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How to enable call recording in Samsung phones

How to enable call recording in Samsung phones

How to enable call recording in Samsung phones

You can record important calls on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, and play them back from your audio library whenever you want. That’s why this post will help you learn how to enable call recording witu your Samsung phones.

Can I Record with my Samsung Galaxy Phone?  This is one question most Samsung users ask, and the answer is. Yes, you can. All Samsung Galaxy Phones have built-in call recording. For a more added feature, you need to purchase a third-party app.

Please Note:

  • This feature does not work in “Wi-Fi calling”.
  • Steps and Images may vary basis the OS or availability of features.

Samsung is one of the few Android OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) that affords a call recording feature on the top Samsung Galaxy phones in supported regions.

Call recording is relatively useful, particularly when you want to make be aware of directions, meeting discussions, or crucial conversations at some point in a voice call.

Samsung disables the call recording characteristic where the law prohibits it. So, if you don’t see a Record Call option on your Galaxy phone, it is not a bug but a criminal requirement that Samsung followed.

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Also, in some areas like India, the One UI Phone app report calls except the recipient’s consent. In some European international locations and U.S. states, the regulation requires all parties to consent to the recording.

The Phone app makes an announcement, so each person is aware of they are on a recorded call.

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How to automatically start call recording in Samsung phones

The call recording feature in Samsung smartphones will solely appear when you’re genuinely talking over a call. To find out more about how to use this feature, comply with the steps given below:

How to enable call recording in Samsung phones
How to enable call recording in Samsung phones

1. Make a call to a recipient of your preference and check the Phone app.

2. Once your conversation is active, locate the three vertical dots at the pinnacle right nook of the screen. Tap on this to deliver up a menu.

3. Navigate to the Record call alternative and select it. This will be observed by way of a red dot on the screen, indicating that the call recording is now in process. It will also exhibit you the length of the recording.

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4. Once your name recording in Samsung smartphone is done, you can disconnect the name to end the recording as well.

Benefits of call recording in Samsung phones


There are a few benefits of name recording in Samsung smartphones. Whether you’re worried about your personal privateness and security or your business enterprise, recording calls can be an critical characteristic for you.

You can keep suitable documentation of documents and thoughts to curtail any breaches in privacy.
Recording a name when talking with your commercial enterprise partner can assist you pay attention to the recordings later to come up with solutions to a range of issues you’re facing.

If you’re going for walks a commercial enterprise, recording calls can be a vital way to recognize the first-class of the carrier you’re providing. Any lapses in exceptional can then be constant immediately.

In your non-public life, you’ll be able to recognize situations greater honestly by using listening to recorded conversations. This will allow you to make better and greater informed decisions.

How to enable call recording in Samsung phones
How to enable call recording in Samsung phones

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Where to find saved call recording in Samsung phones

As you can see from the steps shown above, recording calls in a Samsung smartphone is quite easy. However, what if you had to find and share the name recording with anybody else in your contact list?

In Samsung smartphones, the call recordings are saved in a barely exclusive place when compared to different competitor merchandise like Realme. For Realme smartphones, you can take a look at the smartphone’s Phone app and locate the name recording after the currently dialled contact’s name. With Samsung smartphones, the steps are barely different.

Of course, after your call recording is done, Samsung sends a notification stating that the recording has been saved in the phone’s inside storage. You can click on the notification and head at once to the phone’s interior storage. However, if you prefer to take a look at your different recorded calls as well, you’ll have to comply with the steps below:

1. Open the Call settings choice on your Samsung smartphone, thru the three-dot choice on the Phone app.

2. Under Call settings, navigate to the Record calls segment and tap on it.
3. After selecting the Record calls tab, find the Recorded calls option.

4. The Recorded calls option will then provide you with a list of all the calls that you’ve recorded. These entries will have the names of the contacts provided as well.

5. For easier use, you can also filter the call recordings based on size and time

How to record a call on a Samsung Galaxy phone

The report call function solely appears when you are on an energetic call. Go thru the steps below to record a call on your Samsung Galaxy telephone.

  1. Open the Phone app and make a call.
  2. Once in an active conversation, tap the three-dot menu at the top.
  3. Select Record call. A red dot indicates the active call recording status and time.
  4. Disconnect the call or open the same menu at the top to stop the call recording.
How to enable call recording in Samsung phones
How to enable call recording in Samsung phones


To Enable call recording in Samsung phones is easy, and fun to do. Once you have got it done, you can go back to listen to every call you made.

This is good for reference purposes, try to enable call recording in Samsung phones.

Enable call recording in Samsung phones
Enable call recording in Samsung phones

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