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How to upgrade to GOTV Jinja

How to upgrade to GOTV Jinja

How to upgrade to GOTV Jinja 

GOTV Africa is a television service in sub-Saharan Africa, owned by broadcaster multichoice. Govt was founded on 5th September 2011.

Gotv features many channels in different categories, such as News, sports, local entertainment and a host of other amazing channels.

Gotv jinja is the second to the least subscription package available on the GOTV platform. This package gives you access to a whole lot of interesting channels, though not to be compared to the others.

The GOTV jinja subscription is cheaper when compared to other packages, but you won’t have many channels like them. This post will show you how to upgrade to GOTv jinja, though it’s a gradual process.

You can upgrade to GOTV jinja, for now, once you have the cash you can upgrade to the other plans available.

Gotv subscribers are allowed to pay every month to stay connected to enjoy their arrays of entertainment channels

Owning a Gotv decoder is great, as it offers nonstop entertainment and will help you to kill boredom. If you do not have a Gotv decoder you are missing a lot.

This post on how to upgrade to Gotv jinja covers everything you need to know about all the various GOTv packages.

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Lists of Gotv subscription packages.

Gotv has lots of subscription plans based on your budget and priorities, There is a Gotv plan for everyone. You can choose from the variety of Gotv subscription packages

How to upgrade to Gotv jinja
How to upgrade to Gotv jinja every month

This is the highest Gotv package at the moment, it gives you access to over 80 channels. This package gives you super-sized entertainment from various amazing channels.

You can’t stop loving this package as you can watch some amazing action movies, live football matches, WWE, telenovelas, and some local channels.

How to upgrade to GOTV Jinja
How to upgrade to GOTV Jinja

The supa part is you will have to pay just N5500 to enjoy quality entertainment in this package.


The GoTV max gives you maximum entertainment for all your family members. It is the second-highest package after the GOTV supra.

This Gotv packages give you access to 75 plus channels making it ideal for every family.

How to upgrade to GOTV Jinja
How to upgrade to GOTV Jinja

The GOTV max has interesting channels for everyone in the family. It is packed with both local and international shows, action movies and even telenovelas. The kids are not left out, as Nickelodeon and Jim jam will cheer them all day.

When it comes to sports, the GOTV MAX package got you covered. This package cost only N4150

3. GOTV Jolli

This is just behind the GOTV Max and above the GOTV JINJA.

GOtv Jolli guarantees affordable entertainment with flexible payment options to suit your lifestyle.


This package has 65 channels and cost only N2800

4. GOTV Jinja

This is the second to the least package available on GOTV, this plan allows you access to 45 plus channels. 

One good thing about the Gotv jinja is it’s cheap at N1900 you will have access to over 45 channels is that not cool?

5. GOTV SMallie

Gotv smallie is the least subscription package available on the Gotv platform. The GOTV smallie is Lite-on price, and big on quality. GOtv Smallie is the easiest way to watch your local favourites with crystal-clear channels.

This Gotv small package costs only N900 per month and N2400 for quarterly payments and N7000 for a year plan.

Once you are in this GOTV smallie package, you must start looking for how to upgrade to GOTV jinja.

Steps to upgrade to GOTV jinja

To upgrade to the Gotv jinja is no big deal, you can upgrade to any Gotv bouquet of your choice. What determines your upgrading options is the finance. Once you can foot the bill, then you can go ahead and upgrade.

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Upgrade to GOTV jinja

Get GOtv Jinja with sports and great TV 24/7 on crystal clear channels. The GOTV jinja is cheap and affordable. And you stand to get 1 music channel, 2 sports channels, 1 movie channel, and 43 other genre channels.

All these packages cost only N1900 per month.

Upgrade via GOTV website

Navigate to the GoTv internet site for Nigerian customers @

At the pinnacle right corner of the page, choose Nigeria (Flag) and then sign in (if travelling with a big screen-like tab or laptop) or click on the menu button to select country, then scroll down to sign in (for cell users)

To signal in, you want your surname or cellular range (linked to your Gotv profile) and your decoder IUC variety (you can find this at the backside of your decoder)

You are now on your dashboard. Click or tap on Build a Package and pick out GoTv jinja(the package deal you are upgrading to)

Hit the Next button and use your preferred fee method (most people decide on Quickteller, I recognize I do because it is easier) to whole your upgrade.

Please observe that it is recommended to solely do this when your contemporary subscription has expired to make the complete procedure first-rate easy.

Also, simply like you are renewing your subscription, you must make certain your decoder is turned On and it is on Africa Magic (Yoruba preferably) at some point in the upgrading process.
The steps under are equal if you are downgrading from Max to Plus or upgrading from Lite or Value to Plus.

Relax and wait for your viewing to return however now on the Max. The complete aspect shouldn’t take extra than 15 – 20 minutes. If it takes more than that, you ought to contact their patron care right away.

How to upgrade to GOTV jinja manually 

Once your subscription is expired and you want to upgrade to a higher plan, or better still upgrade to GOTV jinja.

Just walk into any GOTV offices near you and check the amount for the Gotv jinja, and ask the retailer to upgrade your Gotv bouquet to Gotv jinja. Once done, your Gotv will be upgraded to GOTV jinja.

Upgrade through a mobile app

To upgrade your Gotv package to The Gotv jinja through the mobile app. All you have to do is Log into your Gotv mobile app

Price for Gotv bouquet subscription

With GOtv Jinja Package, You can get over 57+ TV and 2 Audio channels of the best in local TV on GOtv Jinja Package,
GOtv Jinja cost N1,900 per month.

How to upgrade to GOTV Jinja
How to upgrade to GOTV Jinja

GOtv Jinja Channel List

General Entertainment Channels on GOtv Jinja
Africa Magic Hausa ( 4 )
Africa Magic Igbo ( 11 )
Africa Magic Yoruba ( 5 )
Real-Time ( 12 )
E! Entertainment ( 26 )
TVC Entertainment ( 27 )
Trybe ( 97 )

Movies Channels on GOtv Jinja
Africa Magic Epic ( 9 )

Documentary, Lifestyle and Education Channels on GOtv Jinja
Spice TV ( 10 )

Sports Channels on GOtv Jinja
SS Variety 4
SS Blitz

How to upgrade to GOTV Jinja
How to upgrade to GOTV Jinja

News and Commerce Channels on GOtv Jinja
TVC News
Al Jazeera
Arise News
NTA Parliament
NTA News24

Kids and Teens Channels on GOtv Jinja
Nickelodeon ( 62 )
Jim Jam ( 61 )

Religion Channels on GOtv Jinja
Emmanuel TV
Dove TV
Islam Channel

Music Channels on GOtv Jinja
AFRO Music English
Sound City
Urban TV

Local Channels on GOtv Jinja
Wazobia TV
Lagos TV
NTA International
Liberty TV
Galaxy TV
Arewa 24
ITV Benin

Audio Channels on GOtv Jinja
Wazobia FM
Naija FM

How to upgrade to GOTV Jinja
How to upgrade to GOTV Jinja

How to upgrade your Gotv plan

Upgrading your Gotv subscription to a higher package is easy and convenient. If you are on a lower package you can choose to upgrade to a higher package by following any of these methods.

How to upgrade your Gotv package via the Gotv app

This is one of the simplest methods of upgrading your gotv bouquet. Once you have installed the gotv mobile app you can upgrade your gotv packages and even clear error codes with your mobile app. That’s why every gotv user must have the gotv mobile app.

To upgrade your gotv plan to a higher plan, follow the steps below.

  • Download and install my gotv app from the play store or apple all stores.
  • After installing the app, log into the app as a new subscriber, and remember to use the number you used in purchasing your Gotv and the IUC codes below the decoder.
  • Enter the category you wish to upgrade to and click pay bill.
  • Enter your IUC number, click next and then enter your debit card information and click pay.

That was easy right, let’s check other methods of upgrading your gotv plan.

How to upgrade to Gotv jinja
How to upgrade to Gotv jinja

How to upgrade your gotv package through the gotv website

YOu can also upgrade your gotv packages by using the Gotv website.

1. Visit the official Gotv website

2. Login using your phone number or surname and your IUC number.

3. From your dashboard select to build a package

4. Select the package you want to upgrade to and click next.

5. Play by clicking the pay option

6. Choose your preferred payment method.

7. Fill up your information and then wait for your new package to be upgraded. It may take some time like 10 minutes.

Once done you will be upgraded to a new higher package depending on the plan you choose.

If you have any questions, on how to upgrade to Gotv jinja you can use the comments box.


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