Pack Available

There are exclusive MTN Family Packs available, they are;  Monthly, Bi-monthly, and Top-up plans.

How to Activate MTN Family Plan

Dial ∗131∗1∗7# and select your desired plan

How to Add Beneficiary to Family Plan

To add a beneficiary, honestly dial *131*1*7# and pick out the ‘Add New Beneficiary’ option. You will get FREE 500MB facts each for the first 5 beneficiaries you added.
To Modify, dial ∗131∗1∗7# and select the ‘Manage Beneficiary’ option

MTN Ifediche plan: voice and data plan 2023
MTN Ifediche plan: voice and data plan 2023

How it Works

The new format provides customers with more than a few programs to pick from, which includes N5000, which provides data quantity of 20GB; N10, 0 with 40GB; while N15, zero provides 75GB.
Other programs consist of N20,000 with up to 120GB information volume; and N30,0 with 200GB


If you haven’t subscribed to the MTN ifediche plan you are missing a lot as you need to do, to enjoy the benefits others are enjoying.

This post on MTN Ifediche plan: voice and data plan 2023, should be a guide for you.

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